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November 29, 2006

Steve Morse GOLD FORM for Ellis Island searches

Steve Morse has created a new Ellis Island search form (called the gold form) that is capable of searching through the entire 25 million passengers in the Ellis Island Database for ships passenger lists. Gold form can also search on every transcribed field.

This obsoletes the blue form that could search on every field but only for the 1 million Jewish passengers. It also obsoletes the gray form that could search for all passengers but only on four fields (name, age, year of arrival, and town).

The gold form has several new features as well. It is able to search on travelling companions (a feature which the blue form had but the gray form never did). Researchers are able to specify which fields they would like to see displayed on the results page. They can also specify how they would like to have the results sorted.

The gold form is prominently displayed in the Ellis Island section of the Steve Morse website.

For more ships passenger lists to New York in other years (before Ellis Island) see New York Ships Lists