September 12, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 41): Mom & Dad's Favorite Things

This is Week 41 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. Your memories are your legacy to your children and grandchildren. Don't let them be lost over time. Share them either here with us as a comment on this blog, on your own blog, or privately in a journal.

I've been trying to recall what hobbies and interests my parents had. My dad died when I was young but I remember he loved to fish and to hunt (although he never got anything!). He loved bowling and won many trophies which I wish I had as mementoes.

My mom was in the bowling league with him, although i suspect she only joined because he wanted to. I do remember one Christmas they both won first prizes for their leagues - turkeys! So we had two Christmas turkeys that year.

Dad was a member of the Lions' Club and I think the Rotary Club, while Mother spent her spare time on the Library Board.

Dad was a smoker with many different pipes that he kept in a small smoking table. I have that table now although the pipes are gone. I only recall him smoking cigarettes and one of my great joys as a small child was helping him roll his own. He had a special cutter into which he inserted the paper, then the tobacco (Players) and then CHOP and then each one got rolled. Sometimes he would let me help him roll them. I know - so inappropriate now, but great fun then!

My mother was an avid reader, she was rarely without a book in her hands. We didn't have much money and didn't have a television or radio or record player but we had books. Books for adults, there were no children's books in our home. As a child I was allowed to read anything I wanted. There was no censorship, no restrictions of any kind. I often didn't understand what I was reading as I read adult books from the time I was in Grade 2. The author I recall most vividly was Frank Yerby who wrote historical novels. I loved them as a child - full of exciting adventures set in the past. Maybe that's where I got my love of history and genealogy!

I think mother belonged to a book of the month club so there was always something new in the house. And if there was nothing handy to read, i read cereal boxes while I ate.

Mother, her sister Lily and their mother, my grandmother, knitted constantly. Their needles would clack and clang as they sat and talked or read or (in later years) watched TV. I could never figure out how they could to it all at the same time. I never learned to knit or crochet but mother and her family excelled at it.

What are your memories? Share them with us or write them down privately in your own journal. What a wonderful legacy to leave your children and grand-children in the future.

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I remember those days when my grandparents share their stories and experiences. It was very enlightening and I enjoyed while listening to them. You learn some little things from their early lives.