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September 3, 2007

Peterbrough County GenWeb - new genealogy data

I'm the new host of Peterborough County GenWeb. Thanks to former hosts for leaving the site intact with exisiting genealogical material. I added more free genealogy data on Labor Day weekend so be sure to drop by to see what's new.

Follow the links or use the Peterborough County GenWeb Site Map for a quick start

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Hi, Lorine,

I'm so glad I clicked on your GenWeb link! I wasn't sure which "state" Peterborough County was in and was delighted to see first of all that it was in Ontario, and second of all the nicely labeled township map, without which I would never have realized that this is where my WILKINSONs lived from at least 1876 - 1879. One of my ancestor's siblings was born in Cavan, the other in North Monaghan. This is a line I'm determined to learn more about, and I'm excited to see what the GenWeb site may have to offer!