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June 24, 2007

Released Prisoners on the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam 1638

Source: Journal of the Ambassy of the Lord Anthonis de Liedekerke, Extracted entries from Adriaen Matham's Journal 1640-1641. translated and transcribed by Cor Snabel & Liz Johnson, published on Olive Tree Genealogy with permission May 2007.

Preface: On the 1st of September 1640, the ship Gelderlandt sailed from Texel on a diplomatic mission to the King of Morocco. On board were the Dutch Ambassador Anthonie de Liedekerke, Lijsbeth Jans with her brother-in-law Jacob Arissen, and the painter Adriaen Matham.

The 1640-41 diplomatic mission to Morocco was made in order to renew the Dutch alliance with Morocco, and to effect the release of some fifty men who had been employed aboard the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam. This ship had stranded off the coast of Morocco near Agadir in May 1638, and her crew had been enslaved there.

By 1640, funds had been raised for ransom, and Admiral Liedekerke was delegated to negotiate their ransom and release. Jan Janszoon assisted with this dual mission by making certain arrangements with his Moroccan associates for Liedekerke. Adriaen Matham, along with another artist, were sent along on this mission, possibly to make observations about the geography of countries they passed, and to record observations about the persons with whom they came in contact.

View the names of the slaves (ordinary Dutchmen) who sailed with the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam on 17th April 1638 in the service of the West India Company

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