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February 24, 2009

Graveyard Rabbits - Sisters killed on board Galway Castle in WW1

The new Graveyard Rabbits Carnival is starting! The topic for the premier edition of this carnival is "exceptional finds." Share with us those rare and unique cemeteries, gravestones, monuments, memorials, inscriptions, etc.

This is a Funeral or Memorial Card for two sisters who were killed on the same day in 1918 on board The Galway Castle

In Loving Memory of
Ivy and Freda
The dearly loved children of Howard and Frances Reeves of Johannesburg, who were lost in the Galway Castle which was torpedoed by a German submarine when returning home from England

On Sept 12, 1918
Aged 9 and 7 years

"An Enemy Hath Done This"


lindalee said...

Thank you for sharing this. I had not heard of a funeral card. Are these people your family or did you purchase the card?

Genealogy Blogger said...

There are many funeral cards (and coffin plates) on Brian's site They are all free to look through for an ancestor.