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February 28, 2021

Calling all DAMEN Descendants!

Are you a DAMEN descendant? I have good news if you have Jan Cornelise Damen and his wife Sophia (Fytie) Martens in your family tree.

My latest book in my New Netherland Settlers Series is available on and

New Netherland Settlers: The Damen Family: Ancestors and Descendants of Jan Cornelise Damen & Sophia Martens 

Jan Cornelise Damen was born circa 1636 in Bunnik, Utrecht Netherland. He emigrated from Bunnik, Netherlands circa 1650 and later married Sophia (aka Fytie) Martense. To date no record of him as a passenger on a ship has been found. However an Amsterdam Netherlands notarial document in 1651 has been found where a Jan Cornelisz. van Vechten signed on to come to the New World in the employ of Jacob Stoffels. My research takes the Damen ancestry back four more generations in Holland. This book provides all ancestral details, and follows Jan and Sophia's family down two more generations.

Available on and

February 24, 2021

Check Out My Author Page Showcasing my Books, Podcasts, Interviews, Articles and More


I'm excited to announce my new author site. It took me a long time to complete but I'm liking it. 

Take a peek if you have a minute.

This is where you will find all my published books,  list of articles, as well as my interviews, podcasts, and TV appearances. 

I hope you find it interesting. And of course, should the mood strike, you can easily purchase one of my books.  They love living on genealogists' bookshelves! 

And I appreciate a review on Amazon if you do purchase one of my books. I read all my reviews as I  find they encourage me to keep writing. And I like knowing what my readers liked or didn't like, about a book.



February 22, 2021

Excited to be a Guest on Mildly Eccentric and Imminently Wise Podcast


And now for something completely different! 

My niece April Ann McGinnis has started a new Podcast series called "Mildly Eccentric and Imminently Wise"

April explains the purpose of her new series

"Living a badass life at any age got me thinking.What does it take? I believe you have to think creatively and allow yourself to NOT conform! I also believe that we never know everything we want to know, or even think we know! So imminently wise seemed appropriate since we have been around a few years, or decades, and have learned a lot but we are still on a journey towards knowledge and wisdom."

I was honoured to be April's first guest on this series. Part 1 of my episode is called Internet Pioneer Lorine McGinnis Schulze is In the House!

Part 2 of my story is also online.

This is going to be a fascinating series designed to empower women and I'm looking forward to listening to other stories.

February 15, 2021

Winner of Free 1 Year Access to Ancestry!


Congratulations to Penny Allen of UK to Canada Genealogy for winning a free 1 year All Access subscription to Ancestry! 

A random name generator was used to find the winner from all entries.

Thanks goes to for their kind donation of this gift  in honour of the 25th Birthday of my Olive Tree Genealogy website

I hope you find more ancestors with this free subscription, Penny! 

February 11, 2021

Olive Tree Genealogy Free GiveAway Ancestry Subsciption

 Olive Tree Genealogy is thrilled to announce that thanks to's generousity, I am able to give a free 1 year All Access subscription in honour of the 25th Birthday of my website

Yes, I've been online with my website for 25 years - a milestone! I started with one ships' list in the days of only 1 or 2 genealogy websites online. The internet was a barren genealogy landscape back then! You can read more about my site's beginnings at About

Entry Requirements: For a chance to win you must do two things:

1. Share this blog post on a social media site such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram You may provide a link to this blog post on your own blog as an alternate method of sharing the news. 

2. a) Send an email to 

    b) Tell me where you shared the news of Olive Tree Genealogy Giveaway. 
    c) Be sure to put ANCESTRY.COM GIVEAWAY as the subject of your email

Contest Rules:
1. No purchase necessary.
2. Winner will be chosen at random from entries received. See details above for entry requirements
3. One winner will be chosen to receive the giveaway.
4. Giveaway starts Feb. 11, 2021 at midnight EDT and ends at midnight EDT Feb. 14, 2021
5. You are responsible for anything in regards to the legality of entering a contest in the area in which you live.
6. The winner will be notified via your provided contact information and the winner's name will be posted on Olive Tree Genealogy blog.

Please note that only entries received at can be accepted. 



February 6, 2021

Happy 25th Birthday to!


Olive Tree Genealogy is 25 years old this month!  It was one of the 1st in 1996 to bring genealogy to the Internet with ships passenger lists. It has grown over the last 25 years into a huge site full of free content for genealogists and historians. 

