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August 31, 2007

NEW! Naturalization Certificates & Alien Registrations online

Naturalization Records today added Naturalization Certificates and Alien Registration Cards for several individuals in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts and Colorado. Is one your ancestor?

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Elizabeth Koval, from Czechoslovakia, in Pennsylvania 1945

*Added McKeesport, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania Alien Identification Card for Elizabeth Koval 1940

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Alexander Johnson Duncanson from Canada or United Kingdom, of East Jordan, Michigan 1925 + wife & children

*Added Certificate of Naturalization Michael Chekorin from Russia, New York City 1940

*Added Naturalization Certificate William Parker Deerfield, Franklin County Massachusetts 1859

*Added Certificate of Citizenship Henry A. Foye from Ireland Arapahoe County Colorado 1894

August 27, 2007

Take Me to Scotland!

Was Great-Grandpa Scottish? Travel to the ancestral home, walk in the footsteps of the clans. In 2009, there will be a Gathering of the Clans, and a year-long celebration of Scottish history. Homecoming Scotland will mark the 250th birth anniversary of Scotland's greatest poet, Robert Burns.

For this once in a lifetime anniversary, experienced genealogists will verify and document your Scottish origins. Those whose Scottish ancestors are in the US or Canada can trace their family back to their ancestral origins in the Old Country (Scotland).

The Genealogy Team, with over 50 years of combined experience in Scottish genealogical research, have agreed to accept assignments through this Special Olive Tree Genealogy offer. Olive Tree Genealogy visitors can choose from a 10% discount on the first step of their journey (starting with your last known ancestor the Team will research 2 generations back in Scotland records) or a free consultation with The Genealogy Team

August 24, 2007

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Baggage Lists

The Port of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Baggage Lists were maintained by officials from 1800 to 1820. These Baggage Lists help fill in gaps for pre-1820 ships passenger lists. They are lists of passengers and their luggage on board ships.

Some Philadelphia Baggage Lists can be found online at OTE, a sister site of Olive Tree Genealogy

The online lists include images of the actual manifest and a transcription of the names of the passengers on board. Remember that if your ancestor had no luggage, his or her name will not be found on these lists.

August 21, 2007

Fort Ville-Marie, French settlement in Montreal in 1642 found!

If you have ancestors who settled in New France in the early 1600s this story may be of interest to you

Dig uncovers 1642 Montreal site

Bneath the worn cement floors of and old warehouse lies what archeologists believe are the first permanent buildings of the settlement that became Montreal.

Archealogists have found the remains of Fort Ville-Marie, the lost, original French settlement in Montreal.

The fort was built in 1642 and housed as many as 50 early colonists, including Montreal's founder, Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, and nurse Jeanne Mance. It would have been a key meeting place for aboriginal allies as well as the colony's administrative heart.

But the exact location of the fort, which was eventually abandoned, has baffled historians since the 19th century. The most recent record of the fort dates from 1683.

Read the full story at - News - Dig uncovers 1642 Montreal site

August 20, 2007

Palatine (German Palatinate) History

by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Olive Tree Genealogy
Copyright © 1996


"The Palatinate or German PFALZ, was, in German history, the land of the Count Palatine, a title held by a leading secular prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Geographically, the Palatinate was divided between two small territorial clusters: the Rhenish, or Lower Palatinate, and the Upper Palatinate.

While the land of the Palatinate was good for its inhabitants, many of whom were farmers, vineyard operators etc., its location was unfortunately subject to invasion by the armies of Britain, France, and Germany. Mother Nature also played a role in what happened, for the winter of 1708 was particularly severe and many of the vineyards perished. So, as well as the devastating effects of war, the Palatines were subjected to the winter of 1708-09, the harshest in 100 years.

The scene was set for a mass migration. At the invitation of Queen Anne in the spring of 1709, about 7 000 harassed Palatines sailed down the Rhine to Rotterdam. From there, about 3000 were dispatched to America, either directly or via England, under the auspices of William Penn. The remaining 4 000 were sent via England to Ireland to strengthen the protestant interest....."

