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November 16, 2012

MyHeritage Subscription to Give Away

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Mark at Here's part of his email:

Hi Lorine
Happy Birthday!

For your Birthday I'm giving you a free MyHeritage yearlong subscription to give away however or whenever you like.
Mark added that he couldn't give a subscription to me because I already have one! So he thought it would be fun for me to give one away.

So that's what I'm doing. My husband wanted me to reveal my age (xx) and tell everyone that the xx person to email me would get the subscription. Well that's not happening! I'm not about to announce my age in public. So, next best thing...

Since my website Olive Tree Genealogy is 17 years old this winter (gulp!!) and my Olive Tree Genealogy blog is 10 years old this coming February, I'm adding their years together. That means that....

The 27th person to email me at gets the membership! 

Please put MYHERITAGE SUBSCRIPTION in the subject of your email 

****** UPDATE******
We have a winner! Judy Burdick was the 27th person to email me at 
Congrats Judy and thank you to Mark and MyHeritage!
I'll announce the winner here as soon as I hear from the 27th person. Don't forget to give me your full name and email in your note. No need to tell me why you want the membership, just email me.

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