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December 28, 2005

Irish Records added

Ancestors At Rest has updated their websites with 1911 Census Records for the parish of Avoca in County Wicklow Ireland

Also, more Cemetery records for County Wicklow Ireland

And more cemetery records for County Wexford Ireland

See lots of other Irish data for County Wicklow, County Meath, County Louth Ireland.

December 26, 2005

Steve Morse ONE STEP Search Engines updated!

Steve Morse has just added two new One-Step pages to his website

Both are people-finder tools. One interfaces to the new Public Records database at, and the other interfaces to a similar database at Both of these One-Step pages are in the "Births, Deaths, ..." section of his website, and have link names of "Public Records" and "Birthdates and Related Persons" respectively.

The ancestry Public Records database allows you to search by name and address. The results it displays back include the birthdate, but ancestry does not allow you to search on birthdate. The One-Step form overcomes this and allows you to search on birthdate. In fact, you can search on simply the first name and date of birth -- a very powerful technique if you are looking for married women and you don't know the married name. Such a search is not possible if you use the ancestry site directly.

Middle initial is another parameter that the One-Step form allows you to search on but the ancestry form does not.

The database lets you optionally enter the birthdate as one of the search parameters. But they do not display the birthdates on the results page. Note that's just the opposite of what ancestry does. However if you search the database from the One-Step form, the birthdates will be displayed on the results page.

So you can use either of these two new One-Step page for finding people's birthdays. Of course Steve's original"Birthdays" One-Step page, which uses the database, can also be used to find someone's birthday.

December 10, 2005

Index to Special Passports 1829-1887 USA

Another database of names has been added to website.

Surnames H to Z (excluding L, M, N) have been added to the existing surnames A to G in "Index to Special Passports 1829-1887" This is andIndex to names of those obtaining passports in all states in USA

See the index to all Passport indexes

Just look for the choice "Index to Special Passports 1829-1887"

Other passport indexes online at are:

--Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817

--Index to Special Passports 1887-1894

--Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843

December 9, 2005

Irish Ships Lists online USA & Canada

I've just added 20 new ships sailing from Ireland to USA and Canada between 1847 and 1858. These are part of the JJ Cooke Shipping Line Records of Irish passengers to Quebec, St.John New Brunswick, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and New Orleans Louisiana

To see the passenger names added today just look for the text [NEW Dec. 2005] beside each new ship name

The following ships with their passengers have been added today:

Envoy 1848 Ireland to Quebec
Londonerry 1850 Ireland to Quebec
Vestlinden 1853 Ireland to Quebec
Adolph Werner 1854 Ireland to Quebec
Superior 1855 Ireland to Quebec
Argentinus 1858 Ireland to Quebec

Venice 1847 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Garland 1848 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Envoy 1849 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Envoy 1847 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1847 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1848 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1849 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
British Queen 1849 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Mary Ann 1853 second voyage Ireland to St John, New
Miner 1854 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick

Mary Ann 1852 Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana

The great thing about the JJ Cooke Shipping Records is that they help fill in the missing years for Canadian immigration.

December 8, 2005

English to America 1773-1776 online

The ongoing project for "Emigrants from England 1773-1776" is now complete and online

Surnames A-G were previously online, and now Surnames H-Z have been added. If you think your ancestors came from England to America in this time period, don't miss taking a look.

Start at Surname "A"

December 7, 2005

Irish Emigration Lists 1833-1839 online

New on Olive Tree Genealogy! Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839, Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim are now indexed online.

The purpose of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland was to map the whole country. Each map was to have been accompanied by memoirs for every civil parish, but this was impractical and the idea was abandoned. Data was gathered for nineteen of Ireland's thirty-two counties, with the memoirs of Antrim and Londonderry the only ones with lists of emigrants.

These lists have been extracted and they identify the emigrant's destination and his place of origin in Ireland. The age, town and address, year of emigration, and religious denomination are given for each emigrant. This is an INDEX to these records with source information for obtaining full details

December 6, 2005

Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records at Montreal Quebec Canada

Another immigration database has just been put online. It is "Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal"

From 1823 to 1849, James Allison was a government emigrant agent at Montreal, Quebec Canada. He was responsible for the provisioning and transportation of destitute immigrants from Montreal to locations mostly in Upper Canad (Ontario). There were
several Emigration Agents in Upper and Lower Canada, each was resonsible for assisting poor immigrants in finding employment, shelter, provisions and transportation to their final destination.

This database is an index to names (first and last) with information on where and how to obtain full details if you find an ancestor.

This helps to fill in the challenging early years of Canadian immigration so don't miss having a look if you have a missing ancestor in this time period. Many immigrants arriving in Canada were on their way to USA, as fares were generally cheaper coming into Canada, so this database may help those looking anywhere in N. America

December 5, 2005

1911 Canadian Census Surnames ONLINE

Here are the new uploads of 1911 census Surname Indexes at


INDEX to York County Census

Ontario District 138 York South, Sub District 21, 22, 23, 24 North Toronto


INDEX to Lambton County Census

Lambton County, District 87 Arkona Subdistrict 63
Lambton East District 87 Brooke Twp Sub-district 8,9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


INDEX to Renfrew County Census

Renfrew County, Alice Twp, District 116, Sub-District 3, 4,5
Renfrew County, Raglan Twp., District 117, Sub-District 10


INDEX to Durham County Census

Durham, Cavan, Dist. 64, Sub.dist.8
Durham Co., Clarke Twp, subdistricts#10 - 16. Includes Kendall Village, Newtonville Vilage,Orono Vilage


INDEX to Elgin County Census

Elgin County, Malahide Township, District 65, Subdistrict 11& 12 including Port Bruce Village


INDEX to Grey County Census

Grey County District 73, Keppel Township Subdistrict 6 & 8


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Manitoba

Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg District #24, Subdistrict 7


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for PEI

Prince Edward Island Enumeration District 1 Township 20 and 21 - Found's Mills, Clifton, Campbellton, New London,Grahams Road, Margate, Clinton, Stanley and Norborough


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Quebec

Quebec, District #179 Montreal Sainte-Anne Sub-District #8 -#15

Main INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Ontario

December 3, 2005

New Jersey Naturalization Records 1850-1930

Atlantic County New Jersey Library has an online Immigration & Naturalization Records searchable database. They have a few thousand records indexed and digitized. They are mainly declarations and letters of intent from 1850-1930

From the website:
"Search or browse for immigration records (declarations of intention and correspondence) from 1850-1930. Most records are declarations of intention. The declaration provides background on immigrants and required the immigrant to renounce forever allegiance to the government of their native homeland. The database is indexed by last name.These records were copied from microfilm, and often in the handwriting of the Atlantic County Surrogate or Atlantic County Clerk."

For more naturalization records online see website

December 1, 2005

Ships Passenger Lists at Galveston,Texas 1846 - 1871

Olive Tree Genealogy has just uploaded more surnames for Ships Passenger Lists Arriving at the Port of Galveston,Texas 1846 - 1871

Start at Ships Passenger Lists to Galveston, Texas 1846-1871

This is an ongoing project and will be added to as volunteers finish the lists of names.

November 28, 2005

Declarations of Intent NY online 1850-1856 today added indexes for Surnames C, D, I, J, K, L, N, O, P, Q, R and S to the ongoing set of records for Declarations of Intent, New York, Justice's Court, Albany, New York, Books 9-12 (1850-1856)

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "C"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "D"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "I & J"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "K"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "L"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "N"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "O"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "P"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "Q"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "R"

Declarations of Intent, New York SURNAMES "S"

Index to Child Apprentices from England to America 1617-1778

A new database has just been put online for Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London 1617-1778

This is an index only (full name plus page number) but a link is provided for lookup requests on BWO.

To search the index of names of impoverished and/or orphaned children sent to America as Apprentices, start at Child Apprentices from England 1617-1778

Other orphan and almshouse/poorhouse records are found at

November 26, 2005

Canadian BDM Exchange

The Canadian BDM Exchanage has been updated and moved to another location. To search for Canadian ancestors in Vital Statistics for Births, Marriages, Burials and Deaths, see The NEW Canadian BDM Exchanage

November 9, 2005

LDS Digitized Family History Books online

The LDS Family History Library has announced that it has begun the process of digitizing and making available on the Internet all of the Family History books in their collection. About 5000 books have been digitized and are available, and they have announced that they are adding about 100 titles a week to the on-line collection.