Read the complete article History of the Palatines or start your search for Palatine ancestors in

Palatine Ships' Lists to PA

Palatine Ships' Lists to NY

Palatine Child Apprentices 1710-1714

Family Names

Palatine Denizations (Naturalizations) 1708

[The full article has been published, with my permission as Irish Palatine Story on the Internet in Irish Palatine Association Journal, No. 7 December 1996]

August 19, 2007

Best Kept Genealogy Secret

Sometimes it's hard to see the trees for the forest... is a subscription based membership site with tons of genealogy databases. But what a lot of genealogists don't realize is that Ancestry has almost 300 FREE databases - yes - entirely FREE, no strings attached to search.

This seems to be a well kept genealogy secret!

I'm not talking about their Free Trials or Free Access. I'm talking about genealogy databases that only require you to register with your name and email address in order to search them.

Some examples of these free genealogy records are New York Marble Cemetery Records, New York City, NY, 1830-1937, Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index, Philadelphia German Immigration, 1700-75 & WWI Civilian Draft Registrations . These are only 5 of the 280+ records Ancestry offers for free.

Choose from FREE Births, Marriages & Death Records
FREE Census Records
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August 18, 2007 Special for all of August

More news from Olive Tree Genealogy! After talking to they agreed to extend the special discount offer on memberships for the rest of August.

You can get this discount price by going to Olive Tree Genealogy and clicking on the link at the top of the page or at my blog right here - top of page

I hope you find some ancestors! I have been very lucky and am quite excited about the finds I've made on Footnote. They have NARA records, Naturalization records, Revolutionary War records and much much more.

Feel free to tell others about this Special Price for all of August through the Olive Tree Genealogy Special link

August 17, 2007

Genealogy Cemetery Hunt for Children

Last summer when my two eldest grandchildren came for their annual week long visit, I set up a Genealogy Game for them.

I was desperate for something to do with them and suddenly thought I'd take them on a hunt through a local cemetery for the grave of my great-grandmother's brother. I figured they'd be fascinated by the hunt for half an hour tops but it would help fill the time!

I gave each of them (8 year old and 6 year old) a large piece of paper with the last name of the ancestor we were hunting for (VOLLICK). I gave them a brief outline of the family relationship.

We talked about respecting the graves and gravestones of those buried in the cemetery and "manners" one should use in a cemetery. Then we set out.

The only other rule I gave them was that they must be able to see ME at all times. I didn't make the mistake of saying that I had to be able to see THEM, because of course that can be argued! ("Gee grandma I THOUGHT you could see me even if I went further down the path.....")

We walked together for awhile then they went off on their own. They loved this game. Two hours later they were still walking around the stones, reading every single one out loud and running back to ask me questions. They were fascinated by the ages of some of those who were buried there, particularly the children.

This gave us so many opportunities for learning - math skills in figuring out ages from birth and death dates, reading, history lessons when war graves were spotted and talking about young children dying more frequently in the 1800s than now, respect for ancestors and our dead, etc.

We ended up having a picnic on a park bench in the cemetery, then more hunting (yes we were successful!) and then off we went home, having spent an entire afternoon in the Cemetery.

The next day they asked me if we could go on another hunt! All in all a very successful Genealogy "game".

One of the questions they asked was why some of the gravestones were partially hidden by overgrown grass, and very dirty - so next summer I'll give each of them a tiny soft brush to brush off any dirt and leaves they find.

August 15, 2007

Passport Applications - A Genealogy Hidden Treasure

Passport applications are a genealogy hidden treasure.

NARA has passport applications from October 1795-March 1925. The U. S. Department of State has passport applications from April 1925 to the present.

