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February 28, 2007

Connecticut Data online

List of Connecticut Data online on various blogs:

Family Bibles

Fowler Merchant Family Photo Album Connecticut, District of Columbia, New York coming soon, for now see Lost Faces

Pratt Morse Family Photo Albums, New York Connecticut coming soon! for now see Lost Faces

Cardiff Harrold Family Photo Album Connecticut, Illinois, Italy, New York, Pennsylvania coming soon! for now see Lost Faces

Civil War Photo Album Connecticut HAWLEY, SHERWOOD. Connecticut 2/9/07

Eggleston Family Bible Connecticut 1/4/06

CARPENTER Family Bible (CARPENTER, GROVER, GRAVES.. Connecticut, New York 5/31/05

MORGAN HUMASON ROOTS Family Bible, Connecticut Connecticut 11/19/04

Paper Trails


Revolutionary War Document 1778 - Private Edward B. Connecticut

Past Voices: Letters Home

Annie Curley, 1864, Connecticut 10/6/04

F. W. Pitkin to Mary Ann Lewis, c/o Lewis Hotchkis... Connecticut 3/27/04

E F Alling to Seth Keney, Connecticut 1848

February 25, 2007

Descendants of Signers of Flushing Remonstrance 1657 New Netherland (New York)

The historical Bowne House in Flushing, Queens New York is looking for descendants of Peter Stuyvesant, his sheriff Resolved Waldron, and signers of the Flushing Remonstrance of 1657.

Dec. 27, 2007 will be the 350th anniversary of this famous signing. The Flushing Remonstrance is recognized as the foundation of freedom of religion in America. Though there were only 30 signers, there are thousands of descendants living today. Though he was not there to sign the document, John Bowne was the first to "test" it when he allowed Quakers to worship in his house. Because of this, he was arrested and imprisoned by Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and sent back to Holland for trial. There he won his case for religious liberty, and returned to New York in 1663, with a ruling for Peter Stuyvesant to extend tolerance to all religious sects.

The 30 signers were: Nicolas BLACKFORD, George CLERE, Elias DOUGHTIE, Edward FARRINGTON, Tobias FEAKE, Antonie FIELD, Robert FIELD, Sr, ROBERT field, Jr. , John FOARD, Edward GRIFFINE, Edward HART, Nathaniel HEFFERD, Benjamin HUBBARD, John MASTINE, Michael MILNER, William NOBLE, Nich Colas PARSELL, William PIDGION, Henry SEMTELL, Richard STOCTON, John STORE, Edward TARNE, William THORNE Sr., William THORNE, Jr. John TOWNSEND, Nathaniel TUE, Micah TUE, Phillip UDALL, George WRIGHT.

Please contact Donna Cartelli, Executive Director BHHS,

For New Netherland history and genealogy data visit the New Netherland Genealogy Resources at Olive Tree Genealogy website

February 20, 2007

Pennsylvania Genealogy Online

Here's a list of Pennsylvania genealogy data online on various blogs. The date is when it was posted so you can look in the archives for that year OR you can use the Blogger Search Engine on each Blog to look for keywords in the title.


Family Bible SENSEMAN, GLEIRN in Pennsylvania 9/22/06
Senseman Family Bible Pennsylvania 8/5/06
NESTER Family Bible, Berks Co. Pennsylvania 7/24/05
Greaves Family Bible, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7/9/05
FLECK, WILDERSON 1856 Franklin Co. PA Pennsylvania 1/20/05
SMITH Bible 1874 Pennsylvania 12/29/04
1848 Bible Pennsylvania MAUGER BAKER Families 12/29/04
1848 Bible Hyndman & Walker Families Pennsylvania 12/29/04
FAMILY BIBLE: Smith - Stringer, Pennsylvania 11/26/04
FAMILY BIBLE: Hoffman 1712 Germany, Pennsylvania 11/24/04
BIBLE: Brontano - Wilson Pennsyvania, New Jersey, Pennsylvania 11/24/04
MILLER & WEAVER Family Bible, Pennsylvania 11/19/04
Family Bible Everson and Talley Family ... Delaware, Pennsylvania 11/9/04
Levengood & Binder Family Bible, Pennsylvania 4/16/04
Family Bible of Lewis, Haynes, Haines, Hendershott... Pennsylvania, Texas 2/20/04
Family Bible of Musbach, Hottel ,Sauter, Trinby... Pennsylvania

