July 22, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 30): Air Raid Sirens and Curfew!

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Duck and Cover
Did your town or city have a curfew for teens? Our tiny village did and it was announced by an air raid siren at 9 p.m. Do you remember air raid sirens? Ours went off at unannounced times too as well as for curfew. And when we heard it, we were to tuck and cover.

If we were in school we had to get under our desks and cover our heads with our arms. Even as a kid I could never figure out how a flimsy desk and our hands and arms could protect from a bomb!

If we were out on the streets we were actually expected to dive into the ditch and cover our heads with our hands and arms. At least that's what the older kids told us younger ones. Maybe they were pulling our legs.

If you were under 16 and weren't home when that 9 p.m. siren went off, boy did you hustle! Because the police would pick you up and drive you home to your annoyed parents if you were caught on the street.

I just found out that the province of Ontario (where I live) has a curfew for those under 16 between midnight to 6 a.m. The curfew rules are that they must not be "loitering" on the streets between those hours. No air raid sirens though. Wouldn't that be a shock to residents!


Devon Lee said...

A siren for curfew would be annoying. We have tornado siren tests once a month and they're a bit disturbing but then we don't listen to them anymore on the first Wednesday of every month when they are tested. Heaven help us if there is ever a real tornado in the area on the first Wednesday morning of every month!

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it.

The Grandmother Here said...

We didn't have air-raid drills in the one-room school I attended in Ontario. Maybe the teacher didn't have time. Or maybe she didn't want to frighten us. Or maybe she didn't think we were likely to be bombed -- Glanworth isn't much of a target.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Wow, I was amazed that you had sirens like this! We don't even have them for cyclones.

Anonymous said...

I remember the sirens. Tucking/Ducking and covering. We had to go down the the second floor and with backs to the wall sit with our heads between our knees our hands covering our heads It was frightening.
I didn't really understand what was happening. I do remember Kruschev banging his shoe on the desk and saying "WE WILL BURY YOU". I knew what that meant. It was a frightening time. Sitting against the wall I used to think that if this were not a practise and the real bomb was coming I would run home to be with my mum and grandmother. I often wonder how many other kids felt the same way. I bet the schol would have been in chaos in reality. Thank goodness nothing came of it but it did lead to many bad dreams.