August 1, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 35): Mmmmm Good!

This is Week 35 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. I hope you'll join us with your memories! Write them down - you don't have to share them. Your memories can be private - write them in a journal at home, or they can be shared publicly here on OliveTreeGenealogy Blog or on your own Blog.

My mother was not a good cook. Her meals were quite awful - liver so overcooked it was like chewing on leather. And to make matters worse (for me) we did not have much money so we ate only the cheaper cuts of meat.

Some of my memories are of horrid oxtail stew with globs of grease and fat floating on top. Tripe shivering and gelatinous on a white plate and floating in white milky sauce. Pigs feet and pigs tails. Heart so chewy and rubbery it felt much like a pink pearl eraser. Liver so overcooked it was like eating shoe leather.

But as awful as my memories are of my mother's meals, they deserve to be recorded for my grandchildren and future generations. There is humour to be found in my memories of sitting at the table pouring as much ketchup as I could on a pile of dry boiled potatoes which had been semi-mashed with no milk or margarine or butter.... trying to make them wet enough to swallow!

Or sitting and staring at my plate of white jelly-like tripe which I swear was moving on its own. I could hardly eat my mother's cooking and was quite skinny as a youngster.

When I was just barely a teenager I told my mother I wanted to do all the cooking from now on. She happily agreed! To this day I love to cook, in fact I have my own cooking/recipe blog called Ollie's Yummy In Your Tummy.

But the one thing my mother made that I loved were Sour Cream Twists. She only made them once every few months but I loved them. Years later I asked her for the recipe but she claimed she didn't have it. After her death I found it in her recipe box and one day when I'm feeling very brave I plan to make them. Why am I waiting? Because I'm afraid they won't taste as I remember them and my one lovely memory of food will be ruined. 

What are your memories of food? I hope my own children have good memories of the food I made them and of the smells from the kitchen but only time will tell!

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hummer said...

Thank you for sharing your cooking blog...I am saving that for my recipes. I have never been the worlds best cook. My oldest daughter could tell you stories of my natural raw food diet, sprouts, apples, nuts, and celery fare.
My younger children could tell you stories of the tortilla years and hot dog years. Called convenience. I now grab whatever I can to eat because, my oven needs fixing and it is not in my priorities so I eat out a lot. Will try some of your recipes I can do in a toaster oven. ; )