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January 14, 2015

Teachers Receiving Pensions Upper Canada 1850s

Olive Tree Genealogy has added to its Early Ontario Education Records a list of Teachers Receiving Pensions in Upper Canada 1857, Teachers Receiving Pensions in Upper Canada 1858 There are images with names of 298 Teachers with details of infirmity, years and locations teaching, age and residence who were being superannuated, or given a pension, in Upper Canada in these years. This adds to my earlier list of 120 teachers receiving their pensions in 1855.

Teachers Receiving Pensions 1858 Upper Canada
Each teacher is numbered and there are two pages for each entry. Find your name of interest and note the number beside the name. Then find the second page for that same number to read the details. I have transcribed the names from each image to assist researchers.

As an example Teacher No. 20 is David Thompson, born Scotland and living in Niagara. He is 69 years old and has been teaching for 38 years. He started teaching in 1815 and taught in the counties of Frontenac, Lincoln and Welland in Upper Canada. Pains from wounds received in the War of 1812 forced him to retire.

Each thumbnail can be clicked on to view a larger image. To assist researchers, I have transcribed the names found on these pages.

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