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December 16, 2013

New DNA Tools

New DNA Tools
My husband's new DNA results
Judy G. Russell of The Legal Genealogist blog explains some new DNA tools so well I think you should just read hers. It's called Updated DNA tools and you can read it by clicking on the title.

After reading Judy's post I logged in to my husband's account and saw that at last his African ancestry has been confirmed! We knew he had a black ancestor, Jonathan Butler, who came from Pennsylvania to Upper Canada (present day Ontario) around 1808 but we had never seen it confirmed through DNA.

Not only is it confirmed but we have a more precise location - East Africa! We also see, for the first time, a small % of East Asian/Native American. That will be interesting to try to pinpoint.

July 22, 2013

What a Story I Have to Share!

Coffin Plate of Isaac Vollck 1831-1904
Today I became the very excited owner of the coffin plate of my 2nd great grandfather, Isaac Vollick.

Isaac was born in 1832 in what was then Upper Canada (present day Ontario) and he died in 1904 in Hillsdale, Simcoe Co. Ontario. I've never found his gravestone or burial site, nor his wife's even though I know what cemetery they are in.

I hear you asking "ok what's a coffin plate and why is this a great story?"

Coffin plates were decorative adornments attached to the coffin that contain free genealogical information like the name and death date of the deceased. After the funeral service, these plates were often given to family to take home as a memorial to the deceased.

My becoming the owner of this coffin plate is an amazing story. I call it The Domino Effect, meaning everything had to fall into place, one tiny moment at a time.  Here is how it happened, step by step:

1.  Last week I realized I could not log into my website as I did not remember my password. No amount of searching found it so I did the usual thing - hit the "I forgot my password" link on my webhost. No problem, they email a new temporary password. But I wasn't sure what email address I had used to sign up on this host.

2. After checking my main email addresses with no luck (no response from the web host) I realized my account must be under a very old email address I haven't used in years. I rarely check mail there even though I do still have access. But off I went and yep, the password was there.

But what was even more interesting was an email, months old, from Gary French, the author of "Men of Colour: An Historical Account of the Black Settlement on Wilberforce. Street and in Oro Township, Simcoe County, Ontario 1819-1949" 

Gary was writing to me about my husband's black ancestor, Jonathan Butler, who settled in the Queen's Bush (near Waterloo Ontario) circa 1834. It seems Gary had found some evidence that pointed to Jonathan being originally from Pennsylvania. This was a very exciting lead as we had not been able to find any record of where in the USA he came from. So I quickly replied to Gary's email, hoping he was still interested and still at the same email addy.

Isaac Vollick 1831-1904
3. After a few emails back and forth, I casually mentioned in closing that I thought we had a "sort of" connection, as I knew that a son in his French family married a daughter of one of my Vollick family in Elmvale. When Gary wrote back I almost fell off my chair. This is what he said "..
I am interested in them [the Vollicks] as important settlers in the Elmvale/Orr Lake area. By coincidence, I recently purchased the coffin plate of Isaac Vollick (the one who died in 1904). macabre, but a very Victorian artifact."
 I was so excited. Not only was this MY Isaac Vollick (my great great grandpa) but my husband and I collect coffin plates! We have over 200 in our collection and my husband has put many of them online on AncestorsAtRest in hopes descendants will spot an ancestor.

4. Immediately I responded, telling Gary about our own coffin plate collection and how the coffin plate he had was for my 2nd great grandfather. Then I asked Gary to consider selling the plate to me IF and WHEN he ever decided he no longer wanted it. 

5. Gary agreed to sell it to me since I had such a strong family connection, even though he does not sell the items he finds which have some connection to Flos Township in Simcoe County. One of his missions is to find and preserve as many historical artifacts as he can for this local area. 

Coffin Plate displayed and sold as a tray
And so this morning hubby and I drove to Gary's office and the coffin plate was turned over to me to preserve and cherish. But the story does not end there. I asked Gary where he found the coffin plate and his reply gave me shivers! 

He found it in an antique store in Barrie - one which my husband and I go to frequently. The plate had been turned upside down (see photo on right) and was being sold as a tray! 

For some reason Gary picked it up and turned it over. To his surprise he realized it was actually a coffin plate for a Vollick! Since he recognized the surname and knew they settled in Elmvale he purchased it to add to his collection of historical artifacts for the area. 

