August 19, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 34): Wild Mouse & Other Scary Rides

Welcome to Week 34 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2012.  We are writing our memoirs and childhood memories for our descendants.

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When I was a kid, my dad and mom took us to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) once each year. Dad gave us each enough money for one ride and off we'd go.

Because I was the youngest, one of my older brothers or my sister had to come on the same ride as me. So it was always miserable as they would want to take rides I was afraid of, or too young to be on. And if I wanted a nice tame ride, like the Merry-Go-Round, they'd fight tooth and nail to not take me.

So I almost always ended up on a ride I hated or that terrified me. My most vivid memory is the day my older cousin (10 years older than me) took me on the Wild Mouse Ride. I think I was about 10 years old.

I was so scared - the wild mouse cars were wider than the track so you hung over the edge, over nothing! And it would take sudden sharp 90' turns, tossing you to one side. Not my type of ride!

Another time my sister or brother (I can't remember who, maybe it was both of them) convinced me to go on the Tunnel of Love ride. Eeww! I was a kid, and it was boring and stupid in my mind. I was mad that my ride money was wasted that year.

The last ride I ever went on was a Ferris Wheel. I was with my cousin Charlie again and the wheel stopped, with us at the very top. He started swinging the seat and the more it swung, the more I screamed. He thought that was quite amusing so swung even harder. I never liked heights and by the time the Wheel started up again I was shaking and sweating. I have not set foot on a ride since.

They just aren't my thing. The daredevil gene in our family didn't make it to me. What about you? Did you love rides, the scarier the better?


Kristin said...

Gosh, your older relatives seem kinda mean. I never liked wild rides either. The bumper cars was wild as I ever got.

GeneBugGrams said...

As a young adult in my 20s I was nearly thrown from the car on a Wild Mouse ride on one of those 90 degree turns. If my husband at the time, sitting behind me, had not grabbed me by the hips, I would have exited the car on the highest point of the ride. Ferris wheels never bothered me much, but I didn't have an evil relative swinging the car either.... My favorite ride is the Tilt-A-Whirl. Spinning, tilting and reversing directions over repeating hills and valleys gives a nice thrill without being dangerous or scary.

Anonymous said...

Does any one remember the ride race horses they went around in a circle very fast