Marriage Certificate Werner - Shearer,... Pennsylvania 2/5/07
Pennsylvania RR Certificate Charles Strange 1936 12/28/05
Marriage Certificate - PORONAL & BACHER, WV & PA... Pennsylvania 12/10/05
Baptism Leinbach & Seibert 1846 Lebanon... Pennsylvania 12/9/05
William Schaszberger family York Pennsylvania 12/5/05
Naturalization Certificate Alexander McCalmont... Pennsylvania 11/22/05
1876 Baptism Certificate STINZEL, MASON .. Pennsylvania 9/11/05
Marriage Cert: Poronal-Bacher, 1898 Pennsylvania, Virginia 11/28/04
Steamer Julia - Pittsburgh & Zanesville Packet Ohio, Pennsylvania 11/26/04
Early Pennsylvania Envelope & Document, 1840 11/25/04
Court Document, 1833-1918- Lancaster Co.... Pennsylvania 11/25/04
1868 Document From Philadelphia Custom House Pennsylvania

Funeral Card Amos MARTIN 1839-1907 Pennsylvania 2/6/07
Pennsylvania Funeral Card Bertha MARTIN 1882-1908 2/5/07
Funeral Card Charles Schiffert 1926 Pennsylvania 12/8/05
Funeral Card Charles Schiffert Pennsylvania 1926 11/29/05
Funeral Card HOFF Philadelphia PA 1903 Pennsylvania 11/4/05
Funeral Card Arthur Keller 1919 Pennsylvania 9/9/05
Funeral Card Isaiah Keller 1928 Pennsylvania 9/6/05
Funeral Card Erwin Keller, 1947 Pennsylvania 8/24/05

February 18, 2007

ONTARIO data online

I hope this is helpful, it's a list I made of miscellaneous Ontario related data online on blogs.

Each blog has a list of the Ontario documents found there. The dates at the end are the dates the data/document was posted. So you can go to the blog and search the archives for that date OR go to the blog and use the Blogger Search Engine to hunt for the keywords in the post.


Fleming Hardy Bible of Peel County Ontario... 6/11/06

Robert S. Pearson Family Bible 1881 , Ontario 5/17/06

Family Bible: Andrews Canada, Ontario 9/12/05

Bible: Fleming - Hardy Genealogy Canada, Ontario 7/17/05

GATES & MARSHALL Family Bible Canada, Nova Scotia, Ontario

WW1 Death Records DUGGAN Ontario 8/24/05

Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper,Ontario 8/4/05

New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 -... Ontario

Funeral Card Eliza SNYDER, 1840-1911 Ontario 2/3/07

Funeral Card Mary Kaercher Sararas, 1911 Ontario 1/17/07

COFFIN PLATE Ontario GORDON Ontario 1/15/07

Funeral Card Margaret Thompson 1910 Ontario 8/5/06

Funeral Card Leslie Rohr 1914 Roseville Ontario 1/5/06

OBIT: Hazel Jagoe, 1910-1979 Hamilton Ontario 9/21/04

OBIT: William Finn died 1928 Ontario

John St. George Honner in Minnesota to brother Edward W. Honner in Amherstburg, Ontario, 1863

WW1: Albert Bertram Mudge, Ontario 1915 7/11/04

Civil War: Charles McDowell, a Canadian in NY 9th ... Ontario 5/8/04

February 12, 2007

Massachusetts Miscellaneous Data Online

Well, here's my list of Miscellaneous Massachusetts Documents and Data online on various blogs. Just go to the blog of interest, use the Blogger Search Engine (top left) and type in a keyword to find the document you want. OR .... go to the Archives for the date showing at the end of the title.

More locations to come as I organize them!

