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December 16, 2013

New DNA Tools

New DNA Tools
My husband's new DNA results
Judy G. Russell of The Legal Genealogist blog explains some new DNA tools so well I think you should just read hers. It's called Updated DNA tools and you can read it by clicking on the title.

After reading Judy's post I logged in to my husband's account and saw that at last his African ancestry has been confirmed! We knew he had a black ancestor, Jonathan Butler, who came from Pennsylvania to Upper Canada (present day Ontario) around 1808 but we had never seen it confirmed through DNA.

Not only is it confirmed but we have a more precise location - East Africa! We also see, for the first time, a small % of East Asian/Native American. That will be interesting to try to pinpoint.

December 4, 2013

Haag Kline Company Ledger Book, Bernville Berks County Pennsylvania

Ancestors At Rest and Olive Tree Genealogy have begun a new project to digitize unique one-of-a-kind ledger books which we own. As we digitize them we will bring them online as PDF files which can be downloaded. Each set of books will be published on the Ancestors At Rest website and announced here on the Olive Tree Genealogy blog. 

The ledger books encompass many locations with North America so you should watch this space to see if one of your ancestral places appears. We have court record books, meeting minutes, store ledgers, school roster books and much much more. The years range from the late 1790s to the mid 1900s.

Below is the first set of ledger books and an example of the type of detail you might find within. The ledger starts in November 1867 and ends in March 1877 and has over 1000 names.
1870 page from the Haag Kline Company Ledger book in Bernville, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Lists account balances due from individuals
Brian has a write up about the Company at but to download the full book you must use the pdf file links above.  I will eventually put the pdf files on his site.

October 26, 2013

Irish Passengers in J & J Cooke Shipping Agents Records 1847-1871

 Irish Passengers in J & J Cooke Shipping Agents Records 1847-1871
Those of us with Irish ancestors know how difficult and challenging it can be to find records. One set of records that is often overlooked is the J & J Cooke Shipping Agents Records. 

Ships passenger lists to Canada did not have to be kept before 1865 and the J J Cooke Shipping Agent records are a substitute that is often overlooked. It also includes ports of arrival in America

These Irish passenger lists from shipping records can be found in  Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents. Sailings from Londonderry to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Quebec, St. John New Brunswick & New Orleans Louisiana, 1847-1871

This database of Irish ships passenger lists include 27 ships to St. John New Brunswick, 30 to Pennsylvania, 23 to Quebec and 5 to New Orleans, Louisiana. If your Irish ancestor left Ireland for N. America between 1847 and 1871 you won't want to overlook these lists of passengers.

August 23, 2013

Orphan Photo: Anyone Want to Claim William Daniel Gilbert from Pennsylvania?

Orphan Photo: :Anyone Want to Claim William Daniel Gilbert from Pennsylvania?
On the left is a  lovely photo of a young boy, labelled on the reverse "William Daniel Gilbert, Pennsylvania" 

I own this photo. But here's the odd thing - I am not related to this family. I don't know why I have the photo. I did not purchase it. I have a vague memory that someone many years ago mailed it to me. But I don't know why as I have no connection to the Gilbert family.

So my hope is that posting about this today and including the photo of this adorable young boy, someone out there can claim him as an ancestor. If he's yours, you can have this photo to cherish as I will mail it to you.

He must be young as he is wearing a skirt. That means he was not yet out of diapers. It's a difficult photo to date as my copy is a reproduction and so I don't have the original to see what type of photo it was (CDV? Cabinet Card?) So I really can't offer any guess as to a year.

I have many 1800s identified photographs on Lost Faces so why not take a peek to see if there's an ancestor of yours? There are photos from 63 antique photo albums and each album averages 50 photographs. So you can take a look through over 3000 photos that I have online now.

August 14, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are? Zooey Deschanel's Abolitionist Quaker Ancestors

Who Do You Think You Are? Episode 3 Disappoints
Last night I watched Who Do You Think You Are? with Zooey Deschanel on TCL  in partnership with 

It was very good, much better than last week's episode. There was a lot of history that was new to me and I found it fascinating.

Zooey found out that her female Quaker ancestor played an important part in the 1851 Christiana Riot in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. In this skirmish a group of African Americans and white abolitionists fought off a Maryland slave owner trying to capture four fugitive slaves hidden in the town.

