October 7, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 41): Jobs - Exciting, Boring or an Adventure

Welcome to Week 41 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2012.   I hope you'll join in writing your memoirs and childhood memories for your descendants.

If you are just joining us, please take a peek at over 150 prompts by clicking on the Sharing Memories tab at the top of Olive Tree Genealogy blog. You can jump in at any time and you can skip topics that you don't like. There are no rules, it's all about getting your memories down on paper. The prompts are here as a guide to help if you are stuck for ideas.

Last week we talked about the first "grown-up" job we had. That got me thinking about how interesting it would be for descendants to read about all the jobs we ever held. My mother wrote about some of her jobs in her life story and many of them were a surprise to me. I'd only known that she worked in a munitions factory during WW2 and that later she became a medical secretary. It was fascinating to read about other things she'd done during her life.

So - what jobs (full or part-time) have you held? I'm not sure I can remember all mine but here goes:

During High School I worked at the Ajax Public Library, after school and on Saturdays and every day during the summer. (My mother got this job for me when I was 14)

The summer I was 15 I worked part time in my Aunt's Hairdressing Salon - what fun! I got to do shampoos, take out rollers (remember those?) do a comb-out and sweep the floors. I liked it though. I also helped out in my cousin's Veterinary Clinic whenever I could.

The summer I was 16 I worked as a waitress at Divine Lake Lodge in Halliburton Ontario. (I wanted an adventure and I got one but that's another story)

When I was 17 I spent my summer working as a coin sorter for a Vending Machine company. I don't think I've ever had a more boring or lonely job!

My first adult job was the one I talked about last Sunday - assistant to the Chief Accountant of Central Mortgage & Housing ( I was always good at Math, that's what landed me that job)

When I first married, I was hired by a Marketing Firm to analyze survey questions. After a month they promoted me and trained me to work with clients and develop surveys. I loved this job but I didn't feel I completely understood it. I messed up with a big cigarette client but they were very forgiving since I was so new.

I left the Marketing job to accept a position at Deer Park Public Library in Toronto. I was once again a Jill of all trades, trained to fill in for others on holiday as well as do my own job. I didn't like it there so applied for a promotion to another library (Forest Hill Public Library) which was much smaller. I loved it there and worked there several years.

When I moved away from the city to a small town I began a series of miscellaneous jobs - from Day Care worker to Nursery School worker to Dental office receptionist to bookkeeper for an Ophthalmologist then finally to a job I enjoyed - working with emotionally disturbed children in the school system. When one of the workers was murdered by one of the kids in their group home, my husband made me quit.

Then I began a 17 year career working with teens with behaviour problems. I loved that job but boy was it stressful! I switched for a few years to work with autistic children, then developmentally and physically challenged kids but returned to my real love - those with severe behaviour problems.

Eventually I went back to University, got my teaching certificate, and started working one on one with teenage boys who'd been expelled from High Schools due to their behaviour. It was a great job and I did that for about 4 years before I burned out.

For awhile I worked as a Math tutor for kids in Grades 9 to 11 but that was a frustrating job.  

At that point I started working in the field of genealogy and here I am today!

Your turn :-) What exciting, boring or adventurous jobs have you held over the years?


Yvonne Demoskoff said...

Hi, Lorine. I composed a little something about the part-time jobs I had as a teenager. The post is at http://yvonnesgenealogyblog.blogspot.ca/

Yvonne Demoskoff said...

Hi, Lorine. I've composed a little something about the part-time jobs I had as a teenager. It's at http://yvonnesgenealogyblog.blogspot.ca/