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July 28, 2009

Another Lost Faces Family Photo Album online

LOST FACES is my collection of Antique Family Photo Albums. Most are from the Civil War time period with CDVs (Cartes de Visite) and tintypes. Some are Cabinet Cards from the 1880-1900 time period. Lost Faces is my way of saving genealogy treasures and preserving historical documents. Some albums that contain funeral cards, memorial cards, obituaries, Christmas cards, and hand-written genealogies.

Today I have uploaded the Alexander and Boomhauer Family Photo Album to Lost Faces. It consists of 25 Cabinet Cards and Cartes de Visite from 1870 on. 21 photos are identified by name!

Surnames include Boomhower, Boomhauer, Alexander, Simpson, Lawton, Stewart, Babcock, Dobbs, Leaman. Locations include Iowa, New York, Wisconsin

There are almost 60 photo albums online at Lost Faces for you to look through. That means approximately 3000 or more photos of possible ancestors.

Many of my photo albums are now online in their entirety for you to view and freely save photos for your own personal use.

Albums that are not online yet have the option for you to view thumbnails and order quality reproductions of an ancestor.

You can identify ancestor photos by understanding the Types of Early Photographs and during what time period each was used. Do you need help to date a treasured photo found in the attic? Do you want to learn how to Date Old Photographs through Clothing & Hairstyle? There's another trick too - How Revenue Stamps Can Date Ancestor Photos

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