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June 22, 2008

Genealogy Antique Treasure - Trial Eights Crew 1875

Found in an antique store - a framed photo with ids


Winning Crew

H J Lewis
2. H L Young
3. J H Lloyd
4. H St. J. Wilding
5. R P Stedman
6. R C Smith
STK/H T Kemp
COX/ C Pendlebury

December 1875

I did a little research and learned that LMBC is Lady Margaret Boat Club of St John's College. It seems to have something to do with Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs but perhaps a reader will know more than I do.

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Tamura said...

St John's College is a college of the University of Cambridge.
It was founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1511, hence the name of their Boat Club.

The college has a website of course, but the boating club has its own website.

The site does not seem to list past wins, but they might be happy to hear from you and provide you with more information.