Go to the Family History Archives of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU to search this collection

If you don't find what you want there, you may find Family Histories Online helpful.

October 28, 2005

Canada 1911 Census Indexes updated

New 1911 Ontario Census Surname Indexes uploaded today on

  • Lambton West District 88 Sarnia Subdistrict 32
  • Lambton West District 88 Sarnia Subdistrict 34
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Sub-district 1
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Point Frank - Widder Subdistrict 2
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Subdistrict 3
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Subdistrict 4
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Subdistrict 5
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Subdistrict 6
  • Lambton East District 87 Bosanquet Grand Bend - Completion of Bosanquet Township

Search Lambton County 1911 Census Indexes

  • District 138 York South, sub dist 7 York, Toronto Ward 6
  • District 138 York South, sub dist 8 York, Toronto Ward 7
  • District 138 York South, sub dist 9 York
  • District 138 York South, sub dist 10 York
  • District 137, Sub-district 33 Newmarket, St. Georges Ward
  • York North, District 137, Sub-district 34 Newmarket, St. Andrews Ward

Search York County 1911 Census Indexes

  • Elgin County, Bayham Township, District 65, Subdistrict 3
  • Elgin County, Bayham Township, District 65, Subdistrict 4
  • Elgin County, Bayham Township, District 65, Subdistrict 5 Port Burwell Police Village
  • Elgin County, Bayham Township, District 65, Subdistrict 6

Search Elgin County 1911 Census Surname Indexes

  • District 99 Nipissing, subdistrict 3, St. Charles: Appleby, Hawley, Appleby
    Township & Hawley Township
  • District 99, Nipissing-Lebel, subdistrict 75; Gauthier, McVillie, McGarry
    Township North to Northern Boundary of Larder Lake Mining District

Search Nipissing District 1911 Census Surname Indexes

  • Muskoka District 98, Morrison, Severn Bridge SubDistrict 11
  • Muskoka District 98, Ryde Twp SubDistrict 14
  • Muskoka District 98, Medora Twp, Wood Twp SubDistrict 25

Search Muskoka 1911 Census Surname Indexes

October 13, 2005

1911 Census Surname Indexes Update!

New today on for the 1911 Census Surname Index Project

* Subdistricts 1-6 York including Newtonbrook
* York South, Sub District 20 East Toronto

* Point Edward Sub-district Number: 55
* Point Edward Sub-district Number: 60

* Cavan Twp, Dist. 64, Sub.dists.5 -7 including
South Monaghan Village & Mount Pleasant Village

* Perth Co. North, Ellice Twp, District 110, SubDist.10

* Peel County, Chinguacousy Township - District 109,
Subdistrict 16 - 23 including Huttonville Village, Terra
Cotta Village, Cheltenham Villages, Campbells Cross, &
Snelgrove Village

It's easiest to start at the County Index

There are still some locations that need volunteers. If you have a few minutes to spare, you could help bring the Surname Index online. Since you are only typing up surnames found on the census, it doesn't take long!

Please contact the Volunteer Co-Ordinator for this project - Laura Freeman at if you'd like to contribute to this project.

Feel free to pass this message on to any appropriate lists you think might be interested.

October 4, 2005

1911 Canada Census indexes online

23 new files were added today to the ongoing 1911 Canada Census Surname Index Project:

~ Province of Manitoba - Winnipeg District district #24, Subdistricts 2 - 5
~ Province of Ontario - Grey County Bentinck Township Subdistricts 1-8 including Dornoch Village, Elmwood Village
~ Province of Ontario - Grey County , Keady Village, Sullivan Township District 74, Sub-Districts 27-31 including Williamsford Village, Desboro Village
~ Province of Ontario - Grey County St. Vincent Subdistricts 14 , 17, 18, 21 including Centreville Village
~ Province of Ontario - Cashel Township Hastings County Ontario Subdistrict 2
~ Province of Ontario - Haldimand County, Walpole Township, Selkirk Village District 75, Subdistrict 36

September 29, 2005

1911 Ontario Census Surname Index update

33 more Census Surname locations went online today at


Simcoe East, 119, Midland, Ward 2 & Ward 3, Tay Twp SubDistrict #31
Simcoe East, 119, Midland, Tay Twp SubDistrict #32
Simcoe East, 119, Midland, completion of Midland Town SubDistrict #33
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township SubDistrict #18
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township SubDistrict #19, Fesserton
Simcoe East, 119, Tay SubDistrict, #20, Dollartown, Port McNicol, Dawson
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township SubDistrict #21, Victoria Harbour
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township, SubDistrict #22
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township SubDistrict #23, Victoria Harbour
Simcoe East, 119, Tay Township SubDistrict, #24, Waubaushene
Simcoe East, 119, Penetanguishene Town SubDistrict, #41
Simcoe East, 119, Penetanguishene Town SubDistrict, #42
Simcoe East, 119, Penetanguishene SubDistrict, #43, Completion of Penetanguishene Town
Simcoe East, 119, Matchedash SubDistrict #1
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #2
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #3
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #4
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #5
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #6
Simcoe East, 119, Medonte SubDistrict #7


Ontario County North, SubDistrict #10 Mara
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #11 Mara Township, Atherley Village
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #12 Mara
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #13 Mara
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #14 Mara
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #15 Mara
Ontario County North, SubDistrict #16 Rama
Ontario North, 103, Rama Twp SubDistrict #17
Ontario North, 103, Rama Twp SubDistrict #18
Ontario North, 103, Rama Twp SubDistrict #19
Ontario North, 103, Rama Twp SubDistrict #20
Ontario North, 103, Rama Twp SubDistrict #21


Muskoka, 98, Baxter, Freeman & Gibson SubDistrict #1

September 25, 2005

Past Voices: Letters Home New Letters online

Past Voices: Letters Home added the following letters today:

John DeCamp of Ohio to his brother William De Camp of New Jersey 1825
John DeCamp of Ohio to his brother William De Camp of New Jersey 1826
John DeCamp of Ohio to his brother William De Camp of New Jersey 1827
John DeCamp of Ohio to his brother William De Camp of New Jersey 1828
John DeCamp of Ohio to his brother William De Camp of New Jersey 1829
S. Ross to E. DeCamp 1832
John DeCamp to William DeCamp of New Jersey 1837
Nelson Franklin Smith, LaFayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana to Lucius d Smith New London, Oneida Co, New York 1843
Cousin Rebecca to to Lucius D. Smith New London, Oneida co, New York 1825
George Egger to Ed Egger Scotland Arkansas 1918
Ed Egger to J. H. Egger Scotland Arkansas 1919
Lizzie Burt to J. H. Egger Scotland Arkansas 1901
S. J. Stanely, Lawsonville Texas to J. H. Egger Scotland Arkansas 1896
Belle to J. H. Egger Scotland Arkansas 1892
James Holland Egger, Jr. to Fannie Clara Kendrick 1867
Belle Kendrick Boyd to Fannie Clara Kendrick Egger 1897

September 22, 2005

Boston Passenger Lists online 1848-1891

Announcing a new searchable database at the Massachusetts Archives:

Index to passenger names on ships arriving in Boston January 1848 - July 1891.

More ships passenger lists can be searched at Ships Passenger Lists to USA

September 12, 2005

Ontario & Manitoba 1911 Census INDEXES online has just uploaded 25 more Surname Indexes for the 1911 Census of Canada.

