July 17, 2011

Sharing Memories (Week 29): TV Shows

It's Week 29 of our Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Please join us each Sunday as we write and share our memories of childhood. Your descendants will be thankful that you did! Write here as a comment, or on your own blog, or in a private journal, but please write!

What were your favourite television shows as a child? Did you watch after school? Before you went to school? At night after supper? Maybe you watched Saturday cartoons?

We didn't have a tv until I was 9 or maybe 10 years old. It was black and white and there were very few channels to choose from.

We kids weren't allowed to watch much but I remember my dad watching Liberace and Red Skeleton. He also liked the Ed Sullivan show. The only shows I remember seeing were westerns, but I can't remember what they were called except for Rawhide.

I never saw cartoons, and I don't know if there weren't any on or I just wasn't allowed to watch them. I grew up watching very little televsion and I think that's why I've never watched much, preferring to read a good book.

What about you?


rosemary55 said...

Oh wow - I too watch little TV as didn't get to do so as a kid but I remember wanting to be a cowgirl and I watched Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (Trigger and Buttermilk were their horses), the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Sky King, Zorro, Davy Crockett and the Alamo, and others. I remember Liberace, Ed Sullivan (and Topo Gigio) and Lawrence Welk. I remember when the evening programming ended and the TV went off with the numbers counting down to zero and the screen going black. I remember black and white only and when 'color TV'came in...we didn't have one for many many years. I remember Elvis on Ed Sullivan and singing Elvis while we dried the dishes (mom was the dishwasher in those days! For my entire 64 years I rarely owned a TV and would much rather read than watch TV....Thank you! What a great blast from the past.

Debi Austen said...

Boy, you've just sent my brain back about 50 years! Rosemary reminded me about Sky King which made me remember Sea Hunt - loved those shows. We also watched Carol Burnett Show, Bonanza, and Red Skelton. When color TVs first came out we all gathered at the neighbor's house (the only house with color) to watch the Wonderful World of Disney and the NBC peacock in color.

My real claim to fame was watching every single episode of the Farmer's Daughter. Every one. And this was long before VCR's, DVR's, or TIVO had even been thought about :-)

FrustratedSue said...

Good memories you mentioned. I seldom talk about my age, but these posts make me feel old. The first time I saw a television in a house it was lent to my sister. I was 22 years old (and about to be married in June, but didn't know that yet). 2 or 3 years later my husband and I got a television — 1 station and you watched whatever was on.
What I remember is Tom Mix, Henry Aldrich, One Man's Family, and other radio shows. Commercial radio was very new when I was born (I believe about 2 years older than I). So you see, I have watched both forms of broadcast entertainment grow and change.