I was particularly fascinated by the story of William Parker, a fugitive slave who was living on Zooey's ancestors' farm. William was an abolitionist and the driving force behind the Riot

After the Maryland slaveowner was killed, William fled to Canada where he settled in the Buxton Settlement in southern Ontario. I'd been hoping he fled to the Queen's Bush settlement which is where my husband's black ancestor Jonathan Butler settled in the mid 1840s. 

He went on to be a driving force in Ontario (Canada)  and his first-hand account of the riot and his flight via the Underground Railroad system, published in 1866, can be read online at "William Parker The Freedman's Story"

A cursory search on in the Canadian census records show William and his wife and children in Raleigh Township, Kent County Ontario. He represented Buxton on the Raleigh Township Council, to which he was re-elected year after year by both white and black voters. He was not Zooey's ancestor but he did have close ties with her Quaker abolitionists and I found his story as fascinating as theirs.

If you missed Zooey Deschanel's journey to find our more about her abolitionist ancestor you can watch it on the TLC website.

October 27, 2009

Featured Database: St Mary's Church Records Pennsylvania

St. Mary's Church Records, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are online on Olive Tree Genealogy's Pennsylvaniapages.

These FREE transcriptions include Interments in St. Mary's Burying Ground, 1788-1800and a List of Names for Pew Rents 1787-1791 as well as a list of debtors who owed money for their pew rentals 1787-1791.

St. Mary's, built in 1763, was the second Roman Catholic institution in Philadelphia. It was the site of the first public religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence. Members of the Continental Congress attended services four times from 1777 to 1781. George Washington worshiped at St. Marys on at least two occasions. Puritan-born John Adams came too.

October 24, 2009

Pennsylvania Historical Society holds genealogical workshops

Four Genealogy workshops will be held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1300 Locust Street, on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. The first workshop, "Getting Started in Genealogy," takes place on October 28. "Genealogical Resources at HSP" on November 4; "Tracing Your Civil War Ancestry" on November 11; and "Conserving Your Family Records" follow it on November 18.

If you’ve been thinking of tracing your family history but don’t know where to begin, these workshops will help orient you. You may register online There is a nominal fee for each workshop.

June 23, 2009

Featuring Pennsylvania Ships Passenger Lists - The pre 1820 Baggage Lists

Pennsylvania Ships Passenger Lists begin in 1800 instead of after the Federal Legislation requiring ships Passenger lists to be kept after 1819. The arrival port of Philadelphia kept lists of names of arriving passengers whos personal luggage was over the limit set for exemption from taxes. This gives genealogists a nice set of ships passenger lists from 1800-1820 when full ships passenger lists began.

These Philadelphia Pennsylvania Baggage Lists can be found online.

They include images of the actual manifest and a transcription of the names of the passengers on board. Philadelphia Baggage Lists contain the names of passengers who had to pay taxes on excess baggage. It does not contain the names of passengers who were exempt because their luggage was not over the limit.

This is an ongoing project and currently only Baggage Lists from 1809 are online. All names have been indexed, not just passenger names, but also the names of those shipping luggage or goods, and the names of those where the goods were being shipped.

June 7, 2009

Names of Americans in the Madeira Mamore Expedition of 1877-1879

Bob Moyer brings us this new and rather exciting database which he gathered from many different sources.

The Disastrous American Expedition of 1878 that included the contractors P. & T. Collins (Col. George Earl Church) and the laborers who went to Brazil to build a railroad was also called the "The Railroad of Death" and a "railroad from no-place to no-where".

It was estimated that a worker died for every sleeper that was laid in the jungle and the loss of workers was on a scale that rivaled the Panama Canal project. The purpose of this project is to create a database of names by transcribing newspaper accounts, books and other sources about the expedition.

Careful attention has been given to separate these names from the later Farquar Jekyll expedition of 1907-1912. Thousands of men from many countries lost their lives in both expeditions.

Most of the participants in the 1877-1879 were from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware and New York.

View the list of names of men in The Madeira Mamore Expedition of 1877-1879

See the list of sources for Bob's research project

June 3, 2009

St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Records from 1788 online

The following genealogy records for St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia Pennsylvania are being transcribed by Olive Tree Genealogy volunteers.

St. Mary's, built in 1763, was the second Roman Catholic institution in Philadelphia. It was the site of the first public religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence. Members of the Continental Congress attended services four times from 1777 to 1781. George Washington worshiped at St. Marys on at least two occasions. Puritan-born John Adams came too.

