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June 17, 2008

Antiques and Genealogy Treasures

One thing I've noticed, being an avid antique hunter and collector, is that quite often you will see antiques with a genealogy interest. I always carry a small memo pad and pen in my purse and recently I began jotting down the genealogy notations or inscriptions on antique items.

The more obvious antiques are framed marriage certificates or baptism records, as well as identified photographs or photo albums. Postcards have names and addresses as well as the sender's names. But there are more obscure genealogy items just waiting to be found -- a silver inscribed baby's cup, an engraved trophy, soldier's framed photos or records of service, etc

On a weekend trip I found a 10 inch high silver plated trophy cup engraved

Interstate Association Trophy
Buffalo Audubon Club
May 31, 1915
First prize won by George N. Fish

Perhaps one of George's descendants will read this post and reunite with the item or at the very least, learn about George's interests.

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