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November 11, 2009


Many of my family have served in the military. Today I remember and thank them:

My father cecil McGinnis was a Lieutenant in WW2.


His brother Clare also served in the Canadian Army.

My grandfather Charles Fuller was in the Buffs in Kent England.


My grandmother's brother Ernest Simpson was also in the Buffs and in the Canadian Army in WW1.


My other grandmother's brothers (photo is her youngest brother Philip Edgar Peer who was killed during WW1) all served in the Canadian Army


James Simpson, my great-grandfather's brother, served in WW1 in England


My son is currently in the Canadian Military.


Anonymous said...

And your uncle, Nev Bonar, who was killed in WWW2

Genealogy Blogger said...

Yes, thank you. I did not mean to overlook my uncle Nev. I don't have a photo of him but I could have listed all my family members, photo or not.