Family Bible: Andrews Canada, Massachusetts, Ontario 9/12/05
Family Bible POWELL, ALDRICH Massachusetts 9/1/05
Bible: John COBB, Massachusetts 8/1/05
Family Bible: Robert & Lydia Gray 1700s Massachusetts, New Hampshire 7/30/05
Carr Carlton Family Bible 1870 Massachusetts 7/28/05
PUTNEY-WAITE Family Bible (PUTNEY, WAITE, KALLERMA... Massachusetts 5/28/05
WAITE-PERRY Family Bible (PERRY, WAITE, WHITCOMB) Massachusetts 5/27/05
CHAPIN SCOTT Bible 1825 Massachusetts 12/29/04
FAMILY BIBLE: Brooks - Gray, New York & Massachusetts, 11/30/04
BIBLE: Thompson & Brown 1826 Maine, Massachusetts 11/26/04
1818 Family Bible Ephraim Billings of New Bedford Massachusetts 11/24/04
1797 Family Bible Daniel Whitcombe & Billings Fami... Massachusetts 11/24/04
BAKER Family Bible, Massachusetts 11/19/04
BAKER-NEWMAN Family Bible Maine, Massachusetts 10/19/04
MORSE Family Bible, Massachusetts 8/19/04
KIMBALL & HAZEN Family Bible Maine, Massachusetts
Marriage Certificate Massachusetts DAMON - LYNCH 1... Marriage Certificate 2/6/07
War of 1812 Scarborough Massachusetts - Ezra Carte... 12/6/05
Documents Overseers of the Poor in Massachusetts 11/9/05
1828 sale of shares in Sutton Bank Massachussets 7/12/05
Kingston, Massachusetts, 1802 Document
1887 Funeral Card FLORA GRANT Massachusetts
Civil War Memoir: Christian Rheinlander, 18th Mass... Massachusetts 11/9/05
Civil War 9 Letters: ARTHUR B. WYMAN COMPANY "K", ... Massachusetts 9/18/04
Mary Kempson to Mrs. Seth Alden, Massachusetts, 18... 9/5/04
Diary of Tully Crosby Brewster on board Ship Charl... California, Massachusetts 8/27/04
T R Harrison & Frances Darling to Capt. Ed Richmon... Massachusetts 6/27/04
S. Brooks to Thomas Brooks, Massachusetts, 1812 s 5/27/04
Columbus Warren, Maine to Sophia Clark, Massachuse... Massachusetts Lost Faces Photo Albums with a Massachusetts connection

Civil War Era Fobes Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa 1860s. Includes 2 photos of Civil War Soldiers

Civil War Era Photo Album Haskell & Carpenter Families of New England CDVs & tintypes

Hele & Kingsford Family Devon England to Oxford Co. Ontario [117 photos]

Pennington Family Photo Album with cabinet cards, post 1870

Civil War Era Bliss Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) circa 1860 & 1870s.

Civil War Era Burtch Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) & tintypes, circa 1860 & 1870s.

Civil War Era Chase Batchellor Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) & tintypes, circa 1860 & 1870s.

Civil War Era Webster Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) , circa 1860 & 1870s.

Civil War Era CLARK NOURSE Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa 1860s.

Civil War Era COLE - CHANDLER in Massachusetts Family Photo Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites), circa 1860s.

February 11, 2007

New York Miscellaneous Documents Online

I hope this is helpful, it's a list I made of miscellaneous NY related data online on blogs.

Each blog has a list of the New York documents found there. The dates at the end are the dates the data/document was posted. So you can go to the blog and search the archives for that date OR go to the blog and use the Blogger Search Engine to hunt for the keywords in the post.


Family Bible: WHITE, VAN SCHAACK 11/9/05

Family Bible: Stewart, Blodgett, McNutt in New York...10/13/05

Family Bible: Dorn, Barrows New York 1846 10/4/05

Odden Family Bible, New York New York 8/10/05

HUSK, ODDEN, PETERSEN Bible New York 8/4/05

Cropsey Family Bible, New York City, 1838 7/13/05

Smith Family Family Bible 1816 Salem New York 7/11/05

Haynes E. BAKER Family Bible (BAKER, ADAMS, HAYNES...6/1/05

CARPENTER Family Bible (CARPENTER, GROVER, GRAVES,...Connecticut, New York 5/31/05

