December 9, 2009

Sharing Memories: Winter Activities (Week 2)

Earlier I talked about writing our own life stories in Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey I've invited readers to join me on this journey by beginning your own journal and following along with me as I go through weekly topics and ideas for writing your personal history and family stories.

So last night I started my journal with the topic "WINTER ACTIVITIES". Every day this week I'll be recording my memories of special winter fun and events throughout my life. In my case, my winters involved snow - lots of snow. Many of you live in areas that don't get snow and I'm not familiar with what (if any) special winter fun there is to be had with no snow but I'm hoping there are lots.

If there are none, remember that is also something to write about - the fact that you didn't have any winter activities. Tell your descendants why - because of where you lived? Because there was no money for any? The "not having" can be as memorable as the "having"

Last night the memory that popped into my head was of my father teaching me to skate on the frozen lake. It was really fun to start writing about it, and the more I wrote, the more I remembered! The coldness, the sound of our skates on the ice, my father encouraging me as I stumbled along. It was a special time for me and even though I can't recall how old I was or how many times we went out together, I hope that my descendants will enjoy reading about it in the future.

I already know what I'm writing about tonight - the annual Santa Claus parade in "the city" (Toronto) that we went to every year. I have a lot to say about that! Who knows, maybe that event won't exist by the time my descendants read my journal and they'll have a chuckle over what an ancestor did in the past.

I would love to find a journal of one of my distant ancestors describing an annual event with his or her family. And that's what keeps me writing - for future descendants.

So, hopefully you have a journal ready and will join me in writing about your memories of winter activities. What special winter fun did you have growing up or as a young adult or newly married adult or with your own children?

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