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February 5, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday to Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Happy 12th Birthday to Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
Happy Birthday to Olive Tree Genealogy Blog! Can you believe it is 12 years old? Almost a teenager, wow!

It all started when a friend invited me to post on his new blog and suggested I start my own blog. My response was "Huh? What's a blog?" Yep that's right. 12 years ago blogs were just starting up and not many people were aware of them. 

It was February in Canada. It was cold and snowy and we Canadians always get the February blahs. So I started a blog. This blog. And I found I loved doing it! 

My family always tell me I'm pretty talkative and here's proof: I've written 2691 blog posts since birth in February 2003.

How many times have my blog posts been read? The blog stats show almost 3 million pageviews (2,276,622 pageviews)

Here's a few stats that might be of interest - one is where my readers live and what browser is most often used.

No surprise that the majority of my readers live in the USA with Canada coming in second. And the most popular browser is Firefox. I am surprised at how popular Internet Explorer is!

I hope my readers aren't bored with me (yet) as I plan to carry on sharing my stories with you for another 12 years at least!!

Out of curiousity I looked up what the most popular blog posts were for the last 12 years. Omitting blog press releases about new genealogy goodies coming online, here are the top 5 posts in the last 12 years:

  1. Personal Opinion about Copyright
  2. Heads up all Genealogists!
  3. What Happens to Your Genealogy Research When You're Gone?
  4. Organizing Family Photos - creating a plan
  5. Creating a Family Story Book Using Flip-Pal
And now I'm off to have some cake and blow out 12 candles.


Linda Stufflebean said...

Congratulations! I love reading your posts and 12 years is a time period for which you should be very proud.

Jana Last said...

Congratulations and Happy 12th Blogiversary!

Andrea Kelleher said...

Beyond Congratulations to you! 12 years is awesome.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Wow, 12 years! That's like 137 in blogging years! ;-) Congratulations!

Jill Ball said...

Congratulations Lorine, that's quite a record. I will continue to add to your statistics from Australia.

Cindi said...

Congratulations Lorine!

Julie Cahill Tarr said...

Congrats, Lorine!!

Dana Leeds said...

Happy 12th! I'm not even a year old yet. :) i enjoy your blog and am glad you write it.

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Blogiversary Lorine.