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December 28, 2005

Irish Records added

Ancestors At Rest has updated their websites with 1911 Census Records for the parish of Avoca in County Wicklow Ireland

Also, more Cemetery records for County Wicklow Ireland

And more cemetery records for County Wexford Ireland

See lots of other Irish data for County Wicklow, County Meath, County Louth Ireland.

December 26, 2005

Steve Morse ONE STEP Search Engines updated!

Steve Morse has just added two new One-Step pages to his website

Both are people-finder tools. One interfaces to the new Public Records database at, and the other interfaces to a similar database at Both of these One-Step pages are in the "Births, Deaths, ..." section of his website, and have link names of "Public Records" and "Birthdates and Related Persons" respectively.

The ancestry Public Records database allows you to search by name and address. The results it displays back include the birthdate, but ancestry does not allow you to search on birthdate. The One-Step form overcomes this and allows you to search on birthdate. In fact, you can search on simply the first name and date of birth -- a very powerful technique if you are looking for married women and you don't know the married name. Such a search is not possible if you use the ancestry site directly.

Middle initial is another parameter that the One-Step form allows you to search on but the ancestry form does not.

The database lets you optionally enter the birthdate as one of the search parameters. But they do not display the birthdates on the results page. Note that's just the opposite of what ancestry does. However if you search the database from the One-Step form, the birthdates will be displayed on the results page.

So you can use either of these two new One-Step page for finding people's birthdays. Of course Steve's original"Birthdays" One-Step page, which uses the database, can also be used to find someone's birthday.

December 10, 2005

Index to Special Passports 1829-1887 USA

Another database of names has been added to website.

Surnames H to Z (excluding L, M, N) have been added to the existing surnames A to G in "Index to Special Passports 1829-1887" This is andIndex to names of those obtaining passports in all states in USA

See the index to all Passport indexes

Just look for the choice "Index to Special Passports 1829-1887"

Other passport indexes online at are:

--Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817

--Index to Special Passports 1887-1894

--Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843

December 9, 2005

Irish Ships Lists online USA & Canada

I've just added 20 new ships sailing from Ireland to USA and Canada between 1847 and 1858. These are part of the JJ Cooke Shipping Line Records of Irish passengers to Quebec, St.John New Brunswick, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and New Orleans Louisiana

To see the passenger names added today just look for the text [NEW Dec. 2005] beside each new ship name

The following ships with their passengers have been added today:

Envoy 1848 Ireland to Quebec
Londonerry 1850 Ireland to Quebec
Vestlinden 1853 Ireland to Quebec
Adolph Werner 1854 Ireland to Quebec
Superior 1855 Ireland to Quebec
Argentinus 1858 Ireland to Quebec

Venice 1847 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Garland 1848 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Envoy 1849 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Envoy 1847 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1847 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1848 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Londonderry 1849 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
British Queen 1849 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Mary Ann 1853 second voyage Ireland to St John, New
Miner 1854 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to St John, New Brunswick

Mary Ann 1852 Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana
Elizabeth 1858 Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana

The great thing about the JJ Cooke Shipping Records is that they help fill in the missing years for Canadian immigration.

December 8, 2005

English to America 1773-1776 online

The ongoing project for "Emigrants from England 1773-1776" is now complete and online

Surnames A-G were previously online, and now Surnames H-Z have been added. If you think your ancestors came from England to America in this time period, don't miss taking a look.

Start at Surname "A"

December 7, 2005

Irish Emigration Lists 1833-1839 online

New on Olive Tree Genealogy! Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839, Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim are now indexed online.

The purpose of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland was to map the whole country. Each map was to have been accompanied by memoirs for every civil parish, but this was impractical and the idea was abandoned. Data was gathered for nineteen of Ireland's thirty-two counties, with the memoirs of Antrim and Londonderry the only ones with lists of emigrants.

These lists have been extracted and they identify the emigrant's destination and his place of origin in Ireland. The age, town and address, year of emigration, and religious denomination are given for each emigrant. This is an INDEX to these records with source information for obtaining full details

December 6, 2005

Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records at Montreal Quebec Canada

Another immigration database has just been put online. It is "Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 Records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal"

From 1823 to 1849, James Allison was a government emigrant agent at Montreal, Quebec Canada. He was responsible for the provisioning and transportation of destitute immigrants from Montreal to locations mostly in Upper Canad (Ontario). There were
several Emigration Agents in Upper and Lower Canada, each was resonsible for assisting poor immigrants in finding employment, shelter, provisions and transportation to their final destination.

This database is an index to names (first and last) with information on where and how to obtain full details if you find an ancestor.

This helps to fill in the challenging early years of Canadian immigration so don't miss having a look if you have a missing ancestor in this time period. Many immigrants arriving in Canada were on their way to USA, as fares were generally cheaper coming into Canada, so this database may help those looking anywhere in N. America

December 5, 2005

1911 Canadian Census Surnames ONLINE

Here are the new uploads of 1911 census Surname Indexes at


INDEX to York County Census

Ontario District 138 York South, Sub District 21, 22, 23, 24 North Toronto


INDEX to Lambton County Census

Lambton County, District 87 Arkona Subdistrict 63
Lambton East District 87 Brooke Twp Sub-district 8,9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18


INDEX to Renfrew County Census

Renfrew County, Alice Twp, District 116, Sub-District 3, 4,5
Renfrew County, Raglan Twp., District 117, Sub-District 10


INDEX to Durham County Census

Durham, Cavan, Dist. 64, Sub.dist.8
Durham Co., Clarke Twp, subdistricts#10 - 16. Includes Kendall Village, Newtonville Vilage,Orono Vilage


INDEX to Elgin County Census

Elgin County, Malahide Township, District 65, Subdistrict 11& 12 including Port Bruce Village


INDEX to Grey County Census

Grey County District 73, Keppel Township Subdistrict 6 & 8


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Manitoba

Province of Manitoba, Winnipeg District #24, Subdistrict 7


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for PEI

Prince Edward Island Enumeration District 1 Township 20 and 21 - Found's Mills, Clifton, Campbellton, New London,Grahams Road, Margate, Clinton, Stanley and Norborough


INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Quebec

Quebec, District #179 Montreal Sainte-Anne Sub-District #8 -#15

Main INDEX TO 1911 Census Records for Ontario

December 3, 2005

New Jersey Naturalization Records 1850-1930

Atlantic County New Jersey Library has an online Immigration & Naturalization Records searchable database. They have a few thousand records indexed and digitized. They are mainly declarations and letters of intent from 1850-1930

From the website:
"Search or browse for immigration records (declarations of intention and correspondence) from 1850-1930. Most records are declarations of intention. The declaration provides background on immigrants and required the immigrant to renounce forever allegiance to the government of their native homeland. The database is indexed by last name.These records were copied from microfilm, and often in the handwriting of the Atlantic County Surrogate or Atlantic County Clerk."

For more naturalization records online see website

December 1, 2005

Ships Passenger Lists at Galveston,Texas 1846 - 1871

Olive Tree Genealogy has just uploaded more surnames for Ships Passenger Lists Arriving at the Port of Galveston,Texas 1846 - 1871

Start at Ships Passenger Lists to Galveston, Texas 1846-1871

This is an ongoing project and will be added to as volunteers finish the lists of names.