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May 24, 2005

Rootsweb Plus! Steve Morse's New SSDI Search Tool

If any of you have done extensive lookups in the social security death index (SSDI), you'll know that there are several SSDI websites and each one has a different set of
limitations. Several years ago Steve Morse made it easy for us by developing a single search form that could search any SSDI site that you specify. That way you could go back and forth between the different sites without having to reenter
you data on a new form.

Steve has now come up with a single search method that combines all the desirable features of the various sites. He did so by using the rootsweb site as his starting point and then wrote code to get rid of the following limitations in rootsweb:

Rootsweb requires at least three characters for partial names
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on a range of years
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on age
Rootsweb does not allow you to search on a foreign last residence
Rootsweb does not allow you to specify day of month for death

Steve calls his search method "RootsWeb Plus" and it is now the default choice on his SSDI search form. If you'd like to try it, go to Steve's site at and
select "Social Security Death Records" in his "Births and Deaths" section.

May 6, 2005

Ships to Lousiana Online

14 new ships sailing to the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana, have been added to Olive Tree Genealogy's free set of ships passenger lists.

You can view the list of passengers for each ship by starting at the index to Ships Arriving in New Orleans 1820 and later, at

Let the page load. Then scroll down to the list of ships,and click on the links provided for each.

The ships are:

  • Ship June Anni Bordeaux France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Ship Missouri Bordeaux France to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Commerce London England to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Monitor Port of Port au Prince Haiti to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Cadmus Port au Prince Haiti to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Brisk Campeche Mexico to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Thorn Campeche Mexico to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Atheman Port of Pensacola FLorida to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Mary & Sally Port of Pensacola FLorida to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Alexander Dublin Ireland to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Mary Ann Port of Havana Cuba to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Brig Gustave Port of Martinez, California to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Galliote Fortuna Bremen Germany to New Orleans Louisiana 1820
  • Schooner Brutus Port of Havana, Cuba, to New Orleans Louisiana 1820

I have also re-indexed the Custom Search Engine on so it now has 33 more ships added, and will search over 500 ships to Louisiana currently online on various websites.

This Search Engine is labelled "Search FREE Ships Passenger Lists to Louisiana" and it searches multiple websites for ships passengers arriving in Louisiana.

Have fun, and I hope you find an ancestor or two!

Feel free to pass this message on to anyone or any lists you think would be interested.


May 3, 2005

Philadelphia Passenger Records 1883-1945

I hope everyone knows about Steve Morse's new one-step search engine for Philadelphia Passenger Records (1883-1945). Steve's One-Step Search Engines are quickly becoming the most popular genealogy search engines online.

To view all Steve's One-Steps, see

May 1, 2005

New for TheShipsList Website

*new* for TheShipsList website

posted by Sue Swiggum

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed
on their own page(s) Find them on the front page in between
the big arrows --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links
named " previous month " and " next month " so you are able
to navigate back and forth between the monthly *new &
updated* pages, as I only keep three months of *new* page
links on the Home page. New for April 30 2005 find . . .

o Passengers:
o ship Gipsy, from Southampton to Port Adelaide 15th
August 1853 o ship Magdalena, from Southampton to
Port Adelaide 25th August 1853 o ship Standard, from
Plymouth to Port Adelaide 13th October 1853

Three more lists 1853 passenger lists of assisted immigrants
to South Australia. We only have three left to complete the
year . . Neptune, Olivia and Epaminondas. Each of these
next three 1853 ships carried some of the Highlands &
Islands Emigration Society emigrants from the ill-fated
Hercules voyage. We
have already seen Calabar carry 10. The Neptune will have
63 more, the Olivia 25 and the Epaminondas 12. The David
Malcolm in 1854 will be the last to carry Hercules,
Highlands Society passengers to Adelaide. Others embarked
upon ships to Melbourne, with one ship to Geelong. One
ship, the Caroline, even carried 10 to Moreton Bay. Once
1853 is complete, I will begin 1849 . . with 27 passenger

Immigrants to South Australia, (UK, assisted passage)
1847-1886 index page

Please share this *new* for TheShipsList website email, with
any other list to which you belong if you think it might be
of interest or value to those list members (in other words,

TheShipsList Website

Canada Census Campaign: Post 1901 Census - Help needed for Fax blitz

From: "Gordon A. Watts"

Greetings All.