And that is how I came to be the very happy and grateful owner of my great-great-grandfather's coffin plate. No doubt his widow Lydia carried it home with her and after her death most likely one of her daughters took it to her home. And so, 104 years later, the coffin plate has come to me. I will have it framed along with a photo I have of Isaac and Lydia, then in turn it will eventually go to one of my sons.

And that is what I call serendipity and an item wanting to be found.

September 29, 2010

Genealogy Day: My Plan for Cornelius Vollick

Well, I've decided when my first Genealogy Day is going to be, and what ancestor I'm going to work on. Genealogy Day is the day I'm setting aside once a month to work on my own genealogy for a change!

This Friday, October 1st is the big day! Hubs and I have each decided to take our first day as an organizational day. Each of us is going to choose an individual in our ancestry, and organize our notes, documents etc for that person. Then we are each going to come up with a plan for doing more research on that person. That will be our second Genealogy Day - an excursion to do the actual research.

I've chosen my 4th great-grandfather Cornelius Vollick. Cornelius was the son of a Loyalist in Butler's Rangers, and may have been a Loyalist himself. I've got conflicting information on whether or not he too was in Butler's Rangers that needs studying.

Years ago I acquired many petitions, land records and other documents regarding Cornelius but I need to go through them and study them for clues I might have missed first time around. I also plan to make a list of all petitions for Cornelius in the online Upper Canada Land Petitions Index. Part of my plan is to visit the new Ontario Archives building and get all of them again. I have them all but many are bad copies so I want new. Perhaps I missed one or two and if I did, this is my chance to get them.

My land documents and notations for Cornelius desperately need organization. A quick glance last night showed me that I have a lot of land documents, but there is no order to them and I haven't studied them in depth to think about clues found in them.

Cornelius is an important ancestor for me for two reasons. Without absolute proof that he is the father of my Richard Vollick, I can't get my Metis status back. I had Metis status but my tribe (Woodland branch of Ontario Metis Aboriginal Assocation) was disbanded (it's a long story!) and so I need to reapply through the Metis Nation of Ontario. They've already but accepted an application from a "cousin" so I know there is hope. However I descend from a different brother than my "cousin" does, so I have my work cut out for me.

Cornelius is also important because I can't obtain my UEL (Loyalist) status without that same absolute proof that he is the father of my Richard Vollick.

Hubs is going to talk about his plan for Genealogy Day on his blog AncestorsAtRest but without spoiling his blog post, I think he plans on organizing his records on his black ancestor Jonathan Butler, who settled circa 1840 in the Queen's Bush area of Upper Canada - a settlement area set aside for fugitive slaves.

We are excited about this Friday and the first of our monthly Genealogy Days! Do you have your day planned?

December 17, 2008

Michigan Dead Ends (no pun intended)

I have a lot of Michigan dead ends in my genealogy family tree. These are ancestors or relatives who disappear from the records and for whom I am unable to find anything more.

Just in case there are other researchers looking for the same families, here is my brief summary of who's missing in Michigan in the Butler Family and where and when I last saw them.

Caroline (Carrie A.) Kirsch born 2 April 1857 Carrick Tp. Bruce Co. Ontario. Found in 1920 Detroit Michigan with daughter Kathleen and son in law Lambert Peter Garth. After 1920 she goes missing.

Kathleen (Katie) Butler born 02 Sep 1889 in Ontario. Married to Lambert Peter Gerth. Last spotted in the 1930 census St Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan. Katie may have died 1950 to 1962.

Pauline (Lillie) M. Butler (sister to Katie above) born 20 February 1893 Ontario. Married to James Arthur Sullivan. Last seen in the 1930 census for St Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan

September 10, 2008

Update on September Most Wanted Ancestor!

Still Missing Joseph Butler born in Ontario 1852

The reward is still there, just waiting for some eager researcher to grab it. But there are updates as researchers send in clues

Clue #1 from Nelson Denton:

Is there any possibility that this is our man? Could our Joseph have run off with a much younger woman and dropped 10 years off his age? This Joseph claims to
have been born in Ontario but I can't find him in the 1901 census. He is already 21 years older than his new bride.

1911 census Ontario, Bruce South, Walkerton,page 6

Butler Joseph Head Apr 1864 47
Butler Mary Wife Nov 1884 26
Butler Margireet Lodger S Feb 1911 3/12

Lorine's Note:

This is an intriguing find. The age for Joseph is close (and we all know how bad the 1901 and 1911 census are for getting dates of birth correct)

Being RC and German origin is also consistent with previous records. The location is close to his family roots and ties.

