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March 19, 2019

A-C of Naturalization Records

An often overlooked resource for ancestor searching is Naturalization Records.

Naturalization records can help you find the date of immigration, ship's passenger list, port of arrival, and the place of birth for your ancestor. Some naturalization records include occupations, names and ages of minor children and more 

 Many years ago I set up a website devoted to Naturalization and Passports. If you haven't been there, you may want to check it out. contains links to as many online naturalization and passport records I could find for USA and Canada. It also contains some transcribed records for those topics.

Here's a few naturalization records for states A-C to start you off. This particular set for America is pay-to-view records, the Canadian ones are free.  also has links to free databases for America:

 Alabama, Naturalization Records, 1888-1991

Arizona, State Court Naturalization Records, 1869-1993

Arizona, Naturalization Records, 1909-1991

Arkansas, Naturalization Records, 1907-1968

California, Federal Naturalization Records, 1843-1999

California, State Court Naturalization Records, 1850-1986

Connecticut, Federal Naturalization Records, 1790-1996

Colorado, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1868-1990

Upper Canada and Canada West Naturalization Registers 1828-1850

March 17, 2019

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

The saying is that we all want to be Irish. Sadly that wasn't the sentiment when the Irish began arriving in full force during the Famine Years. There was a great deal of discrimination towards the Irish who were considered by many to be lazy drunks. What our early ancestors must have suffered under this unwarranted stereotype!

I'm proud of my Irish heritage and wish I could tell them that. John Greenlees and his wife Elizabeth Johnston came from Fermanagh Ireland to the wilds of Upper Canada (present day Ontario) with three children - George about 5 years old, Thomas about 3 years old and my 2nd great grandmother Jane who was under 2 years old. The year was some time between Jane's birth in 1819 and the birth of their next child in Upper Canada in 1821. What a perilous journey that must have been!

Joseph McGinnis and his wife Frances (Fanny) Downey from Co. Down made the journey from famine stricken Ireland with their year old daughter Bridget (Delia) in 1846. Joseph and Fanny were barely 20 years old.

It must have been a nightmare voyage and I am sure that like most of the Irish who left Ireland during the Famine Years, they and their loved ones suffered greatly at home. Joseph and Fanny arrived in Ontario and settled near family who had arrived much earlier. They were my 2nd great grandparents. They were very poor Catholics and the land they settled on was more swamp than anything else.

So - I have three Irish great-great grandparents (Joseph, Fanny and Jane) and two Irish Great great great grandparents (John & Elizabeth). Out of that mix I get four Irish surnames: Greenlees, Johnstone, McGinnis & Downey.

My husband has many Irish surnames: Jackson & Moynahan from Tipperary, Hogan & Hayden (county not known), Kennedy & Maloney from Kerry, Massey from Wicklow, Montgomery & Graham & Johnson from Fermanagh. I don't know if hubs' Johnson and my Johnson are related. That would be fun to find out!

I hope this Irish blessing worked for all of our Irish ancestors! "May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead."

March 15, 2019

New Netherland Settlers The Barheit Family

New Netherland Settlers: The Barheit Family Revealed: A Genealogy of Hans Coenradt and Barenjte Jans Straetsman, the Immigrant Ancestors of the Barheit Family of Albany New York

Available on ,
60 pages
8.5" x 11"

The exact date of Hans Coenradt’s arrival in New Netherland is not known but it is most likely he was among the refugees fleeing Recife Brazil in April 1654.

The first record found indicating he was in New Netherland is dated in Albany (Fort Orange) in early December 1655. Sometime between April 1654 and December 1655, Hans arrived in New New Netherland. As New Amsterdam came into view with its gallows and weather beaten wooden houses dominating a raw, windswept landscape, the Barheit family must have had mixed feelings.

New Amsterdam in 1654 was a frontier outpost filled with brawling sailors and rough-looking fur traders. Over fifty grog houses catered to a never-ending stream of men dropping in for a little fun on their way to or from Massachusetts or Virginia.

The Barheit Family Revealed ends speculation as to the origins of Hans and his wife Barentje, as well as providing sources proving the names of their descendants to 3 generations .

See the full list of available New Netherland settlers books

March 12, 2019

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March 11, 2019

Form 30 Border Crossings 1919-1924

Are you struggling to find an ancestor arriving in Canada in the early 1900s?

Between 1919 and 1924, the individual Form 30A was used instead of the passenger list. The use of this form was inconsistent; if you do not find a reference to an immigrant for that time period, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) recommends that you search the passenger lists for those years.

According to LAC "The records were microfilmed in quasi-alphabetical order and the digitized images for Forms 30A (Archived) can be searched in that order in Digitized Microforms (Archived).
You can also search an index to these records on Ancestry in their Border Crossings: From U.S. to Canada, 1908-1935 collection

March 8, 2019

New Netherland Settlers - The Straetsman Sisters

New Netherland Settlers: The Straetsman Sisters Barentje & Teuntje and Their Six Husbands Authored by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

 Available on,,

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
92 pages

The Straetsman sisters Barentje and Teuntje were from Culemborg Netherlands. In 1630 the West India Company conquered part of Brazil and the colony of New Holland (now present-day Recife) was founded.

Dutch troops were sent to Recife and Olinda in Pernambuco Brazil and no doubt Barentje and Teuntje’s first husbands were among those sent to maintain order. They settled first in Brazil before 1637 and then New Netherland circa 1657.

Descendants of Teuntje Straetsman will find sourced details of Teuntie and her four husbands Jan Meyering, Jueriaen Haf, Tieleman Jacobsz vander Meyen & Gabriel Corbesy.

Descendants of Barentje Straetsman will find sourced details of Barentje and her two husbands Hans Coenradt Barheit and Jacob Janse Gardenier aka Flodder.

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March 6, 2019

New E-Books Available for Peer & Vollick Families

Readers have been urging me for some time to convert my paperbook genealogy books into E-books. I've resisted because it is challenging to convert an 8.5x11 inch paperback into a smaller E-book version. The documents and photos are not as easy to read in an E-book.

But I spent this past weekend rearranging and resizing documents and photos in one previously published book so that they would display better in an E-book. Then I tested my new file and am pleased to say that I think the results are viable and the documents are still of value to genealogists. I do not want the E-books to suffer in comparison to the larger paperback versions!

So I took the plunge and am happy to announce that all 3 volumes of my book "Van Valkenburg to Vollick" are online and available on Amazon.

V1: Isaac Vollick, Loyalist

V2 Cornelius Vollick

V3 Storm Follick

 Volume 1 From Van Valkenburg to Vollick : The Loyalist Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick and his Vollick & Follick Children (Kindle Edition)

Volume 2 From Van Valkenburg to Vollick : Cornelius Vollick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations (Kindle Edition)

Volume 3 From Van Valkenburg to Vollick : The Loyalist Storm Follick and his Follick and Vollick descendants in North America (Kindle Edition)
Likewise the first 4 volumes of my 6 volume series "The Peer Family in North America" are also available.

V1 Jacob Peer

V2 Levi Peer

V3 Edward Peer

The Peer Family in North America (V1): Jacob & Anne Peer, Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796. Revised Edition (Kindle Edition)

The Peer Family in North America (V 2): Levi Peer & Elizabeth Marical and their Descendants to 3 Generations (The Peer Family in America) (Kindle Edition)

The Peer Family in North America (V 3): Edward Peer & His Two Wives and their Descendants to 3 Generations (Kindle Edition)

The Peer Family in North America (V4): Philip Peer & his two Wives Ester Dunn and Susan Griniaus and their Descendants to 3 Generations (Kindle Edition)