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May 17, 2011

Press Release: AncestorSync Available in June

The following Press Release was sent to Olive Tree Genealogy blog by AncestorSync. This is the first time I've heard of them and so I know nothing about the company but their Press Release sounds intriguing.

Real-Time Collaboration, Inc. Unveils AncestorSync™ To Bridge The Gap Between Desktop and Online Family History

AncestorSync™ enables you to synchronize your family tree, source documents, citations, and notes across all of your computers and a web pedigree of your choice.

Orem, Utah (Real-Time Collaboration) – Real-Time Collaboration has announced the release of their latest offering, AncestorSync™, which allows you to seamlessly download, upload, or synchronize your family tree from your online pedigree to your personal computer, and back again.

AncestorSync is the first service on the market that allows you to easily move all of your family history work from a desktop genealogy program to an online pedigree without anyone or anything getting lost in the process

AncestorSync™ has partnerships with FamilySearch, Geni, Inc., and ourFamilyology, Inc. and is a joint venture of Ohana Software, LLC. and SharingTime, LLC., wholly owned subsidiaries of Real-Time Collaboration.

"AncestorSync™ is precisely the type of service we envisioned when we created the Geni API. Genealogists no longer must choose between their favorite desktop software and Geni. With AncestorSync™ as the bridge, they can maintain their offline tree while taking advantage of the incredibly rich data and collaborative community Geni offers,”states Noah Tutak, Geni CEO.

"AncestorSync makes interfacing you genealogical data with FamilySearch family tree easy. One product to read, write and synchronize your tree regardless of the desktop software you may own, " says Gordon Clarke, FamilySearch Web Services Product Manager.

AncestorSync will be of great value to genealogists by expanding their ability to work with their desktop application and sync their data with our online service.  We look forward to adding this feature for our customers, says Brandy Sacco founder and owner of ourFamilyology.

AncestorSync supports a variety of program formats including: Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree, Personal Ancestral File, RootsMagic and GEDCOM. It will soon support The Master Genealogist and MacFamilyTree.  AncestorSync will be available in June for a budget-friendly $15 annual fee, and is PC and Mac compatible.

For more information about AncestorSync™, contact us at or 1.877.436.3256 or visit our website at


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no Family Tree Maker for Mac. I am sure it is because of its integration with Ancestry's online family tree. The implementation of that integration is a problem, though, as you cannot update an uploaded tree but, instead, have to upload and establish an entirely new tree.

Hopefully, AncestorSync will support Family Tree Maker in the future. The product looks exciting!

Judy said...

Unfortunately, I don't think Family Tree for Mac can be included in something like AncestorSync until the FTMM actually works right. forums are full of comments by unhappy users and yet Ancestry has still not acknowledged the problems and only one update has come out since Nov 2010. I love the FTMM interface but just couldn't waste any more time trying to make the danged thing work nor do I trust it with my data. And, as the other commenter mentioned, FTMM does NOT sync with Ancestry.

Most Mac users I know have gone back to the PC version or, as I have, gone back to Reunion. Reunion isn't pretty but it's solid and trustworthy. AncestorSync sounds intriguing--I would love to find something that syncs seamlessly and am sorry not to see Reunion listed as one of its compatible programs.