September 2, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 36): Sadie Hawkins Dances

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Did you ever participate in a Sadie Hawkins dance? Remember those? They were  held back in the day when girls didn't phone boys or ask boys out. We had to wait, like good little females who knew their place, for a boy to ask us.

But a Sadie Hawkins dance meant we girls were allowed to ask a boy to dance or to go to the dance with us as our date! It was pretty exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

My first Sadie Hawkins dance was in Grade 9. My best friend and I had a crush on the same boy, G.,  who was a few years older than us and in Grade 12. For some crazy reason we decided that since we each wanted to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, we would both ask him. Yep, you heard me right - we would ask him to be our dates and come to the dance with both of us. I cringe in embarrassment now!

Anyway off we went to the little corner store where he worked. I was appointed spokesperson and gathering my courage I explained what we wanted. To our surprise and joy, after a brief hesitation, he accepted.  Janie and I were thrilled and I think we floated all the way home.

I'm sure you know the ending. The day of the dance, G. phoned to say he was ill and couldn't go and he was so sorry, etc. Janie and I never caught on until years later that it was his way of not rejecting us outright when we asked, but letting us down gently. And we had two weeks of delight and fun thinking about how great it was that he was going to the dance with both of us.

That was the only Sadie Hawkins dance I remember and I never did go to one. But it was the 60s and times were changing and there might not even have been any more at our school.


Joan said...

I too remember Sadie Hawkins dances, but not one specifically. I must have gone to one or more with my husband -- and even dressed the parts. Thanks for the memories.

Hummer said...

I actually remember the Sadie Hawkins Dances. I don't believe I ever went to one, if I did, I didn't ask anyone. Way too shy.

BDM said...

LOL ... I just finished a post (not up yet, my other blog) mentioning Sadie Hawkins. Here I thought it was a Manitoba thing! In Winnipeg Sadie Hawklins Day ranked right up there with Christmas and Mother's Day for teenage girls!!
- Brenda