June 17, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 25): Fishing with Dad

Welcome to Week 25 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2012. This is our third year writing our memoirs and childhood memories for our descendants.

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Today is Father's Day so it seemed a good time to talk about fishing with my dad. My dad loved to fish. And for some reason he often took me with him. I loved those quiet times together, me sitting at the edge of a creek reading a book while he sat quietly nearby happily fishing.

We didn't talk much but sometimes he baited a hook for me and I dropped a pole in the water too. When I was 10 he bought me my own fishing pole. It had its own cloth case and came apart so could be assembled easily. I thought that was the greatest thing!

My job was to clean the fish when we got home. He would spread newspapers on the kitchen counter and give me his wicker fishing basket (how I wish I still had that!). I'd carefully slice and clean the fish as he'd taught me. I recall being fascinated with the ones full of eggs.

He'd cook the fish up but I never ate any as I hate the taste! To this day I can't cook fish or eat it because I can't get past the smell or the texture but I sure loved fishing with my dad and cleaning the fish afterwards. I wonder if I liked the cleaning because I knew it pleased him? It really doesn't matter, it's the memory of those quiet times together that I look back on fondly. Dad died one month after my 14th birthday so I don't have a lot of memories to hang on to. But that's one of my favourites.

Do you have favourite memories of time with your dad?


The Grandmother Here said...

I couldn't be still or quiet so I never went fishing with my father. And eating the fish was a horror because of the little bones.

Alana said...

Hello Lorine, this was a good read! I miss my dad too.