Pew Rentals St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Introduction | List of Names - Pew Rents 8 Dec 1787 | List of Names - Pew Rents & Arrears 5 Nov. 1787 | List of Names - Pew Rents 24 June 1788 | Debts 24 June 1788 | Debts 8 Dec. 1788 | List of Names - Pew Rents 8 Dec. 1788 | Debts 24 June 1789 | List of Names - Pew Rents 24 June 1789 | Arrears on Pew Rents 8 Dec. 1789 | List of Names - Pew Rents 8 Dec. 1789 | Debts 24 June 1790 | List of Names - Pew Rents 24 June 1790 | Debts 8 Dec. 1790 | Money Due 24 June 1789 | Money Due 20 May 1790 | Debts May 1791 | Miscellaneous Notes | Additions & Corrections

Interments (Burials) in St. Mary's Church New Chapel Burying Ground

1788 | 1789 | 1790 | 1791 | 1792 | 1793 | 1794 | 1795 | 1796 | 1797 | 1798 | 1799 | 1800

St. Mary's Catholic Church cemetery includes the remains of Commodore John Barry, known as the "Father of the American Navy"; General Moylan, aid to George Washington; Thomas Fitzsimmons, a member of the Continental Congress who helped draft the United States Constitution; and Michael Bouvier, great-great-grandfather of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

This is an ongoing genealogy project and volunteers are needed to help with transcriptions

November 18, 2008

November Ancestor Most Wanted - Elizabeth Jamieson nee Shuart (Michigan & Ontario)

Elizabeth Shuart was born about 1801 in New York or New Jersey. At some time she settled in Upper Canada (present day Ontario) and married James Jamieson from Ireland.

The only confirmed census records I have found for Elizabeth is the 1851 census for Flamboro West, Wentworth County Ontario. The family consisted then of

* James Jameson, 65, b Ireland, cooper
* Elizabeth 50 b United States
* James 16 b Ontario
* Lydia 14 b Ontario (my ancestor)
* George 10 b Ontario

Elizabeth and James disappear after 1851.

George Henry Jamieson

This past year I found George Jamieson in Michigan. I discovered his middle name of Henry which fits my theory that Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson was the daughter of Henry Shuart (more on this below)

In 1870 George Jamieson is in Austin, Sanilac, Michigan and next door is his brother James Jamieson

In 1880 George is Boone, Wexford, Michigan

In 1900 and 1910 George is found in Peninsula, Grand Traverse, Michigan. In both these census records he states that his mother (Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson) was born in New Jersey. Strangley in 1920 in the same location he says she was born in England which is not correct, so quite likely someone else in the household provided the information to the census taker.

George states in census records that he immigrated to USA from Canada in 1863 or 1864 which means he should be somewhere in the 1861 census in Ontario. I have not found him.

George's death record shows the following:

George Henry Jamieson
Birth: 17 Mar 1843 - Canada
Death: 18 Sep 1929 - Peninsula, Grand Traverse, Michigan
Spouse: Emily Squire
Father James Jamieson
Mother Elizabeth Shuirit

James Jamieson Jr.

Now for the contradictions: In 1880 James Jamieson (brother of George above) is found in Chase, Lake, Michigan. He says his mother (Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson) was born in Pennsylvania.

In 1900 James is found in Amber, Mason, Michigan. Here he claims his mother's place of birth was New York.

In 1910 and 1920 James is in Ludington Ward 1, Mason, Michigan and again states that his mother was born in Pennsylvania.

James gives his year of immigration as 1860 and 1861 in various census records but I have not found him in any census for those years in either USA or Canada. I believe I have found him enlisting in the Civil War in a Michigan regiment as a Private on 14 September 1864 at the age of 26.

Lydia Jamieson Vollick

George and James' sister Lydia is my direct ancestor and she married Isaac Vollick sometime before 1858. She is found with Isaac in the 1861 census for East Flamborough Tp Wentworth County and I have a good record of their lives up to their deaths near Hillsdale, Simcoe County Ontario in 1917 (Lydia) and 1904 (Isaac)


Rumour has it that Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson remarried a Hunt after her husband James Jamieson's death. I find an Elizabeth married to a Daniel Hunt in the 1881 Census for Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada
Daniel HUNT 77 born USA Occ: Builder
Elizabeth HUNT 80 born USA

But I have no proof it is my Elizabeth and I have not yet found a death record for an Elizabeth Hunt.

