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September 27, 2008

Ellis Island Phonetic Matching now possible!

Steve Morse has just informed that he has now added phonetic matching as another search choice for the surname on the Ellis Island gold search form.

Steve says "This type of matching something that Alexander Beider and I have been
experimenting with for some time, and such matching already exists on some of my other forms (e.g., Dachau concentration camp records, Footnote naturalization records, etc). However the Ellis Island database was presenting its own set of problems simply because there were so many records (25 million) and from so many different ethnicities. This is why it has taken all this extra time to add phonetic
matching to the gold form."

The choice for phonetic matching on the form is also a link to a page that describes phonetic matching in two paragraphs.

Don't miss searching for your ancestors using this innovative new search from Steve.

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