Today's new indexes include indexes for Ontario and Manitoba. Volunteers are also working on PEI (Prince Edward Island) and Quebec

Ontario 1911 Census indexes:

York Co., King Twp, Kettleby Village

York Co. Georgina

Grey Co. St. Vincent

Wellington Co. Guelph Township, Ariss and Marden

Wellington Co. Guelph Township

Dufferin County - Shelburne

Dufferin County - Amaranth

Dufferin County - Garafraxa

Dufferin County - Grand Valley

Dufferin County - Luther

Welland County, Wainfleet township,

Hastings County, Wollaston,

Renfrew County, Raglan Twp.,

Nipissing District, Airy and Sabine

See Ontario 1911 Census Records online

1911 Census Surname Indexes for Manitoba


MacDonald Dist 18, Sub-District 53: Part of Parish St.
Charles and part of lots 47 to 63 in St. Boniface Parish

See Manitoba Census Records Online

September 9, 2005

Lost Faces Photo Albums Online

Olive Tree GenealogyOlive Tree Genealogy has updated LOST FACES. The following Family Photo Albums are now online:

Moser, Ziler, Siler, Dietrich Photo Album of Ontario Surnames include Moser, Ziler, Dietrich, Desjardine, Mahoney. Locations include Dashwood, Exeter, Berlin, Walkerton. The families appear to have lived in Waterloo and Middlesex Counties Ontario.

Civil War Era Photo Album of Mrs. W. D. Hanchette Surnames include Hanchette, Bissell, Sigmund, Warren, Hirradale?, Doolittle, Knapp, Graham, Cottrell, Harding. Locations include Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Civil War Era Photo Album Hoover family of Pennsylvania Surnames include: Hoover, Herr, Groff, Souders.
Locations include Lancaster Pennsylvania

LEE, WILLSON, BADENOCH Family Album of Brant County, Ontario Surnames include Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver, Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake, Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, heron, Kitchen. Locations include Brantford, London, Ingersoll and Little Falls New York

Barnum-Rayond-Pickard Family New York Surnames include Barnum, Raymond, Marcellus, Pickard, Gould, Woodworth, Humphrey, Cox, Babcock, Candee, Caudee. Locations in New York include Syracuse, Red Creek, Lowville, Binghampton, Gouverneur, Carthage, Copenhagen, Pulaski; Sharpsburg Pennsylvania; Rochelle, Illinois

September 6, 2005

1901 UK Census FREE for September!

Just wanted to let everyone know about a free special on for September.

You can search (for free) in the 1901 UK census, so for anyone who has ancestors from England, this is a great opportunity to find them. To view the images you have to pay a fee but the index search details are completely free.

To access your free search, visit and look on the left side bar for the clickable image.

August 25, 2005

1911 Canada Census INDEXES update

Today uploaded several new Surname Indexes for the 1911 Canadian Census

New today:

o Dufferin Co, Orangeville Subdistricts 21,22
o Grey Co, Meaford, St Vincent Township Subdistricts 38,39
o Halton Co, Trafalgar Township Subdistrict 16
o Lincoln Co, Grimsby Subdistrict 52
o Simcoe Co. S, Adjala, Subdistricts 1,2
o Wellington Co., Erin Township, Subdistrict 50
o Wellington Co. Peel Township, Subdistricts 30-33
o Wellington Co Minto Township Subdistricts 28,29

They are best reached from the index to the Ontario Census

August 24, 2005

Missouri Newspapers 1866-1911 Online

Olive Tree GenealogyOlive Tree Genealogy has just uploaded more Missouri Newspaper Transcriptions.

One batch is for Jefferson County Record for the April 1911 issue

Second batch of uploaded files is for Jefferson Democrat issues April, May, Aug, Sept & Oct. 1883

These uploads add to the existing newspaper transcriptions online from 1866-1911. You can view the index of what is available

August 14, 2005

1911 census indexes Bruce, Durham, Grey, Simcoe, Wellington counties

Today uploaded the following surname indexes for the 1911 Canadian census:

-Bruce County, Huron Township
-Durham County, CartwrightTownship
-Grey County, St. Vincent Township
-Simcoe County, TinyTownship
-Wellington County, PuslinchTownship - Aberfoyle Village
-Wellington County, PuslinchTownship - Arkell Village

Thanks to volunteers Adrian Donley, Colleen Andrews,Heather Bertram, Kathryn Morano for their work in indexing these census records.

To see the surnames, start at the index to Ontario Census Records for 1911 and scroll down to the County you want.

Volunteers are needed! Why not pick an area where you are looking for ancestors, and write out the surnames on each census page? It only takes a few minutes and it will help others.

To see what is being worked on, check the Volunteer page

Write to me at and tell me what area you want to index. See full instructions on volunteering for the 1911 Census Surname Indexing Project.

August 10, 2005

Update 1911 census indexing project - new data

Today uploaded the following surname indexes for the 1911 Canadian census:

-Dufferin County, Mulmur Township
-Simcoe County, Nottawasaga Township
-Victoria County, Mariposa Township

Thanks to volunteers Joan Rawn and Noreen Sergovitch for their work in indexing these census records.

To see the surnames and counties indexed so far, start at the index to Ontario Census Records for 1911 and scroll down to the County you want.

Volunteers are needed! Why not pick an area where you are looking for ancestors, and write out the surnames on each census page? It only takes a few minutes and it will help others.

Just check the page at to see what is being worked on, then write to me at (replace the "AT" with @) and tell me what area you want to index.

August 5, 2005

Polish Genealogy Society of America (PGSA) Genealogy Saturday, Aug 20

PGSA Saturday August 20

Saturday, August 20, 2005 is Genealogy Saturday at the library of the Polish Museum of America, Chicago. The Polish Genealogy Society of America (PGSA) will have
experienced genealogists available at the library from 10 am to 1 pm for consultation. This is open to everyone.

The library and museum are in the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America at 984 Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago, just west of the Kennedy Expressway. There is plenty of free parking. More information and directions at PGSA

There will be no PGSA Genealogy Saturday in September because of the PGSA annual conference in Schaumburg. If you have questions, please send them to

August 4, 2005

Steve Morse One Step Search Engines for new site

Good news from Steve Morse! He has set up a One Step Search Tool for the new website

It's in the Castle Garden section of his website under the link "Castle Garden Passengers". There are two tools with that heading -- one that goes to the paid site and the other that goes to this new site which is free.

Some of things you can do from the one-step site that you can't do from directly are:

- You can specify all your parameters at one time.
- You can search on year of birth.
- You can search on the passengers age.
- You can specify how you want your results sorted.
- You can display more than 10 hits per page.

Steve also tells me that the site lacks the ability to do either a starts-with search or a sounds-like search. So there is no way you can search for all the variants of your family name. But they have assigned PIDs (passenger IDs) to all of the records in alphabetical order. So Steve wrote another utility (a Castle Garden Browser) that lets you scroll through the records sequentially to see if names adjacent to the one you found matches your family. That browser is in the Castle Garden section of Steve Morse Website.

August 2, 2005

Simcoe Co. Orillia Twp 1911 census index ONLINE

Thanks to the hard work of Heather Bertram, has another 95 pages of the 1911 census indexed and online.

Heather completed an every Surname index for Orillia Township, Simcoe County, Subdistricts 8 to 17. This includes Washago Village, Severn Bridge Village, "Ontario Asylum for Feeble Minded" (Staff & Inmates), Uhthoff Village, and CPR Work Crews

You can start your search at SubDistrict 8

If you prefer you can begin at the Index to Online 1911 Census Records for Ontario

Scroll down to Simcoe County for links to completed indexes.

Once you find a surname of interest, use the link to the online images at Library & Archives Canada to bring up the page(s) for the District and Subdistrict you want.

July 30, 2005

Updates of new FREE genealogy records

I have a neat little spot on Olive Tree Genealogy that provides daily updates of new genealogy data put online. I just figured out how to do this automatically a few weeks ago and am so excited about it I want to share it with everyone. The records are FREE and they are updated every day. I think you'll find it helpful in your search for miscellaneous records like family bibles, old letters, funeral cards, and much much more.

You can see the list, and click to view the full document, on any of my Genealogy Section pages such as Ships Passenger Lists

Scroll down a bit to "What's New in FREE Genealogy Records" The left side of the yellow box has free trials on Ancestry and The right side has the free Olive Tree Genealogy and partner sites documents.