I also find Daniel in the 1871 INDEX to the census for Hamilton but do not have the full record to see if he is married to Elizabeth and if there are more clues to be found there. If anyone has access to the census microfilm and look this up, here is what you need to find this record

District: HAMILTON ( 024 )
Sub-district: St. Patrick's War ( E )
Division: 2
Page: 61
Microfilm reel: C-9927

What I want to find

I want to find Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson. What happened to her after 1851? There is a $50.00 reward for anyone who can find Elizabeth after that 1851 census.

I am also interested in finding her origins. Was she, as I believe, the daughter of Henry Shuart and Rachel De Graw?

Did Elizabeth have siblings Joseph Shuart born ca 1790 who married Christina; Lydia Shuart born ca 1794 NY or Pennsylvania who married first Job Skinner and second James McGarry; Margaret Shuart born ca 1798 NY or Pennsylvania who married Adonijah Taylor; and Hiram Shuart born ca 1810 possibly in Pennsylvania who married Catherine Alice Skinner? All of these individuals settled in Ontario

Anyone who can find proof of Elizabeth Shuart Jamieson's whereabouts after 1851 can earn $50.00. Proof of her parentage or place of birth also wins $50.00.

February 16, 2008

PEER Genealogy Puzzler for February

This ia Genealogy Puzzle for February. I'm hopeful a reader can point me in the right direction to find answers to any of my unknowns below, OR knows of a researcher for hire.

Here are the facts around the puzzle:

* circa 1817/1818 Edward PEER and family (wife Anna) settled in Northeast Twp Erie Co. Pennsylvania.

Edward and son John are found in 1820 census for Northeast (1820 Census for NorthEast Twp. Erie Co. PA lists Edward PIER and John PIER)

* Levi Peer born circa 1760 in New Jersey, settled across the border in Ripley, Chautauga Co NY circa 1817/1818. Sometime between 1825 and 1830, Levi PEER sold his New York land and settled with Edward Peer in Erie Pennsylvania.

Levi and family - wife Elizabeth and children - are found in the 1830 census for Northeast PA. This Levi Peer is NOT the Levi Peer (Pier) born 1754 who married Ann Dewey and settled in Busti New York

* In August 1831 Levi and family bought land in Illinois and prepared to settle there. Levi Sr. died before the family arrived in Illinois, perhaps before they left.

What I am looking for is:

1. Will for Edward PEER (Pier, Pear) who is buried in Philips Cemetery, Northeast Twp with a death date of 9 Nov.1834. His wife Sarah died 16 march 1833 and is buried in the same cemetery.

Edward's known children were John L. Peer b ca 1792 Canada; Mercy aka Phoebe Peer b ca 1800 Ontario married Mr. Averill (Stephen?) in Northeast PA date uknown and Lewis A. Peer b 1802 Ontario married Charlotte unk. in Northeast PA. Lewis is buried in Philips cemetery, death date 8 Nov. 1891

2. Will and/or grave record for Levi PEER (Pier, Pear) who died circa 1831, perhaps August in Northeast PA. Levi was married to Elizabeth. His known children (Levi, William,Abraham, Rachel, Hiram and Eliza Jane) all left PA for IL in 1831 along with their mother. It is assumed that Levi died in Northeast PA shortly before they left.

3. Land Records for both Levi and Edward. (or other Peer individuals) in Northeast PA. I have one land record, (but I'm sure there are more as both men owned extensive land holdings everywhere they lived) for 28 April 1825. It is an Indenture between Edward Peer and Sarah, his wife of the town of Northeast, Erie Co. PA, and Elizabeth Peer, wife of Levi Peer, town of Ripley, Chautauqua Co. NY, parties of the first part, and James McClung of the second part. The parties of the first part sell for 1400.00 50 acres of land in the town of Ripley - Township #3, 15th Range.

4. Tax or Assessment records for 1817-1834

So, that is my February challenge. Can anyone offer ideas, suggestions or even answers to this PEER puzzle?

September 8, 2007

Finding Ancestors Immigration in Almshouse Records

In the early 1800's port cities in the USA bore the burden of immigration. By the time they arrived, so many immigrants were tired, hungry and poor they ended up in the City Almshouse. This meant the citizens had to take care of them. At first the citizens of the city asked the Mayors for funds to support the poor. Eventually they asked the states, and by mid-century some states (Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts) set up State agencies to deal with the issue. Eventually, beginning in the 1880's, the Federal Government nationalized the programs.

