April 26, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 22): Your Prom

This is Week 22 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. I hope you'll join us with your memories! Write them down - you don't have to share them. Your memories can be private - write them in a journal at home, or they can be shared publicly here on OliveTreeGenealogy Blog or on your own Blog.

This week's topic is the Prom (or any other School Dance that was memorable) Even if you didn't go to your High School Prom, that's memorable in itself. Tell your descendants why. If you went, who was your date? What music was played? Just write about anything you can remember.

After Grade 13 my little High School held a prom. I didn't have a date so I went with my brother-in-law! It was great fun, no one knew who he was, so everyone thought I was dating a much older sophisticated college or university guy. We had a lot of fun, he liked to dance so that was great. I don't know if I ever thanked him or my sister enough, but thank you.

One memorable High School Prom I went to was with my boyfriend for his High School reunion in the big city (Toronto). The theme was Ichobod Crane, and I still have the tickets. It was pretty intimidating for me. I was a small town girl, and at 15, 5 years younger than him. He didn't dance so we just stood around most of the night with his buddies. Weird when I think back on it but at the time it seemed okay.

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