August 28, 2011

Sharing Memories (Week 35): Accidents Happen!

It's Week 35 of our Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Please join us each Sunday as we share our memories of childhood. Your descendants will be thankful that you did! Share a memory here as a comment, or on your own blog, or in a private journal, but please write!

This week's topic may seem odd but it is accidents. We all experience many things throughout our lives, some good, some bad, some happy, some sad and some downright traumatic or exciting! Have you had a childhood accident? Did you fall down the stairs, off the roof, out of the boat or out of bed? Have you been in a car accident? Did you get hit with a hockey puck? The list goes on and on!

Today I want to share my momentous accidents although I've had so many I'm not sure I can write about all of them today. The first one I remember is when I was 5 years old and a glass towel rod fell off the bathroom wall, slicing my big toe open. Okay I was sitting on the floor tugging on the towel at the time.. but nevertheless, my 10 year old sister was looking after me at the time and had to deal with the blood and the screaming and crying. I should have had stitches but I didn't. I still have a one inch long scar on that toe.

My second accident that I recall happened when I was quite young as I was riding my tricycle on the street. We didn't have sidewalks and I was happily peddling along when I decided to cross to the other side. But I forgot to look for cars. The next thing I knew I saw a huge black car with headlights looming over me, I was on my back in the road and couldn't get my breath. A man jumped out of the car and ran towards me as my breath returned and I started to cry. He kept asking if I was okay but all I did was lie there and cry. I don't know if the car hit me, but I guess it must have nudged my tricycle as it was on its side. I kept crying and the driver started yelling at me. It was quite traumatic! I guess I scared him so much that when he realized he hadn't killed me, he started scolding me.

The next accident was falling off the roof. I was about 10 and was playing "Cops & Robbers" with my friends. I was one of the robbers and was handcuffed to the boy next door. I have no idea where he got handcuffs from but he had them and my left wrist was handcuffed to his right. Being robbers we had to escape from the cops, so we climbed up on the roof. Then he decided we were jumping (ack!) but at the last minute, I froze and didn't leap. He did. I followed, tumbling in a heap and spraining my wrist. I still have trouble with it to this day. And I no longer play "Cops & Robbers".

I'll have to share my stories of our house being hit with lightning but I'll save that for a future Sharing Memories post. What do you remember about your childhood accidents?

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