Bookmark the page and you can come back and check every few days to see what new records I've added to the collection.

July 28, 2005

Castle Garden Website Launching Aug 1, 2005!

The Battery Conservancy is preparing to launch on August 1, 2005 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the immigrant depot at Castle Garden on August 1, 1855.

The electronic database project is led by Dr. Ira Glazier, former Director of The Center for Migration Research at The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies and Immigration. will be a vital resource for the general public and for scholars interested in the history of immigration through the Port of New York.

Also see Castle Garden Ships Passenger Lists 1855-1890 online. Names of passengers on Ships to New York for other years can be viewed at Olive Tree Genealogy Ships Passenger Lists to New York.

July 26, 2005

1800s Photos: Barnum, Raymond, Pickard Families New York

Don't miss Lost Faces photo albums online! They are from the 1800s and today I'm spotlighting the Barnum-Raymond-Pickard Family New York [35 photos & documents]

Surnames include Barnum, Raymond, Marcellus, Pickard, Gould, Woodworth, Humphrey, Cox, Babcock, Candee, Caudee

Locations in New York include Syracuse, Red Creek, Lowville, Binghampton, Gouverneur, Carthage, Copenhagen, Pulaski; Sharpsburg Pennsylvania; Rochelle, Illinois

This album needs to go to a good home and be with descendants of the families.

July 25, 2005

Photo Album: Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver,Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake, Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, Heron, Kitchen

I have a little corner of my website called Lost Faces. LOST FACES is my collection of Family Photo Albums. One of my little hobbies is going to flea markets and garage sales. Whenever I spot one of those old Photo Albums from the 1800s with family pictures, I have to buy it!

I recently found this Civil War era brass bound photo album in an antique store in Shakespeare Ontario. It is in beautiful condition and every photo except one is labelled! It is Canadian, and the families lived in Ontario. Some had roots in Germany, some in New Jersey

Almost every photo has names in spidery handrwriting. Surnames include Lee, Willson, Badenoch, Pepper, Shaver,Muma, Edwards, Blundy, Weaver, Clark, Lever, Green, Drake, Mannen, Bell, Jacobs, Heron, Kitchen. Locations include Brantford, London, Ingersoll, Little Falls New York

Most seem to be circa 1860s, 1870s, a few very early possibly late 1850s.

I did manage to find information on the folks in this album (burial records, census records, etc), and it is listed on my webpage along with the list of photos and

click on the album called LEE, WILLSON, BADENOCH Family Album of Brant County, Ontario

July 24, 2005

1911 census index for Waverley, Hillsdale and Craighurst, Medonte Township, Simcoe County

Good news!

An every surname index has been created for the Medonte Township portion of the villages of Waverley, Hillsdale and Craighurst in Simcoe County for the new 1911 census.

July 23, 2005

St Marys Perth Co. Ontario 1911 census index online

Good news! A partial index of St Mary's census for 1911 is now online at

A word of explanation -- St Marys Perth County 1911 census consists of 4 subdistricts:

Subdistrict 34 - 18 pages
Subdistrict 35 - 18 pages
Subdistrict 36 - 16 pages
Subdistrict 37 - 18 pages

Subdistrict 34 has a head of house index for pages 1-12. 13-18 are not yet complete

Subdistrict 35 is not transcribed yet

Subdistricts 36 and 37 are completed and have an every surname index.

Head of Household Index for St Marys, Perth Co. Ontario 1911 Census for Subdistrict 34, pages 1-12

Every Surname Index for St Marys, Perth Co. Ontario 1911 Census for Subdistrict 36 & 37 all pages

Good luck, hope you find an ancestor or two!

Feel free to forward this email to interested mailing lists .

July 22, 2005

1911 Canadian Census Images online

The 1911 census (images only) is now online at Library & Archives Canada.

This database of 1911 census data allows researchers to search by geographic location only. As this is not a nominally indexed database, it is not searchable by family name.

More Census records for USA, Canada and England are available at

July 21, 2005

Montville New Jersey Church Records online

The Montville Reformed Church started in old Boonton about 1756. About 1818, the church moved to Montville/Persepeny to be more centrally located, and it incorporated Dec. 18, 1818 as the First Reformed Dutch Church of Montville. Thanks to Kevin Riley for generously transcribing and donating the Reformed Dutch Church of Montville Marriage Records from 1826 to 1873.

Reformed Dutch Church of Montville Marriage Records 1826 to 1873 are now available online at The Olive Tree Genealogy Reformed Dutch Church of Montville pages

Don't miss Olive Tree Genealogy's other Montville Twp. Morris County New Jersey records:

Baptisms Montville Dutch Reformed Church 1786-1828

Burials at Montville Reformed Church Cemetery

July 19, 2005

Upper Canada Land Books Help you find Ontario ancestors

Land Books go hand in hand with Upper Canada Land Petitions (UCLP). In effect, the results of the petition were recorded in the Land Books. Thus, if you have the petition(s), from UCLP, then there will be next to nothing in the Land Books for that petition. Sometimes there is, but that is rare.

You don't usually find a Land Book reference except in the index to Petitons (UCLP index)

The only time I've found the land books to be quite worthwhile is when a petition has not survived. Then you can at least find out if your ancestor was awarded land by referring to the Land Books.

Read more about land in Upper Canada (Ontario) and granting or selling of it

July 18, 2005

1901 Census on CBC Radio

Greetings All

This morning I attended the CBC Radio studio to record an
interview about Census with Kelly Ryan (standing in for
Shelagh Rogers) on the Sounds like Canada radio program.

For those interested in hearing it, my conversation with
Kelly will air Monday, July 18 at 11:30 a.m. local time (in
each locality) across Canada, on CBC Radio One (in Vancouver
690 a.m.).

It streams live on (Go to Radio; click on Listen
to radio; select a location... so for example, if you wanted
to listen the the Maritime feed, you could select Halifax at
7:30 a.m. Vancouver time; or Toronto at 8:30 a.m. vancouver
time... or listen live online or on radio at 11:30 a.m. in
Vancouver... Hope that's not too confusing.)

Enjoy the Census!

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair Canada Census Committee
Port Coquitlam, BC
en francais

Permission to forward without notice is granted

July 17, 2005

Mennonite Genealogy in Berne Indiana

David Habegger of Newton, Kansas, a genealogist and historian who with Karen Adams co-authored "The Swiss of Adams and Wells Counties," will be speaking in the Heritage Room of the Berne Public Library at 1:30 P.M. on August 8.

He will tell about his current research on the Kleintal Gemeinde (congregation) that consisted of Anabaptist/Mennonite residents who mostly lived on the Munsterberg/Montagne de Moutier, the Greitery, the Chaluet Valley, and the community around Moron. Most of the Mennonites who came to Berne, Indiana in the 1800s were members of this congregation. In 1832 there were 143 Anabaptist families living in the area, all of whom were from the Emmental of Canton Bern.

Habegger will tell of the beginning of this congregation, name some of the prominent families who were members of this congregation, and the ministers who served. The sources for his research will be mentioned for any who wish to do research.

It is the hope of Habegger to have the results of his research published so that descendants will be more aware of their history.

While pre-registration will not be necessary, the Heritage Room would appreciate an approximate count of those intending to come to this meeting. Contact the Heritage Room at 589-2575, or

.. more about Mennonite families and their genealogy

July 10, 2005 & Steve Morse's One-Step Search Engines

Message from Steve Morse of One-Step Search Engines: is offline for good. Their server used to crash at times, but you could always get to their search form although you couldn't do a search. Now you can't even get to their search form -- you get a page-not-found error instead. And when you go to their partner site,, you get a message saying that their domain registration has expired.

That means that my one-step form which obtains its data from no longer works. But the good news is that I've found another source for the birthday data and created a one-step form for it. You can find that one-step form in the Births and Deaths section of my homepage.

There are two links for birthday forms there -- one to the now-defunct and the other that uses this new source.

The bad news is that this new source requires the full first and last name. Partial names are not permitted and the first name is no longer optional. So it's no longer
possible to find potential relatives by searching for everyone having your surname.

