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March 13, 2007

Fiske Family Civil War era Photo Album

One of my hobbies is buying old (Civil War era) Photo Albums and photos. I like to figure out who the family members are, do some genealogy research on them and then put the albums online. It's an expensive hobby but I love it.

A few days ago I had a nice surprise. A gentleman from New Hampshire (unknown to me) sent me a gift of an old Civl War album of the Fiske family in New England. There were only 13 pictures and the photo pages were torn but the photos themselves were in good condition and labelled with names.

I spent a few hours doing some research and discovered that the photos all have some relationship to the children of David Fiske and Laura Severington. My research and the photos (not thumbnails, the full size photos) are all online now for descendants to enjoy.

See Fiske Family Photo Album

Surnames: Fiske, Andrews, Clark, Seymour, Foster, Hart, Smead

Locations: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Italy

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