October 31, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 48): HALLOWE'EN!

This is Week 48 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. Your memories are your legacy to your children and grandchildren. Don't let them be lost over time. Join us and write your memories down, either privately or as a comment on this blog or on your own blog.

Hallowe'en is here. Last Sunday we talked about our memories of Hallowe'en costumes. But what about Halowe'en itself? Did you celebrate it as a child with a party? If you did, you could tell us what games you played.

Did you go out Trick or Treating? What was that like? Did your parents or grandparents ever talk about Hallowe'en?

I don't remember going out as a youngster, but by the time I was 11 or so, I do recall grabbing one of my mother's pillowcases and meeting my friends to race up and down the streets. We craved Candy Apples and word soon spread if someone was giving them out. What a rush to get to their house before they were all gone!

Mostly folks gave out those horrible candies in orange and black wrappers. Anyone else remember those? I forget what they were called!

I still remember coming home with my white pillowcase stuffed full of junk food! Mostly those awful candies but hey, I didn't really care. Sometimes I'd grab a second pillowcase and continue my rounds. I have absolutely no memory of what I wore as a costume, but in all likelihood since we were rather poor it would have been a white sheet with eyeholes or some other simple thing.

I only remember going to one Hallowe'en party and that was when I was in Grade 9. We played bob for apples on a string (not in water) but my memory is not good for small details so I can't remember what else we did. One day I'll have to ask my siblings if they have memories of Hallowe'en.

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Martin Lewis said...

I never had any Halloween Parties as a Kid but I did go Trick-or-Treating. It was usually a case that I'd go with my Brother and Sister but occasionaly I'd go with my friends from the Neighourhood. We ALWAYS avoid one particular Street as they'd rarely answered their Doors and when they did it was to tell us they didn't believe in Halloween or to shout at us to go away. We never did anything wrong I just think that they didn't like Halloween that much. So, we avoided it but that didn't stop us we still came back with loads of sweets and if we were given any money (we never asked as it's rude to ask for money lkike that) it was usually about 2p which we alaways found funny yet stingy. But we never said that, at least to the Adults.