December 25, 2011

Sharing Memories (Week 52): Create a Book from your Journal

It's Week 52 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2011. Today I'm going to show you how to make a book out your 2011 Memories Journal.

I will be starting a NEW series of topics for Sharing Memories for 2012 on Sunday Jan. 1. So be sure to check back on New Year's Day to carry on with your journal writing.

Last year at the end of our 52 weeks I created a book from my Sharing Memories blog posts using Blog2Print. This year I'm going to create one using Blurb. All I need to do is download Booksmart to your computer (it's free) from Blurb, then choose New Book and then Blog Slurper.  You can then choose which blog entries I want. I can choose all my blog entries with the label "Sharing Memories" and those are the ones that will be printed. All my photos will be included if I wish. If you want to try this, you might want to view their helpful video on creating a blog book

If you don't have your Sharing Memories Journal as a blog, you have other options for creating a book you can share with family. If your journal is typed, you can use Blurb or Lulu to create a book.

If your journal is hand-written you can use your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner or wired-in scanner to scan the pages, then print them on top quality paper. Create an appropriate cover for front and back and have them bound with coils or other bindings, or bind them yourself. You could add family photos to this project to make it even more special.

I hope you've enjoyed the Sharing Memories topic ideas for 2011 and that they've helped you with your journal writing. I also hope you will do two things:

1. Share your memories by creating a lasting book of them which you can give to family members

2. Continue writing your memories in 2012 by following along with me every Sunday.

Those of you who started with me in January 2010 will be into their 103rd week starting New Year's Day 2012.  I'm excited about continuing on and have already started jotting down ideas for topics for next year. 

My Iona Journals for 2012
I write my memories in two places - as short entries here on the Olive Tree Genealogy blog and as much more detailed entries in my leather-bound journals from Iona Handcrafted Books.

This year I gave myself an early 2011 Christmas gift of two more journals for my 2012 Genealogy Journals. I opted for Mychal's smaller journals this year, pocketbook size, and I like the change from the bigger books.

If you keep a hand-written journal you may want to consider writing in a journal that feels "right" to you, one that makes you want to write in it.  It's also wise to write in a journal that looks important enough that your descendants won't discard it! You don't want your great-grandson's wife to toss it one day because it is just taking up space on the family bookshelf and it doesn't look very impressive or important.


Martin Lewis said...

What a great idea!

Will you be doing a 'Sharing Memories' series for 2012?

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Glad you like it Martin.

Yes I will be starting the 2012 series of weekly (Sunday) topics on Jan. 1/12 - New Year's Day!

I hope you will join us

Susi's Quarter said...

I started but due to health issues in family never completed. I am looking forward to what ever the new topic may be. Thanks Happy New Year.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thanks, Lorine, for the Sharing Memories ideas! I will be trying to follow along better this year! It has been hit or miss the past couple of years, but I've enjoyed what I was able to do!!