August 26, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 35): Music Was Supposed to Soothe My Soul

Welcome to Week 35 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2012.   I hope you'll join in writing your memoirs and childhood memories for your descendants.

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I loved music. We didn't have a television or record player or radio until I was 9 years old but I loved music from the start. At 11 I asked for my own record player rather than the traditional bicycle that all of my siblings received when they turned 11. Everyone thought I was crazy but I got my record player and spent endless hours of enjoyment in my room listening to my records.

I sang in choirs all through Public School and I have never forgotten my Music Teacher writing on my report card in Grade 6 that I had "...a pleasing alto voice." Funny how a small remark will impact on you for years afterwards.

High school was something I looked forward to because I knew I could join the choir and I could play in a band.  I was so excited the first day of music class with our band teacher. I chose drums when asked what instrument I wanted to learn. Imagine my disappointment when I got home and my mother told me I was not allowed to play drums because "it's not a real instrument."

The next day I had to tell my band teacher that I needed a different instrument. All that was left was the French Horn because everyone had already chosen. So I embarked on 5 years of playing French Horn - oompah, oompah, oom pah pah....

If you aren't familiar with French Horns, they play the backup underlying beat. And they fill with spit so you have to keep removing the end bits and dumping spit water out during a performance, otherwise the oompah sound starts to bubble. Gross.

But I did love being in the band despite hating my instrument. And yes I joined the choir and sang in groups and Triple Trios (anyone else remember those?) and enjoyed that too. Since I couldn't stay after school for many practices (because my mother said I had to get a job at the Library after school) I was very lucky to have the choirmaster allow me to stay with the choir.

Did you sing in School Choirs or Church? Did you play in a band? If you did, think of the great stories around that and write them down for your children and grandchildren. They will thank you for it! I recently read my aunt's start of her life story, and was blown away by her telling the story of my mother learning to play the violin when she was 17. My mother never told any of us that she took music classes! It was so interesting to hear because it revealed another side to her.

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Hope said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dislike of the French horn. My brother played the horn in high school, and I have several CDs of horn concertos. I love the brass section, and the sounds are so varied among instruments and even with each instrument. I do agree with the valve and mouth piece cleaning. YUCK!