SHAW Bible 1831-1951 Minnesota, New York, 12/29/04

HALLADAY Bible 1840s Illinois, New York, 12/29/04

FAMILY BIBLE: Brooks - Gray, New York & Massachusetts, 11/30/04

BIBLE: Deacon Family New York New York 11/24/04

Markham, Boardman & Quackenbush Family Bible 11/20/04

CHRISTMAN Family Bible, New York New York 11/19/04

BOWEN Family Bible New York New York 10/19/04

1845 BERRESFORD Family Bible England, New York, Ohio, Ontario 10/19/04

COLE Family Bible, Ohio & New York 7/19/04

BURCH-HUESTED Family Bible, New York 7/19/04

FAIRCHILD & BROWN Family Bible, New York 6/19/04

CULLEN Family Bible, New York 6/19/04

BOWMAN & HORS Family Bible, Vermont & New York

Marriage Certificate Massachusetts DAMON - LYNCH ...2/6/07

1886 Buffalo New York Druggists to George M. Davis...10/21/06

1890 Buffalo New York Furniture Receipt A. B. Davis...1/7/06

1818 Herkimer Ny Justice of the Peace Document CON...12/12/05

Increase Crosby, Physician Orange Co. New York 12/8/05

1804 Indenture FISH & MARTEN Schaghticoke, Renssel... New York 12/4/05

FISH & ALVORD Cincinnatus, Cortland Co. NY Indentu... New York 12/1/05

New York William COLMAN 1834 Receipt New York 11/30/05

1873 Jacob Hermance Ellenville NY Document 9/28/05

Herkimer & German Flats NY 1795 Documents 9/22/05

1885 Varysburgh New York D. S. Davis to George Davis...9/12/05

1842 Travel Documents Rinkelmann Germany to NY 9/4/05

1891 Warsaw New York Old Paper Document New York 8/13/05

1886 Invoice to G. M. Davis of Perry New York 8/10/05

1845 letter Elizabeth Pease, Abolitionist Quaker ...England, New York 7/30/05

Groveland Station New York Invoice to George M Dav... New York 7/28/05

1797 Union NY Deed of Land to Benjamin Winchel Rev... New York 7/25/05

1897 Albany New York Keeler's Hotel to George Davi... New York 7/24/05

1892 Leroy New York W. S. Brown Carriage Factory 7/23/05

Vienna Bakery Invoice Warsaw NY to A. B. Davis & C...7/21/05

1891 Warsaw New York Letter to Davis New York 7/20/05

1890 Buffalo New York Baked Goods George M. Davis ... New York 7/19/05

1886 Buffalo, New York Invoice Mr. G. Davis, Perry... New York 7/17/05

Marriage Certificate WAUGH - SHERWOOD, Greene NY 7/10/05

New York Legal document 1713 Nicholas Dallie (Dale... New York 7/5/05


Certificate re John Johnson of Albany New York. 17...11/26/04

1802 STATE OF NEW YORK DOCUMENT - Newman, Van Ness... New York 11/26/04

1809, Jesse Hurd,New York shipbuilder documents 11/26/04

1896, Medal of Honor, Wilber Wilder, West Point 11/26/04

New York. Lake Champlain. Canada. Petition, 1790 -... Ontario 11/26/04

Catskill National Bank Signed Check, 1901 11/26/04

The National Bank of Newburgh Signed Check, 1901 11/26/04

The National City Bank of Brooklyn Signed Check,

Funeral Card Calvin DOTY 1898, Columbia New York 9/23/06

Funeral Card Esther DOTY 1905 Columbia New York 9/22/06

Funeral card Thomas Beenfield, 1889 New York 1/8/06

Funeral Card Emory Crocker New York 1847-1892 12/28/05

OBIT: William Altrogge, New York New York

Civil War Memoir: Simeon H. Talbot 23rd 12/8/05

Civil War Memoir: Chauncey J. Weatherwax 151st 10/4/05

Civil War Memoir: Isaac E. Conklin 105th 9/22/05

Civil War Memoir: Lyman Chatfield Harwood 129th 9/9/05

Civil War Memoir: Albert I. Knowles 15th 9/6/05

Civil War Memoir: Peter J. Rabb 23rd Battery Light...8/24/05

Civil War Memoir: J. Byron Lovell 28th ... New York 8/10/05

Civil War Memoir Seth Lovell Company A, 140th 8/4/05

Civil War Memoir: Charles S. Schad 1st 8/1/05

Civil War Memoir: Michael Finnigan 28th 7/30/05

Civil War Memoir: Charles Lureman 28th 7/28/05

Civil War Memoir: Warren Ives 151st 7/26/05

Civil War Memoir: John Reando 13th 7/24/05

Civil war Memoir: Charles V. Mesler Company K, 7/23/05

Civil War Memoir: John Swick 23rd Independent 7/20/05

Civil War Memoir: William H. Crampton, 28th 7/19/05

Civil War Memoir: Lyman A. Dietrick, 140th 7/17/05

Henry Noyce, Maryland to Thomas Noyce, 11/27/04


Civil War: Francis Aubin of NEW YORK ZOUAVES~GARRA... New York 9/4/04

John Little, New York, 1883 New York 5/17/04

Civil War: Charles McDowell, a Canadian in NY 9th ... New York, Ontario 5/8/04

Benjamin Moore, Kingston NY 1817 New York 3/27/04

Letter to Mr. George S. Riley, Rochester, Monroe C...3/4/04

Letter to Arthur G. Hatch, Paris, France, from ... New York

I'll be continuing on with other locations in the USA & Canada so come back every couple of days to see what else I've listed

February 9, 2007

UK Outbound Ships Passenger Lists has just added another decade of records to the UK Outbound Passenger Lists currently available.

