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December 4, 2012

A Step by Step Genealogy Tutorial on How to Analyse Clues

Sherri sent a query to Ask Olive Tree about her grandfather's death:

I have been looking for information for about 5 years about my grandfather who is named Burrell Charles Ball first married to Doreen Roxie Morcombe (from Omemee) and then afterward I think Estelle Ball was his wife.  Burrell’s brother I know was from Emily Twp, Albert and he died a few years back and Burrell died around 1993 but I do not know when, where, how etc. 
Also Russell Charles Ball was their father and I believe he lived in Lakefield but there is little information about any of them.  I know there was a fire in Russell’s Lakefield home where he had Burrell, Albert and Barbara E. Ball (I think).  He was married to Julia Secreta Wood that I believe died when she was young.   Where can I go to find out more information?

Olive Tree Genealogy Answer:

Hello Sherri. Since you did not provide an estimated year of birth for Burell, I had to hunt on the 'net to find some mention of him.  Luckily I happened on one of your message board posts where you stated he was born circa 1920 and, best of all, that he was in WW2.

His military service is a great clue and means there are a number of steps you can now take:

Step One:
Did you know that you can send for his military file from Library and Archives Canada? This will give you lots of detail about your grandfather, and may include his death date and location.

Continue reading the steps in this tutorial at Analysing Clues to Help You Figure Out Where to Search Next

January 6, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to AskOliveTree Blog

On Jan 3rd, AskOliveTree Blog was one year old. In that year, I answered 247 questions from genealogy researchers. Phew! I hope my answers were helpful.

I know there are 365 days in a year but I had surgery and was hospitalized for some of those, then recovering and unable to sit at the computer for almost a month. So all in all, I'm pretty happy with my record!

Answering one query each day is almost impossible, so this year (2010) my more realistic goal is to respond to 5 queries each week. Can I do it? 5x52=260. I almost made it last year!

I do have more surgery looming on the horizon. Two, actually. The next one is March 1, 2010 and I don't know what the recovery period is for that one. But I'm still going to try to answer at least 5 queries each week, so wish me luck! Send your challenges, puzzles and brick walls to

December 16, 2009

Ask Olive Tree Genealogy a Question

Do you need help finding an ancestor? Do you have a genealogy question you would like to ask me? Do you want to know where to find certain genealogy records? Let Lorine help! Every day I will choose one question to answer. Send your query about your ancestors to me then check back here to see if it has been answered. Please take a few minutes to read other queries that I've responded to so you get an idea of the kind of query most apt to be chosen.

Here are a few of the December 2009 queries asked and answered on Ask Olive Tree

* Searching for a Portuguese Ancestor
* Obtaining New York Vital Statistic Records
* Finding an ancestor with an unusual surname
* Don't Trust Family Lore as Absolute Fact
* Writing a Good Query
* Finding Genealogy Records in Russia
* Finding a Swedish Ancestor on a Ships Passenger List
* Be sure to gather all data before you jump ahead in genealogy research
* Finding an Ancestor in 1910 Census using City Directories
* Finding an Ancestor's Death Record
* Searching for American Legion Inventory of Military Graves
* Using National Archives UK to find Australian Ancestor

Submit your genealogy challenge to

March 30, 2009

Randy's Choice of BEST new genealogy blog for 2009

Randy Seaver, blogger extraordinaire of starts his blog post today with

I'm going to start highlighting genealogy blogs that add significant value to the genea-blogosphere. This may be a regular weekly feature at Genea-Musings!

I want to start the series by mentioning the absolute BEST new genealogy blog for 2009, in my humble opinion. There are quite a few new blogs, but this one, in my book, is number one.
Read Randy's post to find out what Blog he has chosen as Best New Genealogy Blog of 2009

At the risk of spoiling Randy's article, I have to add that I am very honoured and delighted by Randy's pick! (That was a huge hint but please read Randy's blog post)

January 4, 2009

Ask Olive Tree!

Some of you probably know that I read and answer a lot of questions on various genealogy mailing lists. I've been doing this for years but I decided that starting in 2009 I would use a slightly different method.

Don't get me wrong, I am still going to respond to mailing list queries whenever possible. But I thought there was a better way to help other researchers, so I started a Blog called Ask Olive Tree.

AskOliveTree is a central place where I can post your questions and my answers, and where anyone dropping by can read them - and join in! Yes, anyone can leave a comment on any of the queries and answers on AskOliveTree.

Do you need help finding an ancestor? Do you have a genealogy question you would like to ask me? Do you want to know where to find certain genealogy records?

You can ask any kind of question from "How do I find my grandpa Harry on a ships' passenger list from Ireland to New York in the 1800s?" to "What's the Dutch name for Anna?" to "What does the British Bonus System mean?" (all of these are actual questions asked and answered)

If you want help finding an elusive ancestor, please be sure that you provide me with a concise (brief) summary of your ancestor with dates and locations. Tell me where you have looked and what you want to find out.

Basically I want to help - either by finding your elusive ancestor, or by directing you to the sources you need to find him/her yourself or by answering a question about resources or name and boundary changes or.... whatever!

The email address to use if you want to submit a question is (Be sure to replace AT with @ in the email)

So take a peek at my new site Ask Olive Tree, read a few of the queries already posted and then flex your typing fingers and send me a question.