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February 2, 2012

Flip-Pal Scanner Has New Goodies for Genealogists!

It looks like Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner has done it again. They've developed some new goodies for genealogists (and anyone else using this wonderful little scanner).

I was supposed to be interviewing Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner representatives Walt and Diane today during the Rootstech 2012 convention but unfortunately that's not possible now.

But for those attending RootsTech 2012, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner team will be demonstrating the benefits of using a wireless SD card to transfer scanned images—both documents and photos—to a variety of electronic devices including smart phones, tablets and computers.

There will also be demonstrations of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner Sketch Kit, an easy-to-use method of annotating scanned photographs and documents. Can you imagine how nice that will be to make notes that attach to each photo or document you scan? I've spent many hours scribbling notes into a notebook and struggling to make sure I match each one with a photo I've scanned using my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. This sounds like a winner!

To purchase your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner just click on any Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner link in this post. 


Anonymous said...

I bought my Flip-Pal when it first came out and recently went across country to scan photos I were told didn't exist anymore - all 400 of them - for my memoir book. Instead of writing the information, I simply turned the photo over and the next photo I copied was the writing. Worked beautifully. I've only had my Flip-Pal a short while and hope to replace it with the new one. Can the wireless SD card be put in the old Flip-Pal? No one's said.

Smadar Belkind Gerson said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I think I'll need one of those next time I go visit a distant relative. It's always a challenge getting people to give up photos so you can scan them, and waiting for them to scan can be like waiting for milk to boil!