July 6, 2005

Canadian Passenger Lists Index 1908-1910 online

The Nanaimo Family History Society has been indexing passengers lists to Canada and have included the indexes on their web site. The index now covers Quebec Ports for the periods 2 Jul 1908 to 2 Oct 1908, 25 Jul 1909 to 26 Apr 1910 and 17 Sep 1910 to 13 Oct 1910.

Search the Index to Ships Passenger Lists. The indexes are in Portable Document Format (pdf) and require Acrobat Reader to view them.

Search other years for Ships Passenger Lists to Canada.

July 5, 2005

Finding Naturalization & Citizenship Records USA

Naturalization is the granting of citizenship to non-American born residents. Immigrants may or may not have applied for citizenship. How do you find these records?

Before 1906 these records rarely provide an origin or parents' names. After 1906 the records are more detailed.

Sometimes applications were not completed, but the papers might have been filed. You can also look in census records, court records, passports, voting registers, homestead records and military records for proof of citizenship.

Most of the colonial oaths of allegiance have been published in Filby's Passenger & Immigration Lists Index. See more resources for immigration & Ships Passenger Lists

Searchable Naturalization Records are now on website
© Lorine McGinnis Schulze

July 3, 2005

Ontario Land Records - Using the CLRI

The CLRI (Ontario Land Records Index) cateogorizes entries as:
Name of Locatee
Lot/ Conc/Date I.D.
Issue Date
Transaction Type
Type FG (Free Grant)
Type of Lease/Sale
Archival Reference (RG, Series,Volume, Page #)

This is very helpful as the Date ID can lead you to other sources - for eg. a Date ID of 8 means that an OC (Order in Council) was given and this means a petition or petitions are on file for the individual. These petitions are often a wealth of information!

The Archival Reference leads you to the original entry from which the CLRI was made - sometimes this has a great deal more information, often it does not.

Type of FG (Free Grant) can be helpful - was it M (Military), or UE (Loyalist) or SE (Scotch Emigrant) or ..... There are many types of Free Grants, each has its own avenue of research.

Read more about land and about the CLRI

To give an example, let's look at Reuben Bisbee in London.

Here is the actual CLRI entry (under the categories I listed above):

Reuben Bisbee; London; London; N 1/2 1; 14/ 8; 1848/02/09;FG; FF; 01 C13 0350 92

I'll translate :-)

Reuben Bisbee of London, received a Free Grant (paying Full fees) for north half of Lot 1, Conc. 14 in London Twp on 1848/02/09. An OC was issued (this means there's a petition on file in the Upper Canada Land Petitions) Archival Ref is 01 C13 volume 350 p. 92

I have conversion tables online to convert the Archival Reference to a Microfilm Reel. To see the petitions you will have to get the UCLP indexes (Upper Canada Land Petition indexes) first then convert to the microfilm reel for the details and the petition itself.

Full fees means Reuben qualified for a free grant of land under some condition (probably listed on his petition envelope) but had to pay administration fees.

Armed with the lot and conc # you can now check the Abstract Indexes to Deeds for that piece of property and find out who owned the land AFTER Reuben! The CLRI only
shows the first land owner who got the land from the Crown - - so any succeeding landowners are not given.

You can also check Township Papers. Please see Olive Tree Genealogy Ontario Land Records for details!
© Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Permission granted to redistribute this article without change, with identifying copyright and URLs intact. Any redistibrution must include this permission notice with the article

July 2, 2005

Ancestors At Rest new death records

Ancestors At Rest new death record uploads include the following:

Waverley Cenotaph names of WW1 soldiers from Medonte, Tay, Tiny, and Flos Townships in Simcoe County Ontario.

Temple Church Cemetery Burials Database in London England. This is an ongoing project and this upload completes the years 1628- 1723.

Saugeen Cemetery Bruce County Ontario Photos of gravestones, partial transcript. Many native graves are found in this cemetery

July 1, 2005

1911 Canadian Census should be online by early August

Bill S-18 has now received Royal Assent. Under this amended legislation, personal census records for censuses taken between 1911 and 2001 will be made available through Library and Archives Canada 92 years after each census took place.

Library and Archives Canada has received the official transfer of the 1911 census records from Statistics Canada. The 1911 Canadian Census should be online and searchable by genealogists in by early August.

Other census years are available at

June 28, 2005

Bill S-18 providing access to the 1911 Census passed the House of Commons today

Bill S-18 providing access to the 1911 Census passed the House of Commons today

At 8:00 AM PDT Tuesday June 28th MP Dominic LeBlanc, Deputy Government Whip, rose and stated words to the effect that "If the Speaker would seek it, I believe he would have the unanimous consent of the House to deem Bill S-18 -- An Act to amend the Statistics Act, to have passed Third Reading". That consent was given.

Bill S-18 has now passed all necessary stages in both the Senate and the House of Commons and all that remains to be done to make it law is for it to receive Royal Assent. It is expected that assent will be received shortly.

It is believed that the Library and Archives of Canada has already scanned images
of the 1911 National Census of Canada and they should be available online almost immediately.

Excerpt of email from Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair Canada Census Committee

June 26, 2005

June 23, 2005

FEEFHS Conference Minnesota August 2005

The 11 Annual FEEFHS Conference is in Saint Paul, Minnesota August 19-21. There are about 90 sessions to choose from over three days.

Details are available at The Federation of East European Family History Societies

June 20, 2005

English Census Records Research

English Census information has been added to If you are looking for English ancestors, you'll want to check out this site.

Ships Passenger Lists online for 1821

Olive Tree Genealogy Free Genealogy Databases
Olive Tree Genealogy today uploaded 20 more free ships passenger lists for ships arriving in New Orleans Louisiana, New York, Philadephia Pennsylvania and Charleston South Carolina 1821 to 1859.

New York Ship arrivals with passenger names July 30 - Dec 31 1821

List of Passengers on Ship Amity to New York

List of Passengers on Ship Stephanian to New York

List of Passengers on Ship Juffraw Johanna to New York

List of Passengers on Ship Ambuscade to New York

List of Passengers on Brig Spring to New York

List of Passengers on Brig Superb to New York

List of Passengers on Brig Mentor to New York

List of Passengers on Brig Catharine to New York

List of Passengers on Brig Kate to New York

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ship arrivals with passenger names July 30 - Dec 31 1821

List of Passengers on Brig Rising Sun to Pennsylvania

List of Passengers on Brig Jane to Pennsylvania

List of Passengers on Brig Hibernia to Pennsylvania

List of Passengers on Brig Betsey to Pennsylvania

Charleston South Carolina Ship arrivals with passenger names

List of Passengers on Brig Catharine to Charleston South Carolina 1821 - 1830

List of Passengers on Brig Phoebe to Charleston South Carolina 1853 - 1859

New Orleans Louisiana Ship arrivals with passenger names July 30 - Dec 31 1821

List of Passengers on Brig Baltic to New Orleans

List of Passengers on Brig Neptune to New Orleans

List of Passengers on Brig Leopard to New Orleans

List of Passengers on Brig Bel dame to New Orleans

Louisiana New Orleans Ship arrivals with passenger names 1831-1836

List of Passengers on Brig Parker & Sons to New Orleans

June 19, 2005

Ancestors At Rest - FREE Death Records has been busy. Check out this site for death records of all kinds - coffin plates, funeral cards, funeral
home records, cemeteries, obits, and more.

PS ~ Family Tree Magazine chose AncestorsAtRest as one of 101 Best Undiscovered Web Sites of 2005.

June 15, 2005

1920 census FREE from June 15-17!

Here's a scoop! From June 15-17 Ancestry is allowing FREE ACCESS to the 1920 USA census! That's right, it's free, no credit card required, and you heard it here first.

I've set up a special page for the free census

This isn't a free trial, it's totally free access (no credit card asked for) so enjoy!

June 13, 2005

San Francisco 1867 Great Register Online! has a new TAG production, the San Francisco 1867 Great Register.

The Register is a voter registration index that contains information on approximately 16,365 individual males,including naturalization details for many of them.