Dating back to the colonial era, New York City assumed responsibility for its citizens who were destitute, sick, homeless, or otherwise unable to care for themselves. The city maintained an almshouse, various hospitals, and a workhouse on Blackwell's Island (now called Roosevelt Island) for the poor.

These Almshouse records often contain immigration details, such as name of ship, date of arrival in USA and port of arrival.

Olive Tree Genealogy has an ongoing project to transcribed and publish New York Almshouse Records. The first set is for the years 1819-1840 and includes Ship Captain's Name, Date of Bond, Sureties, Date Discharged, Death Date, Remarks, etc.

For example, under date 1820 March 11 Elizabeth Kennedy age 34 is listed as having died June 14, 1820; her daughter Mary Ann died Nov. 5, 1820

Researchers can use the clues in the Almshouse records (admission date, ship captain's name, owner's name, etc) as well as census records, to narrow the time frame of arrival. Families with children born in one country, such as England, and then in New York will find it much easier to narrow the time frame of immigration.

For individuals recorded in 1855-1858 Almshouse Records for New York City the information includes ship name, date of sailing, ports of departure and arrival

August 31, 2007

NEW! Naturalization Certificates & Alien Registrations online

Naturalization Records today added Naturalization Certificates and Alien Registration Cards for several individuals in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts and Colorado. Is one your ancestor?

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Elizabeth Koval, from Czechoslovakia, in Pennsylvania 1945

*Added McKeesport, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania Alien Identification Card for Elizabeth Koval 1940

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Alexander Johnson Duncanson from Canada or United Kingdom, of East Jordan, Michigan 1925 + wife & children

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Michael Chekorin from Russia, New York City 1940

*Added Naturalization Certificate William Parker Deerfield, Franklin County Massachusetts 1859

*Added Certificate of Citizenship Henry A. Foye from Ireland Arapahoe County Colorado 1894

August 24, 2007

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Baggage Lists

The Port of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Baggage Lists were maintained by officials from 1800 to 1820. These Baggage Lists help fill in gaps for pre-1820 ships passenger lists. They are lists of passengers and their luggage on board ships.

Some Philadelphia Baggage Lists can be found online at OTE, a sister site of Olive Tree Genealogy

The online lists include images of the actual manifest and a transcription of the names of the passengers on board. Remember that if your ancestor had no luggage, his or her name will not be found on these lists.

August 20, 2007

Palatine (German Palatinate) History

by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Olive Tree Genealogy
Copyright © 1996


"The Palatinate or German PFALZ, was, in German history, the land of the Count Palatine, a title held by a leading secular prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Geographically, the Palatinate was divided between two small territorial clusters: the Rhenish, or Lower Palatinate, and the Upper Palatinate.

While the land of the Palatinate was good for its inhabitants, many of whom were farmers, vineyard operators etc., its location was unfortunately subject to invasion by the armies of Britain, France, and Germany. Mother Nature also played a role in what happened, for the winter of 1708 was particularly severe and many of the vineyards perished. So, as well as the devastating effects of war, the Palatines were subjected to the winter of 1708-09, the harshest in 100 years.

The scene was set for a mass migration. At the invitation of Queen Anne in the spring of 1709, about 7 000 harassed Palatines sailed down the Rhine to Rotterdam. From there, about 3000 were dispatched to America, either directly or via England, under the auspices of William Penn. The remaining 4 000 were sent via England to Ireland to strengthen the protestant interest....."

Read the complete article History of the Palatines or start your search for Palatine ancestors in

Palatine Ships' Lists to PA

Palatine Ships' Lists to NY

Palatine Child Apprentices 1710-1714

Family Names

Palatine Denizations (Naturalizations) 1708

[The full article has been published, with my permission as Irish Palatine Story on the Internet in Irish Palatine Association Journal, No. 7 December 1996]

March 21, 2007

Finding ancestors on Pennsylvania Ships Passenger Lists

Pennsylvania ships lists have been kept, and are on microfilm, as far back as 1800 (1820 was the first year it was a requirement that they be kept)

There are indexes you can use to search for an ancestor. See a complete list of film numbers for ships going to Pennsylvania after 1820 Find the film you need and write down the
NARA or Family History Centre film number you need. Then you can order the film in to your nearest FHC or have NARA do the lookup for you.

If you want to try your luck ONline, there is a custom search engine that will search most Internet sites with ships going to Pennsylvania. Choose PENNSYLVANIA from the state choices. Scroll down to the yellow search engine.

