March 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories: All About Mom & Dad (Week 11)

This is  is our 11th Week of  Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Follow along each Sunday as we write and sometimes share, our memories of childhood. Your descendants will be so thankful that you did!

This week's topic is about your parents.

* Do you know where they were born and where they grew up?
* How many siblings did they have?
* Where did they go to school?
* What is the highest grade they completed in school? High School? College? University?
* How and where did they meet?
* How old were they when they met, fell in love, got engaged, got married?
* Where and when did they marry?

My mom and dad were both born in Guelph Ontario. They didn't meet until my mom was about 16 and working at a little tobacco shop her parents owned. The shop was next to the movie theatre in Guelph and the local boys all hung out there. My dad met my mom at the tobacco shop. They got married in 1936 when my mom was 19 years old. Her siser joined her and they had a double wedding in Guelph.

Mom had two sisters, one older and one younger, while dad only had brothers. His mom and dad had 6 boys but one died as a child and another died when he was 16. So my dad grew up with one older brother and two younger ones. When he was in Gr. 8 he had to leave school to find work to help bring money in. My grandfather (his father) had been injured at work many years before and never worked again so money was very tight.

My mom's family was much better off as her dad was the manager of the local lumber yard. Mother went into Commercial at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute and graduated as a secretary. Dad worked at odd jobs and after they got married, this continued. Mom stayed home and had babies, while dad found whatever work he could to support them. Times were tough and mother always told the story of how in 1939 she had two little ones (my older brothers), no firewood and no heat. So when dad went out to try to get a job for money for food, she chopped up their wood furniture for firewood! I can see her doing it too. My father wasn't very happy when he came home but she just told him she wasn't going to see her babies freeze to death.

I hope you've got some stories to share about your parents. It's so important to put them on paper (digitally or otherwise) for future generations.

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