Naturalization details include date, place and court of naturalization

For more naturalization records online see

June 12, 2005

The ABCs of Immigration Research

Monday, June 20, 7 p.m.
Jewish Genealogy Society
Albert Einstein Residence Center,
1935 Wright Street,

There's the Ellis Island Web site but a whole lot more. Learn about recently computerized passenger records of other U.S. ports, including Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco, plus online passenger lists of those leaving Europe via the port of Hamburg. In addition to Internet resources, Lester Smith will discuss valuable immigration records that are not yet online or indexed.

The June 20th program can help you begin your personal research or discover more about those on your family tree. All are welcome. For more information about the Jewish Genealogy Society of Sacramento, visit their Web site, e-mail the JGSS at or leave a message at 916-486-0906 ext. 361.

June 11, 2005

Castle Garden - Searching for New York passenger arrivals

Castle Garden existed as a processing station for immigrants between 1855 and 1890. There is no separate set of records for Castle Garden, as there is for Ellis Island.

Passenger lists for the Castle Garden time period are available on microfilm so if you know a date of arrival or a ship name you can order the microfilm or have NARA do a lookup for you.

Check the complete list of film numbers (NARA or FHC) for ships going to New York after 1820. Find your date (year, month, day if known) and write down the NARA
or Family History Centre film number you need

NARA & FLH Films for New York Passenger Lists

For more help with this time period see Castle Garden:Ships Passenger Lists to New York 1 Aug.1855 - 18 Apr. 1890

June 10, 2005

Finding passengers on ships lists to Baltimore Maryland

There are 2 separate indexes for Baltimore for the years 1833-1866. One lists passengers on federal lists, the second lists passengers on city lists. You can't just check one - if you check one and don't find your ancestor, you have to
check the other one.

For a list of Film Numbers for Ships to Maryland, after 1820, see

For online Ships to Maryland see

If you want to search multiple websites at once for passenger lists, there is a custom search engine for Ships going to Maryland at

Filling in the 1847 - 1892 gap for passenger lists to New York

Check my free online project to fill in the 1847-1892 index gap for passenger arrival records in New York.

This project consists of 3 sets of records:

1. NY Times extracts for ship arrivals and passenger names

2. Images (and some accompanying transcripts) of actual passenger lists in this time period

3. NY Almshouse records for 1855-1858 (contains year of arrival and ship name)

The complete index of NY Times years and shipping news extracts is at

Images of ships passenger lists for these Unindexed NY years are online at

The Almshouse Records start at

Also check online ships and links to ships in this time period starting at

Steve Morse NEW IMPROVED Search of

GOOD NEWS!!! -- You can now search on without having to put in three characters for the name. Up until now, if you entered a partial first name or a partial last name, you had to enter at least three characters plus a wildcard character.

Steve Morse has written some new code that gets around this limitation by searching on all combinations of the letters that you left out.

For example, suppose you want to search for all people with first initial J and last name Smith. Steve's software will automatically search for all Smiths with first names starting with Jaa, then Jab, then Jac, etc. up to Jzz.

It might take as much as 5 minutes to get all the results, but it's automatic -- you submit one search and Steve does 676 searches for you. If you search for all Smiths with first name starting with Ja, Steve can do that faster (less than ten seconds) because he only has to do 26 searches in that case.

To use this feature, go to Steve's website at http://stevemorse.organd select any of his search forms that search on (e.g., any of his passenger search forms other than Ellis Island, and his census search-by-name form for any census year).

Then enter less than three characters for either the first or last name, and Steve's new software will kick in, doing repeated searches on your behalf.

Have fun!

June 9, 2005

Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger & William J. Hinke - What It's All About

Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke, published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA gives all available lists for each ship - the Captain's list, the list of signers of the Oaths of Allegiance and a third list which is supposedly a duplicate of the signers of the Oath but really isn't. It is signatures of those who signed a different oath.

To quote from the Strassburger book

"The order relating to the duty of the captains had three points. First, they were to make a list of all the people they imported. .... Not even the first point, that they should hand in lists of the names of the people they imported, was interpreted alike by all the captains. Most of them thought that to give the names of the male adults was all that was required. Only twenty-five captains have given complete lists of all the men, women and children.

Three captains have given the names of the men and women, but omitted the children, while sixty-four captains atoned somewhat for their remissness in carrying out the orders by giving the ages of the passengers, an item that they had not been asked to give, but which we are glad to insert, wherever they are found. Sometimes the captains give the total number of freights, children being counted as "half freights."

In two instances (Nos. 1-2) the totals in each family are given. Looking at the captains'lists as a whole, we must say, that they are of all sorts and descriptions. Each one made his list to suit himself, without any reference to the orders of the Council."

June 8, 2005

Family Tree Magazine Best 101 Undiscovered Websites of 2005

I'm very excited to announce that Family Tree Magazine chose my website USA and Canada Naturalization & Citizenship Records at as one of 101 Best Undiscovered Web Sites of 2005.

Go to and to see the sites chosen this year. is in the category DOCUMENT DISCOVERIES

If you haven't explored before,you might want to head for the Site Map at after you read the introduction.

June 6, 2005

Marriage Bonds Ontario & Quebec 1779-1865 online

It is difficult to trace a marriage that took place in a Protestant church in Quebec(Lower Canada) and Ontario (Upper Canada) before 1867.

Marriage bonds were prepared for Protestant marriages by licence. After obtaining the bond, a licence was issued and the marriage took place a few days later.

Library and Archives Canada holds:

2960 marriage bonds for Lower Canada (Quebec) issued between 1779 and 1858

7899 marriage bonds for Upper Canada (Ontario) issued between 1803 and 1865

A typical search reveals:

~ Name of the future husband
~ Name of the future wife
~ Their place of residence
~ Names of the sureties (people who knew the groom and would guarantee that no legal reasons existed why the couple could not marry)
~ Date and place where the bond was issued

These bonds are now searchable online at Library & Archives Canada at

Terrace Lawn Cemetery Improvement Project - North Bay Ontario Canada

From Murray Pletsch, Chairman
Friends Of Terrace Lawn Cemetery Committee
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Dear Fellow Researchers:

1. Terrace Lawn Cemetery is a large 91 years old cemetery near the centre of North Bay, Ontario.

2. The cemetery is slowly but surely deteriorating, mainly because the plots have been all sold and the maintenance of the cemetery is relying mainly on the interest from the Perpetual Care Trust Fund. Most of you likely know with the reduced interest rates over the past 10 years or so....the interest on these funds is also reduced and one does not need to be a banker to paint a clearer picture.

3. All the grave markers in the cemetery have been photographed and are accessable at the Link below.

4. This message is general in nature, but more specifically addressed to descendants of ancestors buried in Terrace Lawn Cemetery in North Bay and who are dispersed all over the world. Should you know a friend or family member who are
descendants, please pass the message to them.

5. The message? Please check for details about the project and how your help can really make a difference.

June 5, 2005

New Jersey Naturalization Records

There are new free records online for New Jersey Supreme Court & Burlington County Court, Clerks Office for Naturalization records 1818-1898 (P Surnames)

These are found at website

June 2, 2005

New York Naturalization Records

I have just finished uploading several more files of surnames in the free online New York Naturalizations records at
These new records consist of the following additions to the previously uploaded files:

New York Naturalization Petitions Indexes to Books 10-12, 1844-1851. The new additions today are for surnames D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, & M. The total number of names of individuals in the new uploads is 1,015.

The start of this project is at
New York Naturalization Petitions

The new database is Naturalization Petitions Indexes. New York. Books 3-9, 1834-1844. The surnames completed today and uploaded are M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V Total number of names uploaded today for these years is 1,556

The start of 1834-1844 project is at
Naturalization Petitions for New York 1834-1844

That brings the total number of new names online today to 2,571 (hopefully one is an ancestor!)

The rest will follow as my volunteers finish transcribing and indexing these records. A huge thank you goes to Clinton, Laura, Peggy and Sandy for their hard work on these records.

As always, these naturalization records are FREE for all to use. Just let each page load completely and then scroll down to read the names or choose other pages.

