January 4, 2010

Sharing Memories: Winter Weather (Week 6)

Last week we wrote about New Year's Eve Memories in our Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. I hope everyone will join me this week to talk about memories of Winter Weather.

Winter weather can be brutal where I live on Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada. We get over 20 feet of snow each winter, and we are often at the mercy of highway closings, especially in January and February. Growing up as a child in Ajax Ontario was not as extreme, but we did get snowstorms and icestorms that were quite spectactular.

The one I remember the most was the bad ice storm that hit our town when I was quite young. The woods across the road from our house were so beautiful the next morning - trees covered in icy snow and everything had a gorgeous blanket of white.

So join me on Week 6 of writing our memories, with your accounts of winter weather - the good, the bad and the beautiful


maryjane said...

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~ Mary

hummer said...

I joined you for a weather memory journal entry. Thanks for the prompt. I had fun.