After my husband died, and I was injured at school, and had not worked for a year (due to injuries), one of my good friends encouraged me to start a website on that new-fangled thing called "the internet". I had no idea how to do that, but he just kept telling me "You're smart, you'll figure it out!" Well I'm not sure how smart I am, but I'm stubborn. 🙂 Back in those days there were no editors, so I had to learn through trial and error, how to code a website using html. 

I started small on a lovely battle-ship grey background (anyone else remember those days when all sites were battle-ship grey with no bells or whistles?) One ship's passenger list from the early 1600s that I found with my ancestor Cornelis Van Slyke's name on the manifest - and it got such a response from folks online that I put up another. And another. And another. And that is how it all began 🙂 Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement, for visiting over the years, for offering ideas -- I appreciate all of you.

Hoping I will still be around for a few more decades at least


February 1, 2021

Looking for your McGinnis ancestors? Don't miss the new book The McGinnis Family in North America

Great news! The first volume of my planned series on the McGinnis family of North America is now available for purchase. 

The McGinnis Family in N. America: V. 1 John McGinnis & Mary Moore Ireland to Canada ca 1831 is available on and

John McGinnis and Mary Moore and their 9 sons and daughters left Ireland for Upper Canada circa 1831 and settled in Puslinch Township, Wellington County Ontario. 

Twenty years later seven of their nine children left for America - settling in Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, California, N. Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin & Colorado. This series follows each son and daughter and descendants to 1920

See the basic outline of the McGinnis family at McGinnis Family of Puslinch Twp and Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario

January 15, 2021

Find Your New Netherland (New York) Settlers

If you have ancestors who settled in New Netherland (current day New York) in the 17th Century (1600s) you won't want to miss my New Netherland section of Olive Tree Geneaogy. I have ships passenger lists, church records, an explanation of the patronymic naming system, and much much more. 

You should also check below to see if I've researched and published a book on one of your ancestors.

My published books on early settlers in New Netherland can be purchased by clicking on the links below.

 From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V.1 The Loyalist Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick and his Vollick & Follick Children by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
68 pages

Available on or or e-book version V. 1 From Van Valkenburg to Vollick

From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 2 Cornelius Vollick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
110 pages

Available on or Also as E-book version

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 available on Amazon From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: The Loyalist Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick and his Vollick & Follick Children

From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 3 Storm Follick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: V. 3 Storm Follick and his Follick and Vollick Descendants to 3 Generations by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Available on or or or E-book version

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 available on Amazon From Van Valkenburg to Vollick: The Loyalist Isaac Van Valkenburg aka Vollick and his Vollick & Follick Children

New Netherland Settlers Van Slyke Family: Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke 1604-1676 & his French-Mohawk Wife Ots-Toch 30+ years of research pulled together. 3rd Edition of my Van Slyke book. "New Netherland Settlers Van Slyke Family: Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke 1604-1676 & his French-Mohawk Wife Ots-Toch" 366 pages, over 1200 footnotes available on Amazon

New Netherland Settlers: Willem Pieterse Van Slyke aka Willem Neef: A genealogy to 5 generations of the descendants of Willem Pieterse Van Slyke (Volume 10)

Available on or

8.5 x11
180 pages

New Netherland Settlers: Albert Jansen & Elsjie Jans & Their Van Woggelum, Provoost & Van Loon Descendants by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Available on,

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
54 pages

New Netherland Settlers: Stevensen & Jacobsen: A genealogy to three generations of the descendants of Maria Goosens and her husband Steven Janse and a man named Jacob (Jacobszen Family) (Volume 5) 118 pages
Available on ,
New Netherland Settlers: The Boelen Family: Ancestry of the Boelen Family & their Connection to the Ten Eyck, Clock, Coert, Roos, and Hellaken Families Available on Amazon New Netherland Settlers: A Walloon in New Amsterdam:: Adriaen Vincent and his Wife Magdaleen Eloy - 2nd edition! available on Amazon
New Netherland Settlers: The Barheit Family Revealed: A Genealogy of Hans Coenradt and Barenjte Jans Straetsman, the Immigrant Ancestors of the Barheit Family of Albany New York Available on ,
60 pages
8.5" x 11"
New Netherland Settlers: The Straetsman Sisters Barentje & Teuntje and Their Six Husbands Authored by Lorine McGinnis Schulze Available on,,

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
92 pages
New Netherland Settlers: Lodewyck Cornelis Post & His Wife Agnietje Bonen by Lorine McGinnis Schulze Available on or

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
84 pages

New Netherland Settlers: The Vrooman Family: Ancestors & Descendants of the Brothers Hendrick Meesen Vrooman, Pieter Meesen Vrooman and Jacob Meesen Vrooman of New Netherland (New York) (Volume 8)