I'm unable so far to find a marriage for Joseph and Mary but if it is my Joseph they could not have married legally, so it is possible they were just living together as husband and wife.

The child is also interesting as she is noted as a lodger not a daughter. Her origin is given as Irish, yet both Joseph and Mary give their origin as German.

If anyone has access to births for 1911 perhaps they could hunt for the birth of this child in Bruce Co. in Feb. 1911? Knowing for sure who her parents are would be helpful

Clue #2 from Anonymous

Joseph's brother Jacob Butler with wife Barbara has been found (we are almost certain it is him) in Carlisle, Pembina North Dakota. We have found the births of his first two children in Montcalm Manitoba in 1886 and 1888. Montcalm is in the Pembina area so once again we have a Manitoba and Pembina connection.

I now have Joseph, Barbara and children (either 12 or 14!) in the 1900, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1925 and 1930 census for Carlisle, Pembina, North Dakota and Lincoln Co. North Dakota.

From Lorine:

This ties in with my original thought that Joseph might have gone to Manitoba. It's also possible he went to Pembina North Dakota!


Any sleuths out there want to hunt in North Dakota or Manitoba? I'd sure like to give this Reward away!


September 3, 2008

September Ancestor Most Wanted - $50.00 Reward

September's Ancestor Most Wanted is JOSEPH BUTLER

Joseph was baptised 15 March 1856 in Waterloo Co. Ontario Canada. On 10 May 1880, he married Caroline (Carrie A.) Kirsch in Formosa, Bruce Co. Ontario. He disappears from the records after the 1901 census in Seaforth, Huron Co. Ontario.

*** $50.00 Reward offered for the whereabouts of Joseph Butler after 1901, or for proof of his death (location and date) ***

Background Information

Joseph Butler & Carrie Kirsch had the following known children born in Bruce Co. Ontario:

- William Butler 1880 - 1904
- Alexander (Anthony) Butler 1882 - 1911
- William Henry Harry (Philip?) Butler1884-?
- Margaret S. Butler 1886-1970
- Clara Seraphina Butler 1888-?
- Kathleen (Katie) Butler 1889 - 1950
- Pauline (Lillie) M. Butler 1893 - 1930

Joseph & Carrie are found in the following census records:

* 1881 Census Carrick, Bruce Co. Joseph & Carrie both age 23 with son William
* 1891 Census Teswater Village, Bruce Co. Joseph age 33 with Carrie, 33 and 5 children
* 1901 Census Seaforth, Huron Co. Joseph age 48 (dob given as Sep 9 1852), Carrie 43 and 6 children

Carrie left Ontario for Michigan sometime around 1909. She is found in the following census records

* 1910 Detroit Michigan with daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Lambert Peter Garth
* 1920 Detroit Michigan with daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Lambert Peter Garth

** Note a late Ontario birth registration submitted by Carrie Butler, Detroit Michigan for her son Anthony born Feb 1882 in which Carrie states that her husband "Joseph E. Butler" is dead. The form is dated 29 May 1918.

** Also note that Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957shows Alexander Butler age 29 arriving 12 Jan 1911. He states that he was living in
Detroit for 3 months in 1882 and in Pembina [Co] North Dakota from 1906-August 1909 [Pembina is on the border with Manitoba]. His departure contact is his father Joseph Butler living in Canada, address unknown

This gives us a middle initial "E" for Joseph Butler and death in the time frame between 12 Jan 1911 & 29 May 1918

* Family lore states that Carrie threw Joseph out of the house over a scandal of some kind and that he "went West". It is very possible he went to Manitoba or another western province of Canada.

* Joseph may be found recorded as white, black or mulatto. His grandfather was a black man from USA but each subsequent generation married white women.

Remember, a $50.00 Reward is offered for the whereabouts of Joseph Butler after 1901 or for proof of his death (location and date)

If you need more details, please contact me at - remove the AT and replace with @

Good luck everyone!

PS Thanks to Thomas' question which reminded me that I neglected to state if the Reward was in US or Canadian dollars! It is US $50.00 (which as of today is worth $53.51 Cdn)

ANSWER to Michelle's Question: Joseph's father was Johannes Alexander Allen (Allen) Butler and his mother was Catherine (Betty) Weis