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July 24, 2010

Genealogy Treasure Hunt

I've been racking my brains for more genealogy ideas to entertain (and brainwash in a genealogical way) my grandchildren this summer. My two oldest, ages 12 and 10, come every year for a week's stay with Gramma and Grandpa. And every year I like to have a genealogy activity for them.

Readers of my blog might remember my Making a Genealogy Time Capsule part 1 , Genealogy Remembrance Garden , Ancestor Cards for Children, Genealogy Cemetery Hunt and other ideas I put together for summer genealogy fun.

Sure the grandkids enjoy doing the same activities, especially the Cemetery Hunt and playing games with their Ancestor Cards, but I want something new this year.

Given their ages, I thought this year we'd have a Genealogy Scavenger Hunt. I've been telling the grandchildren stories about their ancestors for years. I've pointed out ancestor pictures on our walls, and told them who each ancestor was.

I've shown them the genealogical treasures my own grandmother left me - their great grandfather's gold pocket watch, their great-grandmother's tea cup, great-great grandma's family bible, toast rack, silverware, etc and great-great-grandma's pot lids from Ramsgate England. I've also shown them jewellery that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother, and a French marble clock belonging to my deceased husband.

My idea is that I'll type out a list of items they have to "find" for the scavenger hunt. They don't have to physically bring the item to me, they just have to find it and tick it off their list. They can't fudge the results because they may be called on to prove the find, that is, take me to it. Not that my grandchildren would ever think of ticking off an item they hadn't really found....

They'll have to find the photo of their great-great-great grandmother Sarah (Page) Simpson,  the photo of their grandfather (my deceased father) in his WW2 uniform as well as physical objects in my china cabinets or in my Genealogy Treasure Box.

I'm going to call this a Genealogy Treasure Hunt. The winner will get a prize (not sure what) and so will the runner-up. Since only two are playing at one time, everyone should be happy.

Now to come up with an idea for two prizes that have something to do with Genealogy but that kids will love.


Cheri Hopkins said...

Love this idea as well as all the others on the subject. I try to involve my grandchildren at times too and let them go through old items such as button jars etc that were family things. I will try some of your ideas--great! Thanks for the suggestions.
Cheri Hopkins

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

What great fun! I'm teaching a Genealogy for Kids at the library in the winter so am collecting ideas for that. (also ideas we can play with our grandchildren some day - just a grand-dog so far!).