May 24, 2005

Rootsweb Plus! Steve Morse's New SSDI Search Tool

If any of you have done extensive lookups in the social security death index (SSDI), you'll know that there are several SSDI websites and each one has a different set of
limitations. Several years ago Steve Morse made it easy for us by developing a single search form that could search any SSDI site that you specify. That way you could go back and forth between the different sites without having to reenter
you data on a new form.

Steve has now come up with a single search method that combines all the desirable features of the various sites. He did so by using the rootsweb site as his starting point and then wrote code to get rid of the following limitations in rootsweb:

Rootsweb requires at least three characters for partial names
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on a range of years
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on age
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on a foreign last residence
Rootsweb does not allow you to specify day of month for death

Steve calls his search method "RootsWeb Plus" and it is now the default choice on his SSDI search form. If you'd like to try it, go to Steve's site at and
select "Social Security Death Records" in his "Births and Deaths" section.

May 6, 2005

Ships to Lousiana Online

14 new ships sailing to the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana, have been added to Olive Tree Genealogy's free set of ships passenger lists.

You can view the list of passengers for each ship by starting at the index to Ships Arriving in New Orleans 1820 and later, at

Let the page load. Then scroll down to the list of ships,and click on the links provided for each.

The ships are:

  • Ship June Anni Bordeaux France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Ship Missouri Bordeaux France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Commerce London England to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Monitor Port of Port au Prince Haiti to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Cadmus Port au Prince Haiti to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Brisk Campeche Mexico to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Thorn Campeche Mexico to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Atheman Port of Pensacola FLorida to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Mary & Sally Port of Pensacola FLorida to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Alexander Dublin Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Mary Ann Port of Havana Cuba to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Gustave Port of Martinez, California to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Galliote Fortuna Bremen Germany to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Brutus Port of Havana, Cuba, to New Orleans Louisiana 1820

I have also re-indexed the Custom Search Engine on so it now has 33 more ships added, and will search over 500 ships to Louisiana currently online on various websites.

This Search Engine is labelled "Search FREE Ships Passenger Lists to Louisiana" and it searches multiple websites for ships passengers arriving in Louisiana.

Have fun, and I hope you find an ancestor or two!

Feel free to pass this message on to anyone or any lists you think would be interested.


May 3, 2005

Philadelphia Passenger Records 1883-1945

I hope everyone knows about Steve Morse's new one-step search engine for Philadelphia Passenger Records (1883-1945). Steve's One-Step Search Engines are quickly becoming the most popular genealogy search engines online.

To view all Steve's One-Steps, see

May 1, 2005

New for TheShipsList Website

*new* for TheShipsList website

posted by Sue Swiggum

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed
on their own page(s) Find them on the front page in between
the big arrows --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links
named " previous month " and " next month " so you are able
to navigate back and forth between the monthly *new &
updated* pages, as I only keep three months of *new* page
links on the Home page. New for April 30 2005 find . . .

o Passengers:
o ship Gipsy, from Southampton to Port Adelaide 15th
August 1853 o ship Magdalena, from Southampton to
Port Adelaide 25th August 1853 o ship Standard, from
Plymouth to Port Adelaide 13th October 1853

Three more lists 1853 passenger lists of assisted immigrants
to South Australia. We only have three left to complete the
year . . Neptune, Olivia and Epaminondas. Each of these
next three 1853 ships carried some of the Highlands &
Islands Emigration Society emigrants from the ill-fated
Hercules voyage. We
have already seen Calabar carry 10. The Neptune will have
63 more, the Olivia 25 and the Epaminondas 12. The David
Malcolm in 1854 will be the last to carry Hercules,
Highlands Society passengers to Adelaide. Others embarked
upon ships to Melbourne, with one ship to Geelong. One
ship, the Caroline, even carried 10 to Moreton Bay. Once
1853 is complete, I will begin 1849 . . with 27 passenger

Immigrants to South Australia, (UK, assisted passage)
1847-1886 index page

Please share this *new* for TheShipsList website email, with
any other list to which you belong if you think it might be
of interest or value to those list members (in other words,

TheShipsList Website

Canada Census Campaign: Post 1901 Census - Help needed for Fax blitz

From: "Gordon A. Watts"

Greetings All.

A couple of years ago we conducted a short, concentrated
effort by fax machine to bring the Post 1901 Census issue to
the attention of then Industry Minister Alan Rock. It did
not then give us the immediate public access we sought to
Historic Census records, but it did get his attention.

We hope that in the next few days we can duplicate the
success of that effort, but this time by faxing the Prime
Minister, Minister of Industry, Minister of Canadian
Heritage, and all House and Party leaders. If you have a
fax machine at your disposal you can help to encourage the
rapid passage of Bill S-18 in the House of Commons.

Your message should be short and to the point, entailing no
more than a single page. It must be sent separately to the
individuals listed above, and your own Member of Parliament.
For those who would entail long distance charges, rates are
normally lower in the evenings, and possibly even lower
after midnight.

I copy below the message that I myself will be faxing. I
have printed it off in larger than normal font size, in this
case 16 point, to make it stand out. Feel free to use the
wording here for your message. Make sure to date it, and
include your full name, mailing address, and telephone
number as I have done here. Otherwise your fax will likely
be ignored.

30 April 2005


Prime Minister Paul Martin
Industry Minister David Emerson
Minister of Canadian Heritage Liza Frulla
All House and Party leaders
All Members of Parliament


We urge all House and Party leaders, and all Members of
Parliament, to please join together to expedite passage of
Bill S-18, An Act to amend the Statistics Act, by foregoing
Committee and Report stages. We seek your cooperation to
immediately pass Second and Third Readings of this Bill in a
single day. We are concerned that this Bill must be passed
and given Royal Assent prior to the possibility of an
election being forced upon us.

An estimated 7.5 million genealogists and historians
(voters) in Canada wish to spend their summer, and beyond,
researching the long overdue records of the 1911 Census of
Canada, rather than having to continue the fight to see them

Thank you.

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair, Canada Census Committee
1455 Delia Drive
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2V9

Tel: 604-942-6889
Cel: 604-312-7447
Fax: 604-942-6843


Fax numbers for the Prime Minister, Industry Minister,
Heritage Minister, House leaders and Party leaders are as
follows: Where more than one number is shown the first
number shown is their personal office fax, while the second
number is their departmental fax number where available. In
some cases they are one and the same, or only one fax number
has been found for them.

Prime Minister Paul Martin
(613) 941-6900

Tony Valeri - Government House Leader
(613) 992-7764 - Department fax (613) 952-4940

David Emerson - Minister of Industry
(613) 943-0219 - Department fax (613) 992-0302

Liza Frulla - Minister of Canadian Heritage
(613) 995-6404 - Department fax (819) 994-1267

Stephen Harper - Leader of Opposition (Conservative)
(613) 947-0310

Jay Hill - Opposition House Leader (Conservative)
(613) 947-4527

Jack Layton - NDP Leader
(613) 995-4565

Libbie Davies - NDP House Leader
(613) 995-7412

Gilles Duceppe - Bloc Quebecios Leader
(613) 954 2121

Michel Gauthier - Bloc Quebecios House Leader
(613) 992-9954

Parliament resumes sitting on Monday 2 May. To make this
effort effective, it is important that your faxes be sent in
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April 5, 2005

Return of Emigrants Landed at the Port of Kingston Ontario, Canada 1861-1882

Just want to let you know that I have the start of a new database online. It is a Return of Emigrants Landed at the Port of Kingston Ontario, Canada 1861-1882

The column headings for each individual are Date of Landing; Name of Emigrant or Head of Family; From what Country; Via what Seaport Town; Destination; Condition,
general appearnace, health; No. of male adults; No. of Female adults; No. under 6 years; No. over 6 years and under 12; in what Township Employed as Servants; In what Township settled, or bought land; Amount of passage tickets issued; Amount of provisions; Amount of Medical aid; amount of Capital brought by them; General Remarks.