The Philadelphia Baggage Lists for 1809 are also online. They include images of the actual manifest and a
transcription of the names of the passengers on board. These are the names of passengers with luggage! If your ancestor had no stored luggage, his name will not be found.

Other Helpful Sites:

Passenger Lists to Pennsylvania

Custom Search Engines Internet-wide for Ships to Pennsylvania

March 13, 2007

Fiske Family Civil War era Photo Album

One of my hobbies is buying old (Civil War era) Photo Albums and photos. I like to figure out who the family members are, do some genealogy research on them and then put the albums online. It's an expensive hobby but I love it.

A few days ago I had a nice surprise. A gentleman from New Hampshire (unknown to me) sent me a gift of an old Civl War album of the Fiske family in New England. There were only 13 pictures and the photo pages were torn but the photos themselves were in good condition and labelled with names.

I spent a few hours doing some research and discovered that the photos all have some relationship to the children of David Fiske and Laura Severington. My research and the photos (not thumbnails, the full size photos) are all online now for descendants to enjoy.

See Fiske Family Photo Album

Surnames: Fiske, Andrews, Clark, Seymour, Foster, Hart, Smead

Locations: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Italy

February 20, 2007

Pennsylvania Genealogy Online

Here's a list of Pennsylvania genealogy data online on various blogs. The date is when it was posted so you can look in the archives for that year OR you can use the Blogger Search Engine on each Blog to look for keywords in the title.


Family Bible SENSEMAN, GLEIRN in Pennsylvania 9/22/06
Senseman Family Bible Pennsylvania 8/5/06
NESTER Family Bible, Berks Co. Pennsylvania 7/24/05
Greaves Family Bible, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7/9/05
FLECK, WILDERSON 1856 Franklin Co. PA Pennsylvania 1/20/05
SMITH Bible 1874 Pennsylvania 12/29/04
1848 Bible Pennsylvania MAUGER BAKER Families 12/29/04
1848 Bible Hyndman & Walker Families Pennsylvania 12/29/04
FAMILY BIBLE: Smith - Stringer, Pennsylvania 11/26/04
FAMILY BIBLE: Hoffman 1712 Germany, Pennsylvania 11/24/04
BIBLE: Brontano - Wilson Pennsyvania, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 11/24/04
MILLER & WEAVER Family Bible, Pennsylvania 11/19/04
Family Bible Everson and Talley Family ... Delaware, Pennsylvania 11/9/04
Levengood & Binder Family Bible, Pennsylvania 4/16/04
Family Bible of Lewis, Haynes, Haines, Hendershott... Pennsylvania, Texas 2/20/04
Family Bible of Musbach, Hottel ,Sauter, Trinby... Pennsylvania

Marriage Certificate Werner - Shearer,... Pennsylvania 2/5/07
Pennsylvania RR Certificate Charles Strange 1936 12/28/05
Marriage Certificate - PORONAL & BACHER, WV & PA... Pennsylvania 12/10/05
Baptism Leinbach & Seibert 1846 Lebanon... Pennsylvania 12/9/05
William Schaszberger family York Pennsylvania 12/5/05
Naturalization Certificate Alexander McCalmont... Pennsylvania 11/22/05
1876 Baptism Certificate STINZEL, MASON .. Pennsylvania 9/11/05
Marriage Cert: Poronal-Bacher, 1898 Pennsylvania, Virginia 11/28/04
Steamer Julia - Pittsburgh & Zanesville Packet Ohio, Pennsylvania 11/26/04
Early Pennsylvania Envelope & Document, 1840 11/25/04
Court Document, 1833-1918- Lancaster Co.... Pennsylvania 11/25/04
1868 Document From Philadelphia Custom House Pennsylvania

Funeral Card Amos MARTIN 1839-1907 Pennsylvania 2/6/07
Pennsylvania Funeral Card Bertha MARTIN 1882-1908 2/5/07
Funeral Card Charles Schiffert 1926 Pennsylvania 12/8/05
Funeral Card Charles Schiffert Pennsylvania 1926 11/29/05
Funeral Card HOFF Philadelphia PA 1903 Pennsylvania 11/4/05
Funeral Card Arthur Keller 1919 Pennsylvania 9/9/05
Funeral Card Isaiah Keller 1928 Pennsylvania 9/6/05
Funeral Card Erwin Keller, 1947 Pennsylvania 8/24/05