July 3, 2011

Sharing Memories (Week 27): Celebrations

It's Week 27 of our Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey We are half way through the year! Please join us each Sunday as we write and share our memories of childhood. Your descendants will be thankful that you did! Write here as a comment, or on your own blog, or in a private journal, but please write!

Did your family celebrate the American July 4th weekend or Canadian July 1 Canada Day? Do you celebrate it now? Tell us about it! I don't recall my mom and dad celebrating July 1st or anything special going on in town. I'll have to ask my older siblings what they remember. Now of course we have fireworks, many towns close off their main streets to traffic and usually a beer tent is set up and townspeople flock downtown to celebrate and meet up with friends and neighbours.

In the town closest to us and the town where my children grew up, they set up artisan and other stalls as well as a beer tent, in the local park. It's on a huge lake so it's quite pretty and nice to be in. When my children were little we'd take them there for the fireworks and the live music. Some cars and homes put up a Canadian flag or two but that's not seen too often.

Tell us about your celebrations for these two July holidays!

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