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June 7, 2011

Springpad New Barcode Scanner - a Review

Springpad has made yet another great addition to their iPhone and Android app. Now you can scan a barcode on any book and save the information in Springpad. Let's say you are in a bookstore and you spot several genealogy books you want. But you're a little short of cash so you just want to jot down the titles and authors for another day.

Whip out your iPhone or Android device, open your Springpad app and you're ready to grab more than just title and author. Here's what you do:

* Open the My Stuff folder or a notebook of your choice
* Select +, then Scan Barcode
* Focus in on the book’s barcode until you hear a beep

Springpad then saves all of relevant information, including title, author, photo, price, reviews, and links to buy (such as And if there is no photo don't worry. Springpad gives you an option to take a photo or add one from your camera roll. If you take one of the front cover of the book, it is instantly added to your Springpad information.

Did I mention that this barcode information is now synched to all your devices that have Springpad? And the book you want goes on sale, they notify you of the new price. For example here's a book on herbs that I like. I scanned the barcode and the information popped up.

I added a quick photo of the cover as one wasn't automatically added. I'm looking at it here in my Firefox browser on my MacBook Air. I'm happy with this little App and plan on using it much more.


Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

Great idea !!! I am always writing down titles of things I want to read but usually lose the list.

I have to try it for my android.

Thank you

Becky Jamison said...

I love that feature too. So far I've used Springpad a lot more than Evernote and really like it. Great article, Lorine!