July 10, 2011

Sharing Memories (Week 28): Family Reunions

It's Week 28 of our Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey We are half way through the year! Please join us each Sunday as we write and share our memories of childhood. Your descendants will be thankful that you did! Write here as a comment, or on your own blog, or in a private journal, but please write!

Did your family have Family Reunions? It's that time of year when a lot of families carry on traditions of reunions that were established years ago.

My family never had reunions when I was growing up. But as a married adult I started hosting them. At first it was sporadic - just whenever I felt the urge or family members nudged me. Then about 10 years ago I began hosting them on a regular basis. It's a lot of fun - we play games, have a corn roast and talk about the family tree as well as catch up on each other's lives.

Tell us about your family reunions! What side of the family were they for? How many relatives usually attend? What do you do and where do you have it? Details plus names of those attending will make this a great journal memoir for your descendants.

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Debi Austen said...

My family is so very small that I could have a family reunion in my kitchen. As a child I was always envious of those with big families - they had reunions, posed for beautiful photos, and gathered around the grandparents for stories. I know now that it's not always as idyllic as it seemed back in the day ;-)