Records now include 7.5 million names in 50,553 ships passenger lists from 1890 to 1909. When it is complete, these Ships Passenger List records will cover 1890 to 1960 and are expected to contain more than 30 million individual passengers.

For other ships passenger lists to North America see Olive Tree Genealogy Ships Passenger Lists

February 5, 2007

Civil War Photo Albums - Your Ancestors?

Here's a list of Civil War era photo albums I have put in the Olive Tree Genealogy Marketplace. Each album has a good-size thumbnail of all photos that are available for copies.

Photo Album #1 Civil War Era Hawley Sherwood Families of Connecticut

Surnames: Hawley, Sherwood, Hall, Van Gasbeck, Haywood, Schneider, Beers, Richards, Johnstone.

Photo Album #2 Civil War Era Fobes Family

Surnames: Fobes, Tucker, Curtis, Gilbert, Peabody, Spear, Blake, Mansfield, Bassett, Botton, Williston, Nilliston, Kimbal, Daniels, Sutherland, Schaffner, Keith, Towne, Low, Wilder, Holden, Whitemore

Locations: Massachusetts, New York, Illinois 27 identified CDVs & tintypes circa 1860s including 2 Civil War Soldiers

Photo Album #3 Civil War Era Remley Family

Surnames: Remley, McCrim, Cunningham, Broadwell, Rider, Traylor, Igasham?, Hopkins, Mason, Haines

Locations: Ohio

Photo Album #8 Civil War EraHaskell & Carpenter Families of New England

Surnames: Haskell, Carpenter, Hunt, Wakefield, Thayer, Danson, Garland, Foster, Aldrich, Angell, Whillock/Whibock, Hill, Hunt, Scott, Wilmarth

Locations: Providence Rhode Island, Littleton New Hampshire, Woonsocket Rhode Island, Worcester Massachusetts, Boston Massachusetts, Uxbridge Massachusetts

Photo Album #12 Civil War Era Spencer & Kilman Families of Niagara area Ontario Canada

Surnames: Spencer, Carrow, Kilman, Killman, Watts, Andrews, Bullock, Smith, Garner, Sternburgh, Daniels, McCall, Storey, Olds, Ward, Davis, Hutt, Monroe, Miller, Stewart, Palmerton, Glover

Locations: Toronto, Pelham, Simcoe, St Catharines, Brantford, Canada West, Dunnville, Otterville, Niagara Falls, Drummondville, Hamilton, Thorold

Photo Album #15 Civil War Era Hoover family of Pennsylvania

Surnames: Hoover, Herr, Groff, Souders

Locations: Lancaster Pennsylvania

Photo Album #18 Barnum Raymond Pickard Family of New York

Surnames: Barnum, Raymond, Marcellus, Pickard, Gould, Woodworth, Humphrey, Cox, Babcock, Candee, Caudee

Locations in New York: Syracuse, Red Creek, Lowville, Binghampton, Gouverneur, Carthage, Copenhagen, Pulaski; Sharpsburg Pennsylvania; Rochelle, Illinois

Photo Album #25 Wightman Patee Family

Surnames: Pattee, Newton, Wightman, Bushnell, Fidler, Noyes, Heath, Deane, Newton, Hurlbut, Gross, Bingham, Wheeler, Smith, Ballard

Locations: Vermont, New York

Photo Album #35 Pennington Family

Surnames: Foss, Pennington, Lancaster, Smith, Price, Anderson, Kennedy, Tuck, Parker, Merril, Tracey, Dow, Frye, Pray, Forbis, Forbes, Butterfield

Locations: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada, Maine, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts

February 3, 2007

The Champlain Society - Finding Loyalists

The Champlain Society at has a collection of digital books online.

Look for Loyalist Loyalist families in the books The Town of York [Toronto] 1793-1815 and Kingston before the War of 1812.

FOr more help with Loyalist Research see Loyalist Genealogy

Thanks to Annette Fulford for this tip