56 pages
Available on

 New Netherland Settlers: Captain Adriaen Crijnen Post & Claartje Moockers (Volume 9)

66 pages
Available on or

New Netherland Settlers:: Jan Sipken, W.I.C. Soldier, and His Sipken and Sippe Ancestors & Descendants
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
50 pages. Available on and

New Netherland Settlers: The Goeway Family: Ancestors & Descendants of Salomon Abbelse & Barber Philippse (Volume 7) 72 pages. Available on and
New Netherland Settlers: The Taelman Family available on and

The Taelman family in America descends from two sons of Douwe Harmanse and his wife Dirkje Teunise. Douwe was born in Friesland, married in Amsterdam, and emigrated to New Netherland in June 1658. Eventually the family settled in New Jersey. This book follows the first two generations of Douwe and Dirckje in the New World.

The Crum family of Gelderland Netherlands, New York & Canada

Gysbert Willemse Crum arrived in New Netherland (New York) with his mother, step-father and several siblings in 1662 on the ship De Vos. The Crum family of Gelderland Netherlands, New York & Canada follows Gysbert's descendants to the 11th generation. New documents for the family in Gelderland are included.

Available as on and

January 13, 2021

Latest Newspaper Update from Connecticut

 The Ancestor Hunt has done it again.

Latest Newspaper Update from Connecticut - 366 total Free Online Historical Newspapers with additions many more newspapers - Use these new and updated free links to search for your Connecticut ancestor newspaper articles.

January 11, 2021

Find Ancestors in Register of USA Passports 1834-1843

Index to Register of Passports USA 14 November 1834 to 1843

These passports were granted to citizens of the United States going to foreign countries. Passports were granted to those satisfied the requirement that they be “entitled to receive them” Each applicant had to present evidence that they were a citizen of the USA and a description of his person:

Age, Height (Stature), Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Hair, Complexion, Face

If the applicant’s wife, children or servants were to accompany him, or any females under his protection, only their names and ages plus their relationship to the applicant was needed. 

An INDEX to passports issued from 1834 to 1843 is online on . The applicants residences covered all of the USA.

January 9, 2021

Find Ancestors in New York Declarations of Intent 1827-1897


Example Declaration of Intent

If you are looking for ancestors in New York, you won't want to miss New York Declarations of Intent 1827-1897 on

There are 7 reels of microfilm containing the Declarations of Intent. My team of volunteers and me spent many hours indexing these records for you. 

We created an index to those Declarations, with page numbers to help you find the original on microfilm. The microfilm with full details is available at a Family History center or Family Search Affiliate Library 


January 7, 2021

Find Ancestors in Arkansas Naturalization Records 1809-1906


 Naturalization is the process by which an alien from one country becomes a citizen of another country. The naturalization process did not have to happen in one court, or in one location. It was not mandatory and not all aliens became citizens, and not all completed the process once they started it. 

Naturalization Records are very important to your genealogical research but are often overlooked.

Looking for naturalization records for an ancestor in Arkansas? Try the free Index to Arkansas Naturalization Records 1809 to 1906 on

January 5, 2021

Search Ships Passenger Lists leaving USA

Neither U.S. A. nor Canada maintained outbound ships passenger lists. The Genealogy Spot is pleased to announce a new project to transcribe ships passenger lists leaving USA, bound for Europe and United Kingdom.

The Genealogy Spot has started publishing  Outbound Ships Sailing from USA ports 1851 to 1906 This is a small database but will be added to as records are found. 

Be sure to check out the List of Passengers in the New York Times submitted by volunteer Diane McClay

If you are looking for ships arriving in USA please see Olive Tree Genealogy’s Ships Passenger Lists beginning in 1492 with Columbus’ ships and ending with a passenger list for 1952  


January 3, 2021

Search Outbound Ships From Canada to USA

There are no archived Ships Passenger Lists for ships sailing from ports in Canada to USA. However, some partial lists do exist. These can be found in the Almshouse Records of New York City from 1819-1855

These records indicate for each person admitted to the Almshouse the name of the ship they sailed on, the port of departure and a year of admission. Sometimes an exact date of arrival is noted.  The Almshouse records from 1819-1855 include Age, Place of Birth, Ship Name, Where From, Captain’s Name and Owner’s Name. For individuals recorded in Almshouse Records 1855-1858 the information includes ship name, date of sailing, and ports of departure and arrival. 

Index to Partial Ships Passenger Lists Sailing from Canada to New York

You can also consult Border Crossings Canada to USA 1895-1960

See more suggestions at The Genealogy Spot Outbound From Canada pages