A couple of years ago we conducted a short, concentrated
effort by fax machine to bring the Post 1901 Census issue to
the attention of then Industry Minister Alan Rock. It did
not then give us the immediate public access we sought to
Historic Census records, but it did get his attention.

We hope that in the next few days we can duplicate the
success of that effort, but this time by faxing the Prime
Minister, Minister of Industry, Minister of Canadian
Heritage, and all House and Party leaders. If you have a
fax machine at your disposal you can help to encourage the
rapid passage of Bill S-18 in the House of Commons.

Your message should be short and to the point, entailing no
more than a single page. It must be sent separately to the
individuals listed above, and your own Member of Parliament.
For those who would entail long distance charges, rates are
normally lower in the evenings, and possibly even lower
after midnight.

I copy below the message that I myself will be faxing. I
have printed it off in larger than normal font size, in this
case 16 point, to make it stand out. Feel free to use the
wording here for your message. Make sure to date it, and
include your full name, mailing address, and telephone
number as I have done here. Otherwise your fax will likely
be ignored.

30 April 2005


Prime Minister Paul Martin
Industry Minister David Emerson
Minister of Canadian Heritage Liza Frulla
All House and Party leaders
All Members of Parliament


We urge all House and Party leaders, and all Members of
Parliament, to please join together to expedite passage of
Bill S-18, An Act to amend the Statistics Act, by foregoing
Committee and Report stages. We seek your cooperation to
immediately pass Second and Third Readings of this Bill in a
single day. We are concerned that this Bill must be passed
and given Royal Assent prior to the possibility of an
election being forced upon us.

An estimated 7.5 million genealogists and historians
(voters) in Canada wish to spend their summer, and beyond,
researching the long overdue records of the 1911 Census of
Canada, rather than having to continue the fight to see them

Thank you.

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair, Canada Census Committee
1455 Delia Drive
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2V9

Tel: 604-942-6889
Cel: 604-312-7447
Fax: 604-942-6843


Fax numbers for the Prime Minister, Industry Minister,
Heritage Minister, House leaders and Party leaders are as
follows: Where more than one number is shown the first
number shown is their personal office fax, while the second
number is their departmental fax number where available. In
some cases they are one and the same, or only one fax number
has been found for them.

Prime Minister Paul Martin
(613) 941-6900

Tony Valeri - Government House Leader
(613) 992-7764 - Department fax (613) 952-4940

David Emerson - Minister of Industry
(613) 943-0219 - Department fax (613) 992-0302

Liza Frulla - Minister of Canadian Heritage
(613) 995-6404 - Department fax (819) 994-1267

Stephen Harper - Leader of Opposition (Conservative)
(613) 947-0310

Jay Hill - Opposition House Leader (Conservative)
(613) 947-4527

Jack Layton - NDP Leader
(613) 995-4565

Libbie Davies - NDP House Leader
(613) 995-7412

Gilles Duceppe - Bloc Quebecios Leader
(613) 954 2121

Michel Gauthier - Bloc Quebecios House Leader
(613) 992-9954

Parliament resumes sitting on Monday 2 May. To make this
effort effective, it is important that your faxes be sent in
the next couple of days. Should you experience a problem
connecting with the receiving fax machine it probably means
that it has run out of paper. Try again the next day to
give staff a chance to replentish the paper. Thank you all
for your support.

Happy Hunting.

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair Canada Census Committee
Port Coquitlam, BC
en francais

Permission to forward without notice is granted