March 11, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 11): Indian Leg Wrestling

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How many of you participated in Indian Leg Wrestling? I said something about it to my husband he looked at me, puzzled, and replied "Huh?" 

Apparently not every kid took part in this wrestling challenge! But I did. We were always Indian Leg Wrestling and I learned pretty fast that it isn't much fun to have your much older brother as your opponent.

For those, like my husband, who've never heard of this, Indian Leg Wrestling is pretty simple. It involves lying on the floor on your back. Your opponent lies in his/her back next to you but facing the opposite direction.

Your hips line up with each other and on each raises a leg in the air. Count to 3 and each person locks their leg at the thigh around the other person and attempts to push them over backwards.

First person to push their opponent over backwards, using only that one leg locked at each other's thigh, is the winner!

I haven't thought about that game in years but for some reason today it came back to me as a funny memory.

Maybe a lot of girls didn't participate in this but I did!


P J Sabados said...

I did too! I usually lost to my brother, but I can still remember having fun.

Edward Tagg said...

I was a professional ballet dancer and loved the squat machine... I am still unbeaten in this sport... I can't find a worthy opponent... bring it on...!