January 10, 2010

Sharing Memories: Winter Meals (Week 7)

We are on Week 7 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. I hope everyone will join me this week to talk about memories of Winter meals.

My family didn't have much money when I was growing up. It was a luxury to have a pomegranate in our Christmas stockings, and my mother cooked budget meals from budget cuts of meat. Her parents were from England my mother followed her mother's English style cooking.

So I grew up thinking all families ate, as we did, pig's feet, tripe, kidney, heart, liver and ox-tail stew. I will never forget that horrid white tripe quivering in it's milk sauce on a white plate. I could not eat it. Just looking at it was enough to send my stomach into dry heaves.

And my mother's version of liver was like shoe leather. I love liver now but I hated it as a child because it was so tough and dry. Heart was rubbery and chewy. Pig's feet were just gross in my eyes, and ox-tail stew was a runny fatty mess! Yes, I was a skinny child, mainly because I could not choke down the food my mother served.

Every morning we had porridge before heading off to school That I loved! And Sundays was always rare roast beef with one of my favourites - Yorkshire pudding. So I do have some good memories of meals I enjoyed but I think my bad memories are worth as much. I'm going to be writing about those memories this week and I hope you will join me. What foods or meals did your family eat? I guarantee that writing about them will bring back both humourous and warm memories!


hummer said...

In my family it was Pickled Pigs Feet. I still love the taste. One of my daughter's thinks of it as comfort food, because her great aunt loved it and that made it good.
I will work on my post to join you.

JoAnne said...

My mum is also British & as a young wife she had a budget for meals so Mon.-Sun. was the same every week. Beans & weiners,steak & kidney pie, Chop Suey etc. She blossomed out when I was in my teens though. Everything exotic-Desserts were to die for. Chocolate eclairs,donuts,strudels.

Genealogy Blogger said...

I forgot that another meal we had frequently was cow's tongue! That I loved, and still cook it occassionally, although no one but me will eat it.

My mother also was on a rotation with her meals, as I recall they repeated about every 10 days.

Judy said...

Rainer loves every single "gross" food that you mentioned, and frequently gets cows tongue....for himself!

Genealogy Blogger said...

Judy - I have never met ANYone who liked cow's tongue!!

I can hardly wait til the next time you come up here, guess what I'm cooking for supper?

Ok, I will make you and the boys (and Brian) something else, but Rainer and I will have cow's tongue. I have not had it in years as it is far too much food just for me.