August 22, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 38): Extreme Weather

This is Week 38 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. Your memories are your legacy to your children and grandchildren. Don't let them be lost over time. Share them either here with us as a comment on this blog, on your own blog, or privately in a journal.

This week I've been thinking about Hurricane Hazel. Do you remember that? Were you alive then? Hurricane Hazel hit Ontario when I was a very young child. But I remember it because my mother had taken us to a nearby Provincial Park for the day.

When the weather became nasty with torrential rain and high winds, she decided we had to get home. What a drive that was! The wind (which of course I didn't know was a hurricane!) was howling and at one point a huge tree blew down in front of us blocking the road.

I was quite excited by this adventure. Limbs were breaking off trees and flying through the air. Objects flew past our car as my mother drove slowly, trying to see through the blinding rain.

We eventually made it home safe and sound but I suspect my mother was quite shaken by the drive. I found out later that my cousin and aunt were trapped when a bridge washed out over the Humber River, blocking their access home.

Do you remember any extreme weather when you were a child? How about as an adult? Or maybe your grandparents talked about some extreme weather they lived through. Time to get those memories down on paper for future generations!

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