The ledger pages these names were taken from consists of two pages facing each other containing information provided for each individual recorded. I have only extracted partial information from the left side of the facing ledger pages. There is still much detail on each individual to be found on the facing (right) side pages and in comments inserted on both sides.

A big thank you goes to Kathy Baker for transcribing this hard to read set of records, and to Laura Freeman for proof-reading them

This is an ongoing project of Olive Tree Genealogy so be sure to check back often to see how much more has been done.


April 2, 2005

New Orleans Passenger Lists 1820

I have just uploaded 10 new ships passenger lists to Olive Tree Genealogy

These are names of passengers on ships sailing to New Orleans Louisiana in January 1820.

You can start at the index to ships going to LA 1820-1840 at or
click on the links below to go directly to each ship:
Willam & John St. Domingo to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Thomas Gordon Amsterdam to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Junius Puerto Rico to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Hero Havana to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Forest Havana to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Johanna Catharine Amsterdam to New Orleans Louisiana
Isabella St. Thomas to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Atalante Nantz to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Esperance (L'esperance) Bordeaux France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
Alexandre Havre France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in these new ships passenger lists, please pass this email on to them.


March 29, 2005

Ramsgate Kent England newspaper clippings 1908-1922: Births, Deaths & Marriages

I just finished putting newspaper clippings from Ramsgate Kent England newspapers from 1908 to 1922 online on my site.

Locations mentioned in these clippings include Australia, Ontario Canada and other parts of England.

Scroll down to the link "Newspaper Clippings from Ramsgate Kent England 1907 - 1922" Enjoy!

February 16, 2005



published with the author's permission


One of the difficult aspects of genealogy - at least for me - is trying to explain to friends why a grown man should spend countless hours in a musty library or chasing around the country copying inscriptions from tombstones in overgrown cemeteries.

That sort of avocation, they think, is reserved for matronly ladies who want to join patriotic societies.

There are many who search their family trees for that reason alone. But genealogy is much more. It is a human history of our nation's growth and a puzzle infinitely more challenging than the crossword in the Sunday New York Times.

If you enjoy solving a mystery or are fascinated by the early history of our country, then genealogy may be the hobby for you.

But where do you start? The best place is right at home.

The first thing you should do is write down all you know about your family, starting with yourself and your parents and working backward to your grandparents, great grandparents and so on. Chances are someone already has started this process; if so, your job will be easier.

You should include dates and places of births, marriages, deaths, places of residence and other information, such as occupation, military service or church affiliation.

When you get stuck, figure out who in your family might know the answer. In fact, you should try to interview your older relatives as a first order of business. With some luck, you may find out much of what you want to know about a particular branch of your family.

Early in my research I visited a great aunt who supposedly had kept some family records. I didn't really expect the treasure I found. Among the things she had: my third great grandmother's family Bible - complete with vital statistics for three generations - which had made its way from Massachusetts to a homestead in South Dakota nearly 100 years before; a family photo album with pictures that predated the Civil War and which contained photos of four of my third great grandparents; and old newspaper clippings, letters and notes which provided additional information and clues.


This beginner's guide to genealogy was first syndicated to newspapers in 1977 and again in 1982 by the Register and Tribune Syndicate. While it has been updated to reflect such things as new addresses, it obviously doesn't deal with how you might effectively use them in genealogy work, since it was written before the days of home computers. Those experienced with computers will readily see applications in research, recordkeeping and printing out material. Richard A. Pence is co-author, with Paul Andereck, of Computer Genealogy, published by Ancestry, Inc., Salt Lake City, and has published several books on the Pence family. See Pence Family History Home Page at

January 17, 2005

The Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934

© Lorine McGinnis Schulze

If you have ancestors from central and Eastern Europe you may find that the Hamburg Passenger Lists are your most important genealogical resource you can consult. If your ancestors emigrated through the city of Hamburg, Germany between 1850 and 1934 (excluding 1915-1919), you will be happy to know that approximately 1/3 of all emigration during this time period was via Hamburg.

The lists give genealogical details, including home towns of passengers. There are also indexes to make searching easier. Unfortunately records of other European emigration from Bremen, LeHavre, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp are not available.

The Hamburg passenger lists have two parts:

The Direct Passenger List

Passengers who left Hamburg and did not stop elsewhere en route to their destination

The Indirect Passenger List

Passengers who left Hamburg but stopped at another port in Europe before contining on to their final destination.

The Hamburg Passenger Lists and the all-important indexes can be found on over 450 reels of microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. These can be ordered in to your local FHC (Family History Centre). For all film numbers, you should consult the online FHL catalogue at

To search online ships' passenger lists for this time period, see Olive Tree Genealogy's Ships' Passenger Lists at

Don't miss my Germans & Swiss to N. America page for more resource ideas, including CDs and links to invaluable databases

Permission granted to distribute this article as long as nothing is changed, and all identifying information and URLs remain. Be sure to include the following footer:

The Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934, an explanation by Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy at

January 15, 2005

Tips for Searching Dutch lines in New Netherland (New York)

Question from Nancy Moffit:

"Looking for information On Volkie or Folkie VanAlstyne married on 1-29-1757 to John Crannell, Albany, the Dutch Ref. Church. Children: William H, Issaac, Martin, Robert, Marie, Margarita, and Robert."

Lorine's answer:

Always look to the baptismal sponsors for help. The Dutch lines generally used family members, so look at the children's baptisms and write out all the sponsors names.

Start with the easy ones - those with the surname you are looking for (Van Alstyne in this case). See how they are related to the mother, Folkie. Are they siblings? Parents? Cousins?

Look at the other sponsors too - are any of the female sponsors Folkie's sisters, or aunts?

Also look at the naming pattern of the couple's children - in your case my first instinctive theory would be that the first 2 sons are named after grandfathers, making Folkie's father either WIlliam or Isaac. The first two daughters may
be named after grandmothers, making Folkie's mother either Maria or Margarita.

Let's take a look --

Little Isaac had as one of his sponsors Wynant V. Aelstyn,

Little Maritie had Willem V. Aalstein as one of her sponsors.

Those are the only two obvious Van Alstyne sponsors, which makes me think that baby Isaac and Maria were named in honor of Folkie's parents.

I'd look for a child Folkie bpt to Isaac and Maria, with brothers Wynant and Willem.

So let's move on and see if we can find that --

A search of the Albany DRC shows this marriage which I really like as candidates for your Folkie's parents

1728, Jan. 23. B. Isaac Van Aalsteyn and Maria V. D.Bergh.

Can we find bpt for this couple for a Folkie, Wyant and Willem?
Here they are:

1733 Apr. 22. Folkie, of Isaack and Maria V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Wyn. and Folkie V. D. Bergh.
1738 Apr. 23. Wynand, of Isaac and Marytje Van Aalsteyn.
1742 July 21. Willem, of Isaac and Maria Van Aalsteyn

I left in the witness/sponsor Folkie Van Den Bergh because my money is on her being your Folkie's grandmother on her mother's side. In fact, I checked, and found a baptism in 1710 to Maria, of Wynant Van den Berg and Folkje Van Hoese.

Remember that those sponsors for baby Folkie in 1733 were Wynant and Folkie Van Den Bergh? No doubt they were the maternal grandparents! Again, my money is on Wynant and Folkje being the parents of Maria who married Isaac Van Alstyne who were in turn the parents of your Folkie Van Alstyne.

So now you have several more family lines you can start working on - Van Den Bergh and Van Hoesen....

All you need do is start going back through those Albany RDC records and checking who fits where.

In this case everything fits, the age of Folkie at marriage, parents names, bpt sponsors -- but I'd double check, make sure all the facts fit!

For help with New Netherland Genealogy see my Olive Tree Genealogy New Netherland New York section

The Albany DRC records are online, see CHURCH RECORDS OF NEW NETHERLAND for a list of available free records.

Be sure to check out my Van Alstyne pages

I think Isaac, the father of your Folkie was the s/o Martin Van Alstyne. Here's the bpt I think is his

1703 Isaac, of Marten Van Aalstein and Jannetje Cornelisse. Wit.: Cornelis and Maria Bogaart.

And now you have the fun of working on the rest of your lines!