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May 3, 2010

Casefile Clues Review & Discount Price

Great news! Casefile Clues by Michael John Neill is now available to readers of Olive Tree Genealogy blog at a reduced rate.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Casefile Clues, it is a weekly How-To column of genealogy tips and advice. Michael uses his own research to walk us through various genealogy records, step by step. His analysis of the documents combined with in-depth explanations of what can be found and how to interpret the findings, is invaluable. Even if the specific set of records he discusses is not applicable to your ancestors, you can extrapolate his advice to your own genealogy challenges.

I asked Michael how long he's been writing Casefile Clues and he responded with
I started writing Casefile Clues in December of 2008 and began self-publishing Casefile Clues in July of 2009. I had written hundreds of how-to columns for's various newsletters for about ten years before that.

Michael informed me that his reasons for writing Casefile Clues are many. He elaborated on one very important reason
I wanted Casefile Clues to focus more on the "why" and the "how" of research. There already is a lot of good beginner information on the Internet and I really didn't want to compete with that or to essentially just rephrase that information. I have felt for a long time that the amount of detailed, how-to material for the non-beginner was somewhat limited, particularly for those who choose not to subscribe to the more academic type journals. I've always been interested in the process of research, organizing the research procedure, and understanding and interpreting what has been located.Casefile Clues discusses what worked and what didn't, and where I'm going to go next.

Having recently read three episodes (yes I confess that Casefile Clues was new to me) I was impressed both with the writing and the clear explanations. I wondered what level of genealogists Michael gears his column to. Michael responded
Casefile Clues is geared towards intermediate and advanced researchers. All sources are cited in the spirit of Elizabeth Shown Mills' "Evidence Explained," but final responsibility for citations rests on my shoulders. I believe in citing and try and model that as best I can in Casefile Clues.
I learned a lot from the issues I read and look forward to learning more. You can subscribe for a low cost of $14.50 for a full year or for back issues at $15.00 using the Paypal buttons below.

One year subscription $14.50. Usual price is $17.00

All Back Issue Discount $15.00. Usual price is $18.00

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