Some immigrants applied for passports to return home to visit family or friends. These records usually give a place of birth or at least the destination (which is often the home town)

The first passport issued in USA was dated July 1796. However until 1914 American citizens did not require a passport to travel abroad. You can read more about Passport applications at website has the following FREE Passport Records online:

* Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817
* Index to Emergency & Special Passport Applications 1830-1831
* Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843 an Index for all states in USA
* Index to Special Passports 1829-1887 an Index for all states in USA
* Index to Special Passports 1887-1894 an Index for all states in USA

Links to all the above passport records are found at Passports

There are also links to individual passports:

* William Clinton Jessup of Connecticut 14 May 1920 Passport & Photo
* Josef Spolek Passport 1883
* Passport for Anna Epping (late Cole) and son William from Germany to United States 1923 - Cuyahoga Ohio
* Passport of Robert Spanton Benfell Washington USA
* Passports issued from Sep 1918-Jan 1919 in Philadelphia, PA
* Italian passport of Andrea DeJana, 1927 one of the group of Italian immigrants and workers who settled in Port Washington New York
* Italian Passport of Al Marino’s mother Maria, 1916 one of the group of Italian immigrants and workers who settled in Port Washington New York
* 1920 Italian passport of Angelina Giordano wife of Philip Lovetere of New Jersey including photo of Angelina born 1895 in Italy
* 1927 Italian passport of Leonardo Giordano father of Angelina Giordano including photo of Leonardo born 1864 in Italy
* Dutch Passport of Johanna Bosselaar issued 24-05-1955. Johanna Bosselaar Kloosterman born 1892 Holland immigrated to America
* Passport of Herbert B. Khaury aka Tiny Tim of New York
* Passport issued in Malta to Joseph Zarb, a British subject going to Portsmouth, December 1898
* Brazilian Passport of João Robertson AKA John Robertson, 1882 Captain John Robertson, naturalized Brazilian citizen, natural of London, English Empire, son of Guilherme Robertson, issued passport to go to England
* Passport holder made of fabric, owned by John Chekatauskas, circa 1930
* Passport of Isador Hirschberger, father of artist killed at Dora Concentration camp.
* Jerusalem Passport of Nadji Nissan
* Israeli Passport of Uzi Nissan

August 12, 2007

Scottish Emigration Database

The Scottish Emigration Database currently contains the records of over 21,000 passengers who embarked at Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports between 1 January and 30 April 1923, and at other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960.

More ships passengers lists from Scotland to North America (Canada & USA) are found at Olive Tree Genealogy

August 10, 2007

Finding Medical Records in Ontario

Medical Records in Ontario are held in various places - some are at the Ontario Archives, others are with the original institution.

To obtain these records, you should begin with the OA. Find out what they have, and then how to request it. For example,Queen Street Hospital in Toronto has records that go back to 1839. There are nineteenth century records for institutions in London, Hamilton, and Kingston and from Penetanguishene from 1904.

Files less than 100 years old are restricted under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Requests for access must be submitted in writing to the
Access Unit of the Archives of Ontario.

Files created in whole or in part on or after 6 April 1954 are restricted under the Mental Health Act. Requests for access to records in Archives' custody must be submitted in writing to the Administrator of the appropriate psychiatric hospital.

Olive Tree Genealogy has a partial list of the OA psychiatric files and holdings

August 8, 2007

Special Discount on Membership! website and I have been talking about offering genealogists a special discount for memberships. I'm happy to announce that from today through til August 14th you can get $10.00 off a year's membership by using a special link on websites.

Footnote is digitizing NARA records and they have a lot of great data online. There is much more to Footnote than just NARA records, so if you haven't visited, you really should.
The first time I explored their website I found an ancestor's brother in the NARA naturalization records so I was pretty thrilled.

You can start your journey at or click on the banner below.

This promotion will run from midnight mountain time August 8 thru 11:59 pm Mountain time on August 14

August 2, 2007 will digitize content from Allen County Public Library

FOOTNOTE.COM ANNOUNCES NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH THE LARGEST PUBLIC GENEALOGY LIBRARY IN THE U.S. announced a new partnership with Allen County Public Library (ACPL), the largest public genealogy library in the United States. This partnership will result in millions of historical records being digitized and made available online for the first time at The Allen County Public Library collections feature unique American and International records including family histories, city directories, military records and historical newspapers.

All Allen County Public Library records digitized by will be made available at the library for free. For those that cannot travel to the library, they can access these records from the comfort of their own personal computers with a Membership.

NARA records are available now on Search Revolutionary War Pension Files & Muster Rolls, Confederate Soldiers Service Records & Naturalization Records all on