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February 7, 2012

An FTM Archive I Didn't Know I Had

My FTM Archive

I didn't know I had an FTM (Family Tree Maker) Archive. But I do. I found it while looking for the software for one of my printers. That's my FTM Archive on the left.

The earliest FTM version I own is Version 3.01. It came out in 1996.  My most recent is FamilyTreeMaker 2012.

Yep, I've been using FTM for at least 16 years! I say "at least" because I'm pretty sure I bought it before 1996.

I think that pre-1996 versions were not CD-ROMs, but the little floppy discs we used to use. Unfortunately I can't find my stash of floppies so I don't know for sure what year I started using FTM.

Obviously I love it!

Family Tree Maker 2012I recently obtained FTM 2012 for both my Windows Computer and my MacBook Air but have yet to install or test drive them. If past history is an indicator, I'm going to love FTM 2012 as much as my previous versions.

Here are the versions I currently have in my FTM Archive. What versions do you have?

Version 3.01
Version 3.4
Version 4
Version 4.4
Version 5.0
Version 6
Version 7.5
Version 8
Version 9
FTM 2005
FTM 2006
FTM 2008
FTM 2011
FTM 2012

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of the drawers in my desk with all the updates since they first started coming out with